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  1. Thats the ticket Lee! You and i may be cut from the same cloth. Your best bet is to buy another kit and start that, always works for me.
  2. I believe the seller sicnmeproducts on ebay was selling these at some point recently. May be worth reacking out and checking? I dont have any of their stuff so cannot vouch for the quality.
  3. Does anyone know if RC Mart requires upfront payment on back-orders? Worried this is going to turn out like the current batch of Nova Fox and Buggy Champ in the US where I can't get it from any major retailers so considering securing at least one from RC Mart.
  4. Im a sucker for jewelry. What are those for and where from?
  5. Interesting thing on this one, Tamiya USA shows an msrp of $424. The current batch of Buggy Champ has an msrp of $513. Now we know retail will be less than those amounts but by how much I wonder? Possible we actually see a price drop to other srb kits? Or just Tamiya USA hasn't updated the msrp (most likely).
  6. I use the MIP but atill have the isaue maybe every other pack. My next step is to put a spacer in the shock to limit down travel, betting that it ia a mix of maximum down travel and flex that makes it pop out. I do have some aluminum swing arm caps (or whatever they are called) to try too.
  7. Now that would be cool! I envision a time where you could order spares like shapeways, or maybe even have a way to send the file to your own network connected 3d printer Not sure anyone or any printer can do this now but a guy can dream right!
  8. These are $150 at Tower Hobbies using the coupon EARLYBIRD plus free shipping. Sale goes until 11/24 at 1am ET. These are discontinued at Tamiya USA now. I have two or would definately be buying one at that price.
  9. I find it funny that Tamiya released a special set of Hi-Cap dampers for the VQS and the manual lists the 53926 DF03 dampers as the hop up damper option!
  10. Not gonna lie, i like the looks of that Fighter Buggy!
  11. Tower has these on sale tonight. $184.80 after coupon BUT only until 9ET!!
  12. So i JUST picked up an SMT10 kit, swb kit, motor, and body. Like last week. This seems like such a better product. I preodered the LMT the second i saw it. Hopefully i can recoup most of my investment on the SMT10 kit and SWB kit. 😐 Having said that, i do think the price is too high. $400 on a prebuilt roller that i would much rather build myself. The rtrs are $599 which seems crazy to me.
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