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  1. Has the manual been posted yet? Really interested in flipping through it but I can’t find it anywhere.
  2. Paint this puppy white and call it the Neo Striker with those side pods! Seriously though, side shot looks good. Interested to see more details.
  3. NIB 2017 rere. Still in shrink and ready for a good home. Something large has caught my eye (SCX6!!) so have to clear out some kits. Currently buried in a storage bin but of course will dig out for pics for interested party! $235 Paypal Friends and Family plus actual shipping (per estimate via UPS website ships from Ohio and box will be around 22x16x7) Again, sorry but US only.
  4. I was going to pass on this as I have a 40th that I still haven’t opened. Then I saw the box. And here I am trying to buy less ☹️
  5. What did you think of the alloy rear arms? Always tempted by the ones on eBay, but the cost is just too insane.
  6. Got a call from LHS saying my USA-1 was on its way from Kyosho and to expect it next week. He hung up and called me no less than 5 minutes later saying FedEx just dropped it off! Magic! May try to go grab it tonight will see how the workday finishes.
  7. Way too many. Not quite sure what to do about it anymore. Some of them I know will probably never be run so currently considering building for the experience and then selling. May be the way to satisfy my desire to build but clear space at the same time?
  8. Well, on the list! Funny thing is that I placed an order with TamiyaUSA today and threw in the CC-02 spur adapter to get to $50 and free shipping. I don’t currently have a CC-02. Apparently I subconsciously knew this was coming lol!
  9. This look to me like 3D printed versions of the Thundertech Racing wideners. I had a set years ago and the held up well. Mind you, I think they were delrin. They were recently selling some stuff on eBay. May be worth reaching out and seeing if they still make those. Otherwise, the JConcepts wheels have different levels of width built in.
  10. I agree on this. RCMart was my go to for quite a while for Tamiya hop-ups and the occasional kit. But prices have risen to almost equal to what I can get stuff for here in the states that it just isn’t worth it anymore. Especially taking into account the Covid related shipping delays and shipping price increases. I will say it bums me out a little bit though. Call me a nerd, but there was something fun about watching the tracking update as toy car parts made their way to me from the other side of the world!
  11. Yeah, figured as much. I’ve been waiting on a USA-1 preorder and it has slipped from July to August to September and now October ☹️
  12. It used to be pretty accurate. To your point, in COVID times I don’t trust any estimates anymore! I just tell it to notify me when it’s back in stock.
  13. Mine had both types of grease in a single tin if I remember correctly. If you are missing some I would probably use Associated Diff Grease and Associated Black Grease (for the thrust assembly) as a substitute.
  14. Kind of itching to get ahold of a Juggernaut 2 or maybe scratch build something close to one out of parts. Anybody have one they are thinking of offloading or maybe spare plastic (C, E,F,G,H) parts trees? There are a few complete on eBay but at over $1,000 It just isn’t worth that to me.
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