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  1. Ugh. There is a lot I want to say but I'll leave it at this: another blatant knock-off and I hope they don't sell a single one.
  2. I've been debating this very much lately. The only good thing about this lockdown is I have had much more time for RC. The problem is that I have a bunch of kits but not enough servos to complete them. I buy everything I can from an excellent LHS and know he could really use the business in May when he is allowed to reopen. For that reason I'm going to try to hold off any big purchases until he can get reopened. I will order a few things elsewhere, but just to move projects forward for the most part.
  3. Great day for RC! With the covid mess we are encouraged to only go out when necessary, so today the kids and I charged some batteries and ran the TRX4 (ended with stripped servo or servo horn), Monster Beetle (ended with popped CV), Novafox (lost a wing bolt). Monster Beetle and Novafox are easy fixes. Need to diagnose the TRX-4 still. Good time in otherwise stressful times so well worth it!!
  4. I begin working from home tomorrow and my wife was laid off today. Schools are shut for 3 weeks in my area with hints of cancelling the rest of the year. My hope is that people take the local lockdown seriously and this virus can run its course with minimal damage. My fear is this is 'merica and people hate being told what to do. They only need to look to Italy to see what this virus can do at it's worst. Say what you will about our national leadership (I don't have much good to say about either side) but at least they appear to be finally taking this seriously so I am actually encouraged by that. My hope for you all to stay safe.
  5. If you're open to other companies, add the Traxxas Stampede Bigfoot Edition to your list. Fair bit of speed out of the box, tough as nails, and good looking. In the US it's a better value than the Tamiya options, not sure about UK. Having said that, I love my Monster Beetle. Not as tough as the Traxxas (even considering the nearly required MIP diff upgrade), but my son and I always enjoy having a run with it.
  6. I would say for car/truck, you are looking at a CR-01, High Lift, Bruiser/Mountain Rider, or TXT-2. Also any of the big rigs or tanks if he/she is into that.
  7. Taller bag apparently led to a 500 yen cost increase! I'm interested in any differences too, having a hard time telling any difference via pictures.
  8. Open the box and pull out the tires! Even though the box is huge, I'm still always impressed when seeing a Clod tire for the first time in a while.
  9. I have used Traxxas TMaxx shock sets (typically only 1 at each corner, but they sell in packs of 8 on eBay so you have the option) on stock Clods in the past with success. With all the weight on the axles you could argue the effect isn't great but it does cut down on the slapping associated with the stock friction dampers.
  10. Did the Black Edition ever actually come in stock at US retailers? If so it went super quick! I put in a backorder in today, not sure why as I have an unbuilt Super Clod. I guess a good reason to buy a race chassis!
  11. What dogbones get used when swapping to G6-01?
  12. I worked for a local high-line European car dealer when the Enzo came out. We had one come through for (I believe) pre delivery inspection and I distinctly remember the crowd it drew in the shop. Pretty hard to get luxury car mechanics to stop in their tracks but the Enzo did! Still a beauty, though I think the F40 is my personal favorite.
  13. eBay has a bunch of Japan listings for crazy high prices. It's becoming a bit of a joke to me. Looking at Neo Scorcher kits running from $250 to $300+ USD. Now it's not in stock at Tower currently but when it is I can get it locally for $150 USD and that is before coupons.
  14. Ah, I see. I'll have to check them closely then. Thanks!
  15. I'm not familiar with this issue? Was it limited to this chassis and previous reres?
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