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  1. I'm having a lot of trouble with some of the new rereleases. I was able to back order the VQS but I reached out about a Novafox and Horizon is saying that it's discontinued. Meanwhile Tamiyausa has them in stock with zero phone support and my LHS is reluctant to use email to communicate (he is pretty old school). There are no real options for me except direct to Tamiyausa which is full MSRP. I'm going to have to push my LHS, but it's a total pain to need to do it just to spend money.
  2. Nice! Just put my first Covid order in fro RC Mart. Good to know it's moving a bit. Have seen significant slowness coming from Europe still.
  3. Matteo just about anything with Tamiya in it. Honorable mention to his brushless Monster Beetle and most of the CC-01 work. This may be my favorite though: https://youtu.be/aE7inhKjrwY
  4. I stupidly sold two that I had and they dried up before I realized I really shouldn't have. Fingers crossed for another run at some point soon!
  5. I have the arch fab bumper. Not installed but very impressive by appearance and packaging alone. Sorry but can't speak to any of the other items.
  6. Not that it was probably help in any way, but see if you can call the usps, provide the tracking number, and inquire as to the delay. Maybe they'll see you are watching and push it along. Snowballs chance in you know where, but the delay is all them and not TBG.
  7. +2 I know lots of folks hate Traxxas but the Stampede would be my choice.
  8. Both manuals report the part number as 9225139. I will note that the Mountain Rider manual shows the tree as including the back glass for the cab where the Bruiser does not (back glass isn't necessary for the Bruiser with the sleeper can attached). I haven't opened my Bruiser so I'm sorry but I can't tell you if the back glass is included in the Bruiser kit or not.
  9. Truck looks great! If you don't expect it to perform like an SCX10, these are great trucks. Enjoy it!
  10. Love the video and love what Kyosho is doing with the Legendary Series. Updated perfectly so they can be run relatively hard but still feel nostalgic. The Scorpion was my first Kyosho product and I was left so impressed that I have added a Turbo Scorpion, Ultima, Optima, Turbo Optima and Javelin. Soon to add a Fantom to the mix. If you don't have one and like vintage cars (who doesn't here!), put any one of them at the top of the list as they do not disappoint!
  11. I don't disagree but what I understand is that especially in Asian markets the kits aren't shrink wrapped. At least at one time they weren't. On another note, I have ordered 2. Yes they are overpriced, but I have an Avante, Avante Black, and Egress. This brings me one step closer to having the collection.
  12. Lol, yes, a little late to the show! I've got one since release. Was a great build, quality is really good. Sadly, I still haven't run the thing yet so I don't know how it runs just yet!
  13. I always wanted a set of the 50calibercustons sets and would love a set of these to go with my Full Option ORV gearbox. But at $250 I'm not sure I can justify the cost. Now on the weekend after some drinks....
  14. Cracking deal indeed! I'm in Ohio. For reference, box will be about 20x10x10. And I'd say 8 lbs or so. Still working on getting it packed so don't have exact yet.
  15. Kit, Motor Plate, Servo Mount, HT Servo Saver, Servo Saver Cap, M Chassis Dampers, Bearings (not pictured). All new and unopened. $185 plus shipping.
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