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  1. Great news. Always thought the green Grasshopper looked very nice. Had a Boomerang and sold it which was silly. Think I have 4 Foxes but, will be nice for spares as I do use my Fox.
  2. PM me the link to the listing, I will gladly help as you have done for me multiple times in the past!
  3. The 54508 Rear Big Bore Damper springs have been out of stock everywhere I have looked since like June or July. They aren't showing discontinued anywhere but anyone have any idea how long they typically disappear for? I have Big Bores for my TD4 but no rear springs.
  4. I got a shipping notice on mine today so sounds like they got at least a few in.
  5. I certainly do not like it as much as the Wild One. But it isn’t too bad. I would maybe drop the number plates off the side. They feel like too much. Was really hoping the next Blockhead would be a Monster Beetle!
  6. I still have a Cougar on backorder with Amain. Crazy thing is that as long as I have have waited on the Cougar, I ordered the Procat when it was announced and that is due at my door tomorrow.
  7. For those that missed the XLS, this should be a great consolation prize! Also a video on YouTube with Cecil. Super happy to see this. https://www.racing-cars.com/news/news283/procat-classic-launched
  8. I bought the Kyosho dampers just after release. They were pretty much the only option at the time. Personally I have not had any leaking issues. One may be just the smallest bit damp down at the mount but it lives on my nightstand and i have not had to clean up any oil. Heavy grease probably helps a bunch on the stock pogo sticks, but where is the fun in that 😉
  9. I too was impressed with the Mini Z 4x4. I was even happier once I added the oil shocks. Much more controlled.
  10. I am certainly curious to see if it works. Someone has to have tried it around here!
  11. Beautiful! Let us know how it runs now! Where is the chassis from?
  12. Kyosho put up an Optima Mid video to youtube that is worth watching:
  13. Heck of a price, congratulations! Check Tamico or RC Mart for the radio. Factor in shipping but may be cheaper overall than anywhere in the states.
  14. This is absolutely the answer here. With the chassis cover in hand you are like 0.01% of the way there to a Beetle project. No need to stop there!!
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