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  1. A little jealous here as I used to get eBay 20% off all the time and then one day they just stopped. Everything I get now is on refurbished items. Got done good Traxxas deals with the 20% coupons.
  2. Couldn’t be happier. Missed this first time around by waiting too long to pull the trigger. Glad to see it back in some form.
  3. Bruiser if it helps: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=124614&id=41145 Not mine btw.
  4. Preordered today at Tower. Added universals, slipper, and servo mounts. Yes. I’m a sucker! BUT, with Tower I don’t have to pay up front so I’ve got until October to see more and potentially back off!
  5. Quick check between MSRP of Knight Hauler, Frog, and Top Force Evo vs listed price at Tower suggests listed sale price at Tower is about 70% of MSRP. Calculates to a listed price on Tower in the $314 range. If it plays out that way and discounts are able to be used, I'm in.
  6. I wonder if it will fit a shorty lipo? Could then squeeze the receiver or an esc in front of the battery and save pivoting the shocks to swap the battery? Either way, I like it!
  7. I gotta say, paint job is much uglier than I had expected. BUT, quirky, overly complex, really just what I expected. If price is decent they will have a preorder from me.
  8. When the Fighting Buggy was announced I pestered RPP hobby to let me pre-order one. They eventually did put it up on the site when they were able to order from Tamiya USA, not sure if it was because I was bugging them or if there were others. Maybe worth a try? I also rely on AMain and Tower. I have a phenomenal LHS but since COVID TamiyaUSA wasn't taking phone orders so he hasn't ordered directly from them in a while (strange I know, but he is older and doesn't like to do email) so now I can only easily order what Horizon will stock. Prices were always better when he went direct to Tamiya.
  9. I just bought a Blitzer Beetle partly because years ago I bought spare arms and gearbox parts. Felt like if I had the parts, might as well get the kit!
  10. Kit plus sx107 shift servo, Bowhouse RC panhard reinforcement bracket. All NIP. Small dent on bottom corner of box. Pics upon request (too big to upload)! Putting on eBay on Monday but thought I'd try here first. $300 plus Buyer pays actual shipping. PayPal only. Box is roughly 22x16x8 and maybe 8lbs. Shipped from 43215.
  11. My LHS was able to call Kyosho directly and pre-order. You can always do that route, but it isn't up on the USA site yet so would require an email. Not sure about Kyosho distribution in other countries though.
  12. Definitely need the 1:10 spare tire cover on the 1:1!!
  13. Tough first night! Glad to hear some of the more experienced folks were willing to have a look and lend a hand. I've only been to the track a couple of times, once was when they were running 1/8 gas. Have to be careful marshalling those!
  14. I feel like there was one quick monent where the original Twin Force started to get popular but just like that it wasn't. I always wanted to try one so maybe now is the time. Would love for someone to come up with a different battery tray option though.
  15. Try the dealer locator on the site. If you have any local, call them and see if they can order directly from Tamiya. Tamiya USA's price is intentionally high to protect dealers as they want you to order from a dealer. If you don't have anyone local, try emailing RPP Hobby. They didn't seem to plan to carry the Fighting Buggy, but I emailed and they checked with Tamiya and put it on the site. One COVID frustration for me, I have a great LHS but unfortunately he doesn't want to use email to do business and Tamiya has zero phone support the pandemic (or at least he can't seem to reach anybody). That has made me have to go to other dealers like RPP.
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