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  1. Fitted a brushless motor to my Novafox. The car performed brilliantly when it last ran at the beach with a Superstock BZ and TEU302BK. But the sand was very hard indeed on the motor. The comm and brushes resembling a ploughed field. So that was swapped out for a Tamiya TBLM02S 10.5 turn motor and a Quicrun 10BL120 with the fan removed. Running a 13 tooth steel pinion (FDR 10.04) and metal hubs. I should have included a photo of the chassis opened up, but if I have to take that cursed thing apart again I'm going to scream. P1010815 by James H, on Flickr P1010816 by James H, on Flickr P1010817 by James H, on Flickr P1010818 by James H, on Flickr P1010819 by James H, on Flickr P1010820 by James H, on Flickr
  2. The Egress was released in 2013. Of course 2 years later with plentiful supply the price went lower. The same will happen with the VQS. A bit of an unfair comparison really imo. I am honestly completely bewildered that 90% of the content of this thread is moaning about the price. The VQS will get significantly cheaper after it's been out for a while.
  3. Matteo's videos would normally be at the top of the list for me. But for the most part they are of the re-releases. Which is great. It's the re-releases that got me back into a hobby that would otherwise have not held enough interest to drag me away from scale RC boats. But I'm here because of nostalgia, and the root of that nostagia is obviously the originals from the 80's. So my favourite video has to be of an 80's car. When I saw this video I decided nothing was going to stop me from getting a Super Champ. And nothing did.
  4. @Juhunio Oh man, I've just seen this. Although what I told you was correct, it never occured to me that you wouldn't be using the seperate receiver batteries. However I do know what a BEC is and what it's for, and definitely should have been more careful before clicking submit reply. Feels bad. If you PM me your paypal, I'm happy to cover the cost of a replacement receiver.
  5. @Mechanic AH You can still buy the Tyrrell P34 from online shops. Both Tamico and modellbau-Seidel have the version with the pre-painted body, and Tamico also has the version with the unpainted body. The latter costs a little more, which I guess is interesting.
  6. I'm pretty sure you just plug it into the receiver as it is, making sure the red and black wires are lined up with the red and black wires from the servo plugs. Black and red are positive and negative, and the yellow wire is the signal wire which you don't need for an MSC. Hence only a 2-pin plug is required.
  7. I'm not trying to sugar coat anything, and unless you have pretty hard evidence of this then it sounds like tinfoil-hattery to me, sorry. Yes, I think everyone knows this, but I'm not privvy to the trade prices so have no idea what the markup is. But there is also the driver figure, and whether you approve of a pre-finished body or not, that's also saved at least one tin of paint, masking tape, abrasive paper knife blades, PC body cleaner etc. I bet it adds up to the cost of producing the kits plus the usual mark up. I don't think you can really compare the cost of the original kits with the rereleases. The parts are mostly slightly different, so it is logical that the production processes will also be slightly different, and I would imagine the labour costs are also different. I think it only makes sense to compare rere kits with each other.
  8. Again I don't think so. If you buy one of the very first batch then you'll pay top money. If you buy from the second or third batch when Tamico has 10 or more in stock and most people who want one already have one, then I bet they'll drop to around 260 Euros or so. Just as the Egress dropped from 430 to 330. I don't see comparisons with Kyosho as relevant. Apples and oranges.
  9. I don't think so. Take a 100 Euro carbon chassis** out and replace it with a 30-40 Euro plastic one, take away the 100 Euro Hi-Cap dampers** and replace them with 40 Euro plastic CVA dampers, and you've saved 120 Euros over the price of an Egress when first released. Seems about right to me. **Guestimates based on Tamico's spares prices for a ball-park figure.
  10. It seems you and @Mokei Kagaku were bang on. 299 at Tamico.
  11. Stuff like this is really hard to value because it's dependant on so many things, and can vary dramatically from one month to the next. I paid 700USD plus postage and import duty 3 years ago for an NIB Superchamp average example. Bear in mind the Fighting Buggy was much easier to get hold of around then, so I'd say this was a low value and it has probably increased slightly since then. I paid either 100GBP or 100 Euros (can't remember which) for a vintage Superchamp body set; stickers, driver, netting all the screws etc. About 2 years ago, when Fighting Buggy bodies were plentiful and about 12 Euros for the body only. So if you take those prices, multiply by the number of teeth you have, divided by the number of months we have to wait for a Covid vaccine, and then add to that the number of days it rains this week, you should arrive at an approximate value. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but there we are.
  12. That's a neat idea, and free is always good. I don't like those red o-rings at all. I find them very grabby, for want of a better word, after the car has been standing for a bit. I replaced all the red o-rings on my rere SRB's, including the rear Fighting Buggy shock with TRF (blue) o-rings. And while these aren't free, it hasn't been necessary to mount the shocks upside down, they just don't leak at all.
  13. @Mrowka I'm not confusing them at all. Neither of those things are required for copyright under English law. You would just have to demonstrate you were the first to use that particular design. It is to a significant degree, based on common sense and what is considered reasonable. I don't know about US law, other than that it is based on English common law.
  14. No we wouldn't. The wheel is an engineering concept. There have many many different designs of wheel since the concept was invented. But if you copy someone else's specific design of wheel in every way, then you are stealing that person's design. Try making some Porsche cup design wheels or Fuchs identical to the originals, and selling them, and in the UK at least, you'll be in trouble. Fire is naturally occuring. There were forest fires before there were humans, so probably not subject to copyright.
  15. I can assure you after spending many years in the motor trade fixing cars, that pattern parts are not the same as OE ones made under licence. They never ever fit quite right, and require various amounts of bending and sometimes even cutting to fit properly. Which puts the labour cost up. So while they may be pattern parts, they aren't using the same pattern as the OE parts. I'm with Juggular on this. If you're copying someone else's design as near to exactly as makes no difference in order to profit from it, then it is indeed thievery.
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