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  1. Critical that you go to the local club or track and ask what people are racing! I'm coming back to the hobby after a very very long hiatus. Where I am, hands down the most popular format is....SCT, something Tamiya never elected to get in on. Stadium Truck I'm told is on the rise (again), but Tamiya seems to have lost interest in that as well. Of course there always seems to be a least some 2wd buggy action, but that was never my thing. So very important to find out what others are racing, lest you find yourself with no one to race against.
  2. Back in the day one could get decals for everything from Coke Cola to Valvoline from Autographics. Guess they went out of business a long time ago. Did anyone ever take their place in the market for stuff like that?
  3. I've been out of it for a while: did Futaba ever make a 2.4Ghz version of the Attack 2-channel? I'd think there would still be a market for something like that. It really bothers me that the 4GRS is basically a 4PLS in a different shell....for an inexplicable doubling (almost) of cost: C$260 vs. C$470.
  4. So it looks like the upper shock mounts can be brought in by 1 hole in steps 10 and 11. And then the arm mounts can be brought it by 1 hole in step 17. Is that right?
  5. Quite possibly the perfect stick radio for surface vehicles. Good for anything from racing to crawling. 3rd and 4th channel controls well suited to things like 3-speed transmission etc. Only problem is that Futaba knows it is alone and has priced the thing astronomically (only reason I dont have one). I honestly think that the whole pistol style thing caught on in the late 80s/early 90s because of "looks", and at this late stage any newcomer to the hobby just assumes thats the way to go an get used to it from day 1, never knowing the more precise control, especially on the throttle, a pair of sticks would give them.
  6. Has anyone tried the Land Rover Defender body from CC-01 on the CC-02 chassis? Would there be any issue fitting it? Considering getting a CC-02...but dont care for the Mercedes.
  7. Thank you both for the great information. The contemporary High-lift series is definitely not what I am after. Am I right in thinking that the Mountain Rider is being re-released in the next month or two? That would suit me as I actually prefer the roll bar and light over the cab extension on the Bruiser. Whats the outlook on spare parts? Good for the foreseeable future? Is there anything notoriously needed which one should stock up on? Any tips on scoring the best possible price on one?
  8. Returning to the hobby after a very VERY long hiatus (like almost 30 years!). As a kid in the 80s I always dreamed of the original HiLux. I'm at a point now where I might actually be able to affords something like that but I'm a little confused as to the current state of Tamiya's proverbial 3-speed transmission models. Can someone bring me up to speed (no pun intended). Bruiser replaced the original HiLux I guess with larger tires etc, but that too was discontinued way back only to be re -released in 2012 but its already gone again? Tower is showing the Mountain Rider as "coming in July". Other than body-style is there any functional differences between the two? Are the shocks oil filled? I could never seem to get a solid answer on that one. :) Thanks.
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