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  1. Very difficult to value these because they don't often come up, and because the nostalgia market for these will be far smaller than for buggies and such. I would suggest you keep an eye on these two for a bit. The KT seems cheap to me, and the Leopard too expensive. But postage costs will be a big factor too due to size and weight. https://www.ebay.com/itm/194086309769?hash=item2d30720f89:g:BDIAAOSwbZ1gjZ5M&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA8GDcbu8pwT%2Bi%2BQMtfVM%2F3GcbWxuTkWA1UuqDUgs2OgN1ryp8Vpo4aLvd1XHOmYag2rQl45YlEgHAszQvCBROxwrainzDknOlzmUyIeAzRiKT%2FDTHw8DIjiH6jDBMh9hB6PKnb%2FBBBwsmsdfuBlawhH2TEr5gGnj%2BiNVtu9vIrxzMv1VDcoKmNiZ%2FhVwEbcEFfO6IxJp0uvXjKWvKv8Mo7x0lVmlZ8e3wh9zPdijxjCBUZm2XtqyPPdWwQ%2Bkr9M6QmXKD9Df4EMVYRGeT1Heauusd4%2BxQ0bbMNW7cRz2LmG3yVtQ3D43%2BtGFD%2BKzsD6es2w%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR-a_yPPiYA https://www.ebay.com/itm/284119129750?hash=item4226d1de96:g:RVgAAOSwCL9dk0DD&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAsH3WRTQIaw1vi3dHzQU4j1d94hiE4F6E6lxMbcxG26gHqSfPSjwHfXu25Z6x%2B48nn1VNSEg%2FVM8kV6qYKBNjeJBvZGIfOlTd%2F4beqUw8WhkkuznpL3VktBpyBOOFRyhyrjRHkq1QFcOrCJ0vK8pV%2FNG%2FSf7Z20oB5D1%2FfuU24%2F93EirP9wPadktzmjcehUJX7jspBE5%2B3qy8fArzOwfZsPZTaF9Jd%2BH5dAQV%2BGTCULFo|tkp%3ABk9SR8zJwfPiYA
  2. The dogbone popping out may be linked to your spacing out of the rear arm stopper. Personally I would figure out how to fit it without the spacers.
  3. Which part do you actually need? Is it E1 from here? - https://tamiyabase.com/parts/138-10005388
  4. I gave my Novafox an absolute thrashing a couple of weeks ago, with a 10.5 brushless motor and a 17t pinion and didn't have any gearbox issues at all. I'd not heard about any issues before either. Very strange!
  5. Thanks @EvilSpike. I'm asking 300 Euros plus postage (includes both body shells).
  6. Chassis has had light use on an indoor carpet track with a different body and wheels/tyres. Includes two bodies which are new built and never run. Wheels are new built and along with the tyres have never been run. Diff/spur gear is new. Includes basic servo. Includes box and manual. Price 300 Euros plus postage.
  7. Alternatively, just the car with the kit parts only, 430 Euros plus postage. Or, if you can find a cheaper one in similar condition, I'll very likely match the price.
  8. What an amazing job you've done. From basket case to crisp, clean and sharp model. I can't help feeling like it could do with some road dust. Are you going to run it?
  9. New built 2013 Egress. Never run. Includes all diff options including Avante centre ball diff and Avante gear diffs, with output shafts, in addition to the standard Egress parts. Includes TEU302BK with T-connector, new Superstock BZ motor with Tamiya 18 tooth hardened pinion and a basic servo. Includes Yeah Racing aluminium hubs front and rear. Includes enough spare parts to run the car while keeping it looking nice for the shelf. Includes Buggy Champ driver figure that is in no way modified and could be installed directly into a Buggy Champ or Fighting Buggy. Plus a custom mount and instrument binnacle. All carbon parts are sealed with CA, sanded and polished. Includes box and instuction manual. Does not include receiver. More pics in my showroom - https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=129016&id=46480 If you have any questions, please ask. 550 Euros plus postage.
  10. Bump and further price reduction. I'll be taking a 55 Euro loss on this so unfortunately this is as low as I will go.
  11. The weather was glorious here in Holland on Easter Sunday. @GooneyBirdand I went out for some RC fun, where I tested out the XR311 and others. I apologise there are no action shots or video, but I at least managed to take some pics of the day. The XR311 went beautifully well. Full throttle with the smallest spur gear was not a problem other than that this surface was like driving on ice with those tiny tyres with 1mm tread. No mishaps, rolls, crashes or lost parts. Just huge clouds of dust and lots of sideways sliding. It looked so very tiny next to Gooneybird's Clod. I also drove my Toyota pickup for the first and probably the last time, which was something of an experience @DesPrinzla. Everything worked, including the transistorised speed controller, and nothing got broken. All in all a great day out.
  12. Many happy hours of cleaning and polishing there. That looks like a great place to start. Thanks for posting!
  13. Yes, I can do it, if you post pics of your truck. I can do it anyway, but we like pics here we do. I'll let you know when it arrives, by PM. Estimate is 10th May. I'm going away between 14th to 28th May, so if it's late I'll have to post it to you when I get back.
  14. Hilux 4x4 Pickup cage for sale here - https://www.ebay.com/itm/324972957426?hash=item4ba9e5cef2:g:GssAAOSwjyJh0cGN Looking at the manuals, the Bruiser looks different.
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