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  1. Try the dealer locator on the site. If you have any local, call them and see if they can order directly from Tamiya. Tamiya USA's price is intentionally high to protect dealers as they want you to order from a dealer. If you don't have anyone local, try emailing RPP Hobby. They didn't seem to plan to carry the Fighting Buggy, but I emailed and they checked with Tamiya and put it on the site. One COVID frustration for me, I have a great LHS but unfortunately he doesn't want to use email to do business and Tamiya has zero phone support the pandemic (or at least he can't seem to reach anybody). That has made me have to go to other dealers like RPP.
  2. Shen, I put CVDs on my XV01 LD and it looks like 50883 is the driveshaft they use as stock so I habe a spare. PM me your address and I'll send one out your way. May take me a few days to get it out, FYI.
  3. Well, here is hoping Tamiya will do another run of the Wild One Rerelease at least!
  4. I wonder if the TXT stub axles are the issue? They are like 1/4 inch wider than Clod stub axles.
  5. So did I! If I remember correctly it got pushed back twice before Tower marking as discontinued. Quite the bummer.
  6. I tried to track down a NIB for a while with no luck at a reasonable price. Hopefully they will do another run as I would really like one at some point, but not at the crazy prices of the moment.
  7. Just came across Mechanic After Hours highly customized Super Astute on YouTube. Beautiful Build. Going to be checking out some of the other videos on the channel.
  8. RPP Hobby out of California has pre-orders up for those in the US. For those who don't know RPP, I have had great experience with them over the years. They have a great selection of scaler parts and I've been bugging them and Tower for months to put up a backorder for the Fighting Buggy. They got it up first and got my order!
  9. Been watching a lot of Battlebots lately. Really entertaining and to your point, the ultimate bashers!
  10. NIB 2017 rere. Still in shrink and ready for a good home. I have WAY to many projects and ready to start letting some that I'm not attached to go. $200 Paypal Friends and Family plus actual shipping (per estimate via UPS website ships from Ohio and box will be around 22x16x7) Again, US only.
  11. If you want a more comparable substitution for the Sand Scorcher, take a look at the Kyosho Scorpion line. Still has that cool look (including a front and rear trailing arm suspension) with much better performance to the Sand Scorcher. Would be a step down from the Ultima but definitely a step up from the Scorcher.
  12. The universal will pop out if nothing is done. Mine goes at least once per run. My intention is to add internal limiters to the damper but just havent done it yet. Having said that, I do love running my Monster Beetle.
  13. Right on Saito2. My LHS has contacted Horizon multiple times about the Novafox and Fighting Buggy and is told each time they are discontinued and unavailable to order. I have contacted Amain directly and been told the same. Completely frustrating. Almost went to RCmart for a Fighting Buggy but their total price is nearly $100 more than I expect in the US due to shipping cost.
  14. My last two orders (both kits) came FedEx using the basic shipping. Usually 2 days or less from order to delivery here in Ohio. When I have ordered smaller items, I have seen slower pick & pack and longer delivery times via USPS.
  15. Is that metric or standard hardware? Also, thoughts on the lower links after assembly? Unique design for sure.
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