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  1. Picked up an Element Enduro Trailrunner and a second Terra Scorcher. With parts being so scarce on the Terra Scorchers I'm considering a 3rd if this batch doesn't immediately sell out.
  2. Where did you order the Tremor? I always wanted a Thunder Tech chassis Clod.
  3. I was dumb and waffled on that deal too long and missed out on the Bruiser. I have a couple but I should have acted on that one!
  4. Trinity actually ran ads disparaging brushless motors when these were out. Stinks Novak went away. I never had a failure on one of their products and used them pretty much exclusively when I first got into the hobby.
  5. The Tundra is longer and mounts the transmission slightly differently as the transmission can be mounted two different heights. How long, I'm not sure though.
  6. I do agree about price! At Tower, you can order a Terra Scorcher for $192 or a Wild One for $219. Pretty wild when you compare the specs of the kits.
  7. Well, better than tower I guess. They are now quoting late July. I think it was late March when I backordered. I'll just have to wait and see I guess.
  8. Yeah, I worry I waited too long on a Wild One myself. I have 2 backordered at Tower but the date continually slips back. I'm discouraged that they are backordered at RC Mart too which points to low/no stock worldwide. Hopefully they'll do another run soon (along with the Fighting Buggy).
  9. I'll take 1 as long as USA shipping doesn't work out crazy expensive.
  10. Businesses just reopened locally on Tuesday, so my LHS called and Horizon filled all of my backorders. Terra Scorcher, Black Clod. Also a Bomber 2.0. Still waiting for an scx10iii.
  11. Maybe someone that knows these kits better than myself can confirm but many Tamiya kits come with 0.6 module gearing (metric 48 pitch). If you didn't use the stock pinion it may be possible you have a true 48 pitch pinion mated to a metric 48 spur.
  12. I love all of Matteo's videos but the test drive here is one of my favorites. When he pulls the trigger and that puppy shoots off, tearing off some of the body. An awesome scene!
  13. 38 I am trying to get my kids into it. They like to run them but aren't into building them. My 46 year old brother had a Fox when we were kids, that was my intro. I got an RC10T2 as my first real RC and for the most part haven't looked back.
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