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  1. Thanks TurnipJF, I plan to cut the front windshield out and leave a visor, cut the side windows out and put some nets in, rear window out to show a fuel tank, make some door mirrors, maybe a small roof rack, some mesh infills here and there around the front steering rod openings and in the rear cage, mount a couple of spots between the front lights on the chassis, I've got some Scorcher headlights to fit to the body, maybe some vents in the bonnet. Then there's the interior.......long way off yet!
  2. Cheers, I hope I can do it justice! I've got loads of scale details I want to include and can't wait to get going on the bodywork but I've still got to strip it down and paint the tub...boring...
  3. This rere FAV is the first time around for me. My first models were Holiday Buggy and Scorcher so not familiar with the ins and outs of this kit! The project is a Kyosho beetle body on to the FAV chassis for hopefully a scale Baja bug. One query is the rear suspension, it seems a bit notchy. I think it's the plastic lugs catching the metal retainers but should I shave a bit of plastic off or will it bed in itself pretty quick? Thanks for any advice.
  4. My project to date - fitting a Kyosho Beetle body to a FAV. The plan is for a scale detailed Baja bug. Lost of thing planned so watch this space!
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