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  1. tamiya3speed

    I'm satisfied...

    I just picked up a couple kits and I am starting to feel done for a little while myself. I have a Mountain Rider on order and maybe another Novafox but other than that there really isn't much else I would want. It's a good feeling as I have bought way too many kits in the last 18 months or so. It will be good to take a break from spending. I have thought of selling some items but have been burnt too much in the past selling and then regretting, then re-buying at a loss that I will be very careful with that course of action.
  2. tamiya3speed

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Couple of different orders over the last few days. RC4WD Marlin Crawler Monster Beetle Hitec x2 AC Plus charger SS Screws and metal side sliders for the Marlin Top Cat trans and alloy eccentrics
  3. tamiya3speed

    Schumacher Topcat Re-Release

    Just put in an order for the upgraded transmission and the alloy eccentrics. I also sent a note to Schumacher about the alloy rocker shafts and was told to expect them around the end of the month!! Also put in a request for a cat 2000 EC (can't hurt right)!!
  4. tamiya3speed

    Bullhead steering issues

    FYI the left front tire is backwards in your pic/video above. Keep an eye out for that if you do decide to glue the tires (don't ask me how I know to look out for this lol).
  5. tamiya3speed

    eBay Sales

    Thanks all! I wonder if something on my app has reconfigured so I'm not seeing the banner but sounds like it's just me. As far as coupons, someone posted one up last year that I was able to use, so at the least some of them appear to carryover.
  6. tamiya3speed

    eBay Sales

    Pretty regularly (at least once a month) for probably six months last year, I would get a notification for 10% or 15% off everything on eBay. Now I don't think I have had one since the new year. Has anybody else noticed this? I have the app on the phone with notifications turned on, but still nothing.
  7. tamiya3speed

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Curious who you used for the anti rotation brackets and do they look well made?
  8. tamiya3speed

    txt-2 agrios parts

    I just bought a TXT2 kit myself and saw what seemed like a lack of parts. Through a combination of Tamiya USA and eBay i was able to get enough spares to rebuild the axles should I blow something up so they are out there. If you are in Europe, Tamico had most spares readily available. Or you could do it the Tamiya Club way and just order two kits. One to build and one for parts. I will admit I have done this more than once.
  9. tamiya3speed

    Do I want a truck???

    I feel the same way. I often toy with the idea of a truck but thinking of the cost of the truck, bearings, radio, mfu, and trailer makes me hesitant. I wish there was a truck club around me to make that decision easier. In the end, an MFU on a High Lift may be my best bet.
  10. tamiya3speed

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release!

    Not sure I will bother resisting as more pictures of this come out. It gets better looking every time. I went to the LHS yesterday and he has two on order. I didn't reserve yet, but I'm getting close.
  11. Fantastic!! I was shocked just how big the box was when I picked mine up! If you do get another ESC, the Hobbywing 1080 crawler esc is supposed to be phenomenal and they are $40 USD.
  12. tamiya3speed

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release!

    I must admit I'm not taken by the gold chassis myself based on the pictures provided to this point. I will reserve final judgement for when some better images of the chassis itself come out. I will say the gold on the shocks looks nice so I expect it's just the images instead of the actual color of the chassis.
  13. tamiya3speed

    Tamiya 58667 Audi Quattro Rally

    Not sure if you're in the States but I have come to believe all German automobiles do not come standard with turn signals, not limited to Audi's. LOL.
  14. I would be extremely bummed to hear the Clod was being discontinued. The Clod has a presence like no other vehicle that I have ever owned. I would highly suggest picking one up if you're concerned that they are going away. They are something that should be experienced and having been out for 30 plus years hopefully spares will be around for quite some time.
  15. tamiya3speed

    RC10B6.1D - in US

    So I have to generate some cash to cover a TXT-2 purchase and am going to make a new in open box RC10B6.1D available for sale. I got a great deal on it and will pass that along, looking for $255+ shipping in us. PayPal only please. Sorry, I can't get pics to post to the site but can email them later tomorrow evening if anybody is interested. International shipping is too costly in my experience so US only please.