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  1. Wild Willy 2 is still knocking around in the shops. Tamico.de have them in Germany - https://tamico.de/Tamiya-Wild-Willy-2-WR-02-Kit-58242 Not exactly local to South Carolina, but it gives you an idea of price and possible availability. The original Wild Willy will likely be much more fragile and much more expensive.
  2. I agree. I wonder about the mindset of someone who not only feels the need to pass critical judgement on a complete stranger enjoying a harmless activity, but to also voice that judgement. It's likely and probably lucky that they aren't in charge of anything important. One should probably simply smile and offer their sincerest condolences at the tragic loss of their sense of joy.
  3. Personally, I'd leave it for a couple of days for everything to set hard. Then I'd wet-sand the affected area up to the nearest convenient break-line (the edge of the roof, bottom of the roll bar etc.) Go for shape and smoothness, but keep going until all the black has gone.. When it all looks the right shape and nice and crisp, mask the break-line and sand right up to it with your wet sanding paper folded in half to give an abrasive edge. Be gentle, and careful not to spoil the edge of the tape. Then wash everything, mask off the body at the break-lines with Tamiya tape for curves (be careful where tape overlaps, it's quite thick and can leave a gap. Don't stretch the tape too much when you apply it), then give it a light coating of primer and then the colour coat.
  4. You could get quick chargers that plugged into the cigar lighter socket in a car. They sounded like an egg-timer and took around half an hour to charge the battery. It wasn't unusual to see people out with RC cars using a porter's trolley with a full-size car battery on it to charge their Ni-Cads. Fun times! For whoever wasn't pushing the trolley.
  5. If you're going to go for painting, are you aware that Tamiya do a red oxide fine surface primer? - https://tamico.de/Tamiya-Fine-Primer-L-Oxide-Red-180ml This stuff goes on very smooth and shouldn't need wet sanding, just a wash over with water and dishwashing liquid before adding your TS12. The red colour will make the orange look better (warmer) than putting it on top of white primer. And then if it does get scratched you wont get the stark colour of white primer showing through. A couple of clear coats on top of the TS12 will allow you to polish to a nice shine without rubbing away the colour. Apologies if I'm teaching my granny to suck eggs.
  6. Don't be. You have. The contents of that picture look like gold to me. It even has that antenna ribbon. Value? I don't know. Quite a lot.
  7. I would make a daisy-chain of holes close to the edge around the panel to be cut out with a reamer, and then use a file for the rest. Slow, but guarantees no mistakes.
  8. Nice pictures, and nice truck! Does everything still work do you know? I would say that's pushing it a little from patina into fairly easy restoration territory. The body doesn't look too bad at all and most of the parts are there. Definitely a bonus to have the driver, interior and window glass looking ok. A complete undamaged radio box is a very good thing too. It looks like it could do with new tyres and a few other bits and bobs, but if I were going to restore one I'd say this was a very good place to start. It's still hard to value something like this that's between the extremes in value from basket case to mint display model, but prices are very good for RC stuff of any kind at the moment what with so many people at home and bored. For a wild stab in the dark from me I'd say it could go for somewhere between 300 and 500 USD. Maybe even a bit more on an ebay auction. Anyway, best of luck with whatever you decide to do with it.
  9. It's impossible to say what it's worth without seeing detailed pictures, but these are always worth somewhere between something and quite a lot. Someone will almost certainly be interested as long as the price reflects the condition. If you don't need the money I would keep it, but only you can decide.
  10. I have a new E parts tree, with part 6 missing. If that's any good to you make me an offer. P1010867 by James H, on Flickr
  11. Hi @bjorklo How's things? Nice video! Did you ever sort out a sticker for some clocks on the instrument binnacle? I used a surplus Group C sticker for mine. I have a spare one (pictured). If you would like I could post it to you. P1010865 by James H, on Flickr
  12. @Tamiyabigstuff Would you be prepared to part with the guidebook on the top right in your first pic? That's the '83 guidebook right?
  13. If I had access to your workshop I'd be making the SS-50 ICBM Launcher from Spies Like Us. At least I would while making grand plans on the back of a beer mat. The reality might be different.
  14. The body looks original to me. It's a darker colour blue than the rere, which makes it easier to tell when they're side by side. Also, on the front of the metal roof the corners are rounded on the rere, so that looks original too. Nice example! Edit: There is also a difference with the window netting. The original has a rope pattern, the rere does not.
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