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  1. Don't bother with the aluminum suspension mount. The carbon reinforced one has less flex and is lighter. The carbon fiber has the most flex, so I would not recommend this either. The suspension mounts have different toe angle built in them. One is for the front, one is for the rear. I do not remember which is which. I would say that the metal gears are not necessary, but I guess this depends on how you are planing to run yours. Thick diff oil and high powered motor would mean, that the metal gears would not be a bad idea. The stock hexes are 6mm. You can use the tb03/tt-02 (part number 51536) spur gear with the adapter provided in the kit (part j5) instead of the spur gear from the slipper clutch. This will allow you to maintain close to stock gearing and the use of 0.6 module pinions (aka the stock pinions). If you choose to use the spur provided with slipper clutch you will need different pinion gears.
  2. Sorry, I was trying to attach a pic on my post above but failed. Here is what I meant: Flip the spacer marked in red.
  3. A couple of points on the chassis. I have a pro version that has become my main car. The upgrades you chose are really good. I think that not all of them are necessary but you have already included the most important ones (slipper clutch, stabilizers, cvds). An interesting thing about the slipper clutch. You can actually use the tb-03 spur (item 51536). You will actually need an adapter but this already provided with the kit. That is part J6. This will actually allow you to stay close to stock gearing, use 0,6 pinions and still use the slipper. Another thing about the slipper clutch. When assembling it, put a few shims and flip the bottom spacer around. This will allow you for easier allignment of the nut and reduce the risk of bending the slipper clutch screw.
  4. I have an almost full option TL-01 that I got back in 2001 I believe. I still drive it regularly. I converted it to brushless/Lipo a few years back and it is such a simple fun car to drive. It still remains competitive against tt-01 and tt-02 but certain parts are almost impossible to find or too expensive. I need to take a few pictures of it. It currently has an HKS altezza body (it originally came with the Opel V8 that I proceeded to trash within a few months) but I see a new body for it in the near future.
  5. I am sorry to be the one to break it to you, but those tires offer very poor traction. For a similar look but with a lot grip I would recomment Super slicks (tamiya partno. 53220) or M2 Slicks (tamiya 53224). The M2s are not as grippy but they offer a bit more life.Oh, and a heads up. You would have to get inserts for those. The tires do not come with them. My recommendation here would be Tamiya part No. 53156
  6. Then you are in luck my friend. There is a guy local to me that he is selling 2 pairs. His price is 15€ per pair. A little expensive if you ask me, but if you are up for it I could get them for you and ship them to you if you take care of the shipping cost. It should be around 10€.
  7. 2 sets would be great! Which do you have?
  8. Hello everybody! Does anybody have any 26mm shaped foam tire inserts? Any of the following items: 53250, 53209, 53834, 53835. Do not worry about your location, as long you are reasonable with the price I should be able to take care of everything else.
  9. It only took me 4 months to get around to it. The TL-01 turnbuckle set I have is probably to short for the TL-01B. It measured at 38mm for the actual turnbuckle and with the stock plastic ends it can be set between 56 to 63-ish mm, possibly a bit more. Would that be something interesting for you?
  10. Thank you all for the information. I will give the Tamiya acrylic paints a go. I will post some of my results. I already have a 70's challenger and a Porsche 934 rsr in the pipeline so I will post the results.
  11. If I may ask, what surfaces are you planning to run on? For unprepared parking lot tarmac, anything from HPI would work ok. Also other generic hard plastic tires e.g. anything from Hobbyking would work ok too. For carpet or indoor cement, I would recommend something more suited to the rest of your setup. MST offers a wide variety of tires with different amount of grip, so I guess it would depend.
  12. I thought it was not possible to spray TS paints (regardless of clear or not, gloss or flat) over acrylic paints without having them dissolve. Or is it enamels that don't play well with the TS paints. Anyways I read somewhere that Tamiya will release the equivalent of TS paint, but in a liquid form so people can use them for airbrushing and maybe hand-brushing. I would be willing to try these out. Also why and how do the clear TS paints, mess decals?
  13. Hello everybody, let me start that by saying that I am not sure if this is the right place for this thread, so if it needs to be moved please feel free to do it. So, even though I have been in RC and static models for almost two decades now, I have never got into using acrylic paints on plastic models. Enamels has been all I used and quite honestly, I am not particularly fond of them. That is the reason why I have mostly stuck to smaller scale models. That said recently, I started entertaining the idea of getting back into more into static modeling (mostly motorsport) and also getting a couple of old school RC kits that come with plastic bodies instead of lexan. I am no stranger to tamiya TS spray paints but for the first time, I would like to use acrylic paints for detailing, instead of enamels. I have no plans in using an airbrush, so I will be sticking to using hand-brushing. I have read in many places that tamiya acrylics are not that great for hand-brushing. Is that true? Should I avoid them? I have also read that the formula of tamiya acrylic paints has changed in recent years, and they can now produce better results. Is this true? Moreover, if you would not recommend tamiya acrylic paints, what could be a good alternative? I hear testor's/model master being mentioned quite a bit. Are there any other brands you would recommend. Please keep in mind that I am based in Germany, so access to certain brands might be limited. Thank you so much in advance.
  14. Welcome guys! Very happy to see you here. I am a very big fan of your store and do the majority of my shopping from you! I hope the expansion goes very well. I was a bit sad when you guys moved to Wustermark, but I have seen a few pictures of the new facilities and I can totally understand it would be impossible to find an equally nice and big facility at a reasonably price here in Berlin. Are you also planning any meetup/events by any chance?
  15. On the subject of wheels, what about these? http://firebrandrc.com/index.php/on-road-wheel-tires/hypernova-rt9tm-race-treads.html They look spot on for what you are looking for. I am pretty sure they are 26mm and ABC plastic. The price is ok for coming with tires. I have generally good things about this brand.
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