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  1. @SuperluminalThanks for the compliment. I'm very glad you're happy with it. @Willythickfoot Thanks! No, I sold enough other cars/kits to cover the cost of the kit I wanted to buy, so decided to keep this one. I was happy to let it slide down the forum, but a moderator could archive/delete it.
  2. Hmmm, an Avante Black Special for 89.59 Euros. Looks well safe. If it had been run over by a traction engine there might still be enough left to scrape that much for the flat parts on ebay. I'd be suspicious if I were you.
  3. As far as I can tell when watching the slow-mo from that vid, the rear shocks aren't really moving at all. The distance between the top of the tyres and the wing seems to remain constant to me. I think that the reasonably flat surface and the hornet-style tyres are making it seem to work when it actually isn't. That's how it looks to me anyway. The front is certainly moving quite a bit tho'.
  4. That looks great! It has a certain floatyness about it that I think is a combination of being heavy as a whole, but with a light front end. Whatever, I love the way it moves. It's my fave RC car of all time. And I'm still very envious of that running surface you have. Thumbs up from me!
  5. @Willy iine You're welcome! If you don't want to use the kit drive shafts because you're not using the standard motor or whatever, GPM Racing do some in either alloy or spring-steel that fit those little hexes for those wheels. Alloy. GR-T3023R Spring steel. GR-T3023SR
  6. This is a slightly tongue-in-cheek post, because it obviously makes so little difference it's barely worth mentioning. But I'm going to anyway.... I always keep the little plastic bags in the kits. That is, the ones closed with staples that can be re-stapled. I use them to keep odd leftover or unused parts in. I must have used about, oooh, less than 1% of them so far. The rest annoy me every time I open my parts cupboard and have to move them out of the way. I also keep all the off-cuts from trimming polycarbonate bodies in another bag too. These also annoy me for the same reason as the bags. Another thing I keep is any parts I break during a build. Partly to remind me not to be impatient (because it's invariably caused by that when it happens), or just in case they come in handy for something. All of the above is in many ways just a little bit unhinged, as I'm sure I'll be tripping over them all for the next couple of decades or so. But occasionally, just occasionally, they're actually useful for something. This 36x6mm strip of polycarbonate and a leftover plastic spacer saved me from buying a new B sprue for my Novafox when I broke the rear bumper. Maybe several sprues if I keep breaking it, which is not unlikely with this motor. It's a good fix too. Stronger than it was before. I could round off the corners and paint it black to make it pretty, but why bother on a runner. When I first built my re-release Scorcher I broke the window glass trying to model an open driver's window, badly. I used a small piece of it to make the HUD for this little guy. I'm certainly not implying that everyone should keep all their off-cuts and leftovers. Sanity is probably more important than a tiny bit of recycling. Sometimes it works out tho'.
  7. Hi @Willy iine, They are Tamiya hop-up parts. I got them from Tamico.de You have to use the smaller drive hex from the B sprue to fit the wheels. Part nos. 54832 Spike rear tyres 54833 34mm wheels for above 54830 Slick rear tyres 54831 31mm wheels for above 54823 Chrome front wheel 54841 Soft front tyre with foam insert (looks mostly the same as the kit item, but softer) 54836 Off-road front tyre with foam insert
  8. I had to get the motocross option because, well, because I just had to ok?
  9. Looks great, and lots of fun. I need to run my Frog more.
  10. I was quite surprised a graphic designer would single these two out for critisism. I think both look far, far nicer than the originals. I think the Egress in particular just keeps on getting better looking. I never could get past the front shock angle of the original. But then I guess I'm rather old fashioned in my tastes. I don't like anything monster, low-rider or stanced either. Still, taste is to a large extent a personal thing, and I bet they sell thousands of both these models.
  11. I've never owned a Tamiya kit that has failed to give me pleasure. So for me, the best are the ones I've chosen to buy because I like them the most. The worst are the ones I've chosen not to buy because I like them the least. I'm glad there's at least one thing in my life that's this simple.
