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  1. I have noticed that parts are up on the Yokomo website, and also at RC Mart. So looks like these can be run now without worry! My new excuse for not having opened my kit is that there is no way I could finish one nearly as well as some of you have already!
  2. Love the Super Champ type roof and spoiler! Great work!
  3. What is the other one? Pic isn’t loading for me!
  4. I can’t imagine them going through the trouble to make the molds again and not do a wider release but they proved me wrong on the first run of classics. If they don’t do a full release, they need to license JConcepts to make the parts and call it a day. Heck, even a small manufacturer like Yokomo can do this right not quite sure why this is so hard for Associated.
  5. The inventory is simply a joke. I ordered a part that was in stock, waited a few days and notice the order was marked backorder. Pulled the item up on the site, still showing in stock. Ugh. My LHS uses Horizon and they seem to have improved from the mess they were six months ago, but it isn’t saying much. I am more frustrated with preorders placed directly by my shop. I am still waiting on a Mojave 4s, it’s like Horizon orders 10 units initially and then it is weeks until they get adequate stock. I ordered a Losi bike day 1, called LHS that morning and he ordered it. Waited until like November.
  6. I know most of us are annoyed with Tower/Horizon but this is a pretty good deal on the Outlaw Rampage Pro that seemed worth passing along, $169 from $219. https://www.towerhobbies.com/product/110-outlaw-rampage-pro-2rsa-2wd-kit/KYO34362.html
  7. Storage is always a tough one. Here in the states I have recently found some really nice waterproof storage boxes (my basement flooded due to a failed sump soon after we moved into this house so I am trying to be mindful of that experience). The best thing is that the two smaller sizes have the same footprint so I have some big ones intermixed with the smaller ones but they stack perfectly. I have these filled with smaller parts now (by brand but one for crawler parts) and intend on subdividing them further to be model specific using sandwich bags. BUT I still don’t have any room to display my cars and that is what currently keeps me from building anything.
  8. How about another run of the Honda City Turbo? Or even better, another run for the Kumamon tractor?
  9. Super or King Blackfoot are at the top of my list. I guess I could also settle for a Juggernaut 2 😉
  10. Hahaha!! Almost smashed my hopes and dreams for a Cat 2000 @moffman. Can’t wait to see what they do next!
  11. Wait, last year of production for the CAT or for Schumacher???
  12. Any word if spares will be made available? Apologies if this was already established and I missed it but I do not see any spares listed on Amain, Yokomo, or RC Mart.
  13. Love the paint job! Great work here!!
  14. Just got word from Amain that my backorder has shipped, so these have landed in the states! Really looking forward to this, my first Yokomo.
  15. Great information on these nearly forgotten chassis. I had actually sent away for the Clod-A-Lever II info at one point. What I got back was a color 4x6 of a complete truck, a short brochure, and a price list. Wish I still had that info, I would gladly add it to this thread. Never had enough to buy the Chassis though. Wish I would have bought one of the reproductions that were on eBay a few years back.
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