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  1. My last two orders (both kits) came FedEx using the basic shipping. Usually 2 days or less from order to delivery here in Ohio. When I have ordered smaller items, I have seen slower pick & pack and longer delivery times via USPS.
  2. Is that metric or standard hardware? Also, thoughts on the lower links after assembly? Unique design for sure.
  3. Kwkenuf, you have to take tax into consideration there too. Mike in PA paid $323 due to local tax being added. Without tax that 20% deal means the kit itself was probably closer to $300 (at today's $373 price) before tax was added. This has just started being collected in most ares from major online retailers and inflates that final number. While the Tower sales may not be as good as they seem at first glance, they have the biggest Tamiya range of any online US retailer. And have better coupons to boot. Quick check on the Scorcher between Tower and Amain shows the same price at both retailers. The difference being that Tower has a $50 off coupon ($65 for premium members). Amain only offers $30. Both will charge me 7.5% on top for local sales tax.
  4. I was on the fence about the TF EVO and a for sure on the Thunder Dragon. Seeing prices its going to be hard to turn town the TF EVO. Price seems extremely fair after all the VQS complaints. Also glad to see a decent price on the Thunder Dragon.
  5. Love me some Kumamon tractor! If you run him on hard surfaces either remove the bear or give him a helmet, he is very easy to damage up there, and tough to find. Kids love ours and I regret not buying another when Tamiya USA was selling them cheap (the rtr that is)!
  6. FYI, Tower has a 24 hour 25% off sale going on today. Includes Grasshopper, XV-01 Lancia, TC-01, and Dynahead.
  7. Nice! I've got a Big Rock waiting for me at my LHS. Seem to be well reviewed trucks!
  8. Not a track fan but something about that Landfreeder catches my eye. Maybe. Lot of nice releases today, generally these are days for a lot of negativity (why not this, why this, etc). Seems to be something here for everybody. Not sure if I'll do an EVO as I have a spare Top Force, carbon plate set, and hi-cap dampers. But will for sure do a Fighting Buggy, probably a CC02, and maybe the Opal on the TA02 chassis.
  9. I believe Egress was announced for May and I believe all releases today were for Q1 2021.
  10. From my memory, the first RC10 Classic kits were here and gone in the US. Then AE overcompensated and produced what seemed like 8 million Worlds kits. I think the Worlds were held back by issues with the top shafts and initial price set too high which likely led to the panic price drops at the end to clear stock. I bought my last kit for $165 I think. In the end, I really wish they would have done more of the gold pans. The kit I have is partially built but they are so rare I'm afraid to ever run it. Would love those to have stayed around longer as my brother's friend had a short arm six gear growing up to race agains my brother's Fox.
  11. I'm assuming whole hog here. Hilux, Monster Racer, Jugg2! Will be let down otherwise 😉 Too bad it's 11 pm pacific. Means 2 am for me. Set an alarm?
  12. Lovely! T2 was my first hobby grade rc. Outfitted wirh a Novak Hammer Pro esc, Reedy 17T motor, and Airtronics radio gear. Sold it for peanuts at one point, sadly. Yours looks good!
  13. Picked up my LMT today. Still waiting on motor and esc which are coming off of backorder.
  14. Arent the stock driveshafts plastic and two piece? Possibly something there and that is why the diff replacement didn't help?
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