  12. Metal ones are also available.
  13. Thanks guys! @tamiya3speed I got the chassis from ebay. Some guy in Switzerland. I don't have his details anymore.
  14. I have fitted the RC Channel metal kit to my Fighting Buggy. I only ever run this buggy on sand, so didn't need this kit. Just like I didn't need the alloy chassis, or front bumper, or the aluminium wheels or mechanism deck. But what can I do? I'm addicted to bolting shiny stuff to it. So there it is. This kit is only for the Fighting Buggy. If you want to use it on the Super Champ you'll need to contact them, because of variations in the gearbox casting sizes. It comes in a small box which is very neat. Ignore the repro Rough Rider tyres, they just arrived in the post at the same time but aren't relevant. The parts. Bags within bags. The instructions are pretty good. The motor cover does require some modification to prevent interference with the upper suspension arm. The part pointed to in the pic below needs filing down until flush with the surface. Just like the top screw hole. I managed not to crack the cover. Yay! Test fit. Seems to look ok. The new parts out of the bags. The upper arms and uprights fitted. I like how the mount fits over the pipe joint, and the screw goes through both it and the roll bar. Very rigid. The lower suspension arms are a very precise but slightly tight fit. They do not fall under their own weight, but clearly will break-in quite quickly. The trips to the beach have taken a bit of a toll on the Tamiya screws. Grub screws are fitted on both the top and bottom sides of the lower suspension arms. Some o-rings need to be fitted to the output shafts. I think this is to position the drive shafts correctly. The driveshafts are a new design, but are apparently compatible with the old metal kit too. The pins holding them together appear to be pressed in, so probably not easily dismantlable. The pics on the website show the buggy with the Super Champ rear shock fitted. So I was pleased, but not surprised, to find the Fighting Buggy shock fits perfectly too. I'm sure the supplied rubber-sealed bearings are perfectly fine. But I used Tamiya ones everywhere else on the buggy, so used them here too. Everything fitted. All the metals! I don't think you could fit a cigarette paper between the tyre and the upright. Unlikely to be much of an issue though. Well, for those that don't like the standard camber. It's rather different now. Looking very industrial. Ready to go! And finally, the new camber angle. There's no battery fitted, but it's even heavier than it was before. The weight of a LiPo pack wont really make any difference. It feels quite strongly sprung, but difficult to compare while static because of the lateral movement of the tyres against the ground with the swing axle standard setup.
  15. Very difficult to value these because they don't often come up, and because the nostalgia market for these will be far smaller than for buggies and such. I would suggest you keep an eye on these two for a bit. The KT seems cheap to me, and the Leopard too expensive. But postage costs will be a big factor too due to size and weight. https://www.ebay.com/itm/194086309769?hash=item2d30720f89:g:BDIAAOSwbZ1gjZ5M&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA8GDcbu8pwT%2Bi%2BQMtfVM%2F3GcbWxuTkWA1UuqDUgs2OgN1ryp8Vpo4aLvd1XHOmYag2rQl45YlEgHAszQvCBROxwrainzDknOlzmUyIeAzRiKT%2FDTHw8DIjiH6jDBMh9hB6PKnb%2FBBBwsmsdfuBlawhH2TEr5gGnj%2BiNVtu9vIrxzMv1VDcoKmNiZ%2FhVwEbcEFfO6IxJp0uvXjKWvKv8Mo7x0lVmlZ8e3wh9zPdijxjCBUZm2XtqyPPdWwQ%2Bkr9M6QmXKD9Df4EMVYRGeT1Heauusd4%2BxQ0bbMNW7cRz2LmG3yVtQ3D43%2BtGFD%2BKzsD6es2w%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR-a_yPPiYA https://www.ebay.com/itm/284119129750?hash=item4226d1de96:g:RVgAAOSwCL9dk0DD&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAsH3WRTQIaw1vi3dHzQU4j1d94hiE4F6E6lxMbcxG26gHqSfPSjwHfXu25Z6x%2B48nn1VNSEg%2FVM8kV6qYKBNjeJBvZGIfOlTd%2F4beqUw8WhkkuznpL3VktBpyBOOFRyhyrjRHkq1QFcOrCJ0vK8pV%2FNG%2FSf7Z20oB5D1%2FfuU24%2F93EirP9wPadktzmjcehUJX7jspBE5%2B3qy8fArzOwfZsPZTaF9Jd%2BH5dAQV%2BGTCULFo|tkp%3ABk9SR8zJwfPiYA
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