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  1. First shipment is already out at RCMart. I purchased last night but got a note this morning that they do didn't have any more in stock. Was able to order them via LHS at a similar price so no great loss in the end.
  2. Check with MCI racing to see if they can run you a set of decals. Since you have a good sheet I would think they could duplicate it with better coloring?
  3. If anybody here is interested, I would do $150 plus shipping (figure $10 to $20 via USPS) to US addresses. PM me here.
  4. One of my most satisfying purchases was a TNX. One of the early models (not a 5.2r) when monster truck racing was a thing. My previous nitro experiences consisted of a nitro 4tec and Tmaxx. I never had any luck keeping either of them running for long and was always fiddling with something on them. The TNX was a whole different story. Started first time every time I put the starter wand to it. I found it to be so much more satisfying than I expected. Really changed my mind about nitro.
  5. I recently bought an Arrma Infraction from my LHS. My brother was hyping it up and it got me focused on it and I ended up buying it. Got it home, opened the box, then I thought about the fact that I bought a Kraton earlier in the year that has never made it out of the box. I have bought way too much this year so decided one had to go. My son says the Kraton was what interested him so I just sold the Infraction. Good news for me is that the Infraction isn't a Tamiya and they are in short supply so I was able to get my money back less $50 or so. Every time I sell a Tamiya I seem to take at least a 50% haircut. On the other end, I have on multiple occasions sold a car and immediately known that I would buy the same thing again. Talk about wasting money!
  6. I'm not sure the High Lift is the best option with already having a TF2. I enjoy a High Lift but mainly for just putting around the grass or a very light trail. Certainly less capable than a TF2 on the trails but enjoyable in it's own right. I may say the TXT2 or maybe suggest the Kyosho Mad Crusher? Slow it down and you've got a TXT type truck with 1/8 buggy internals that should hold up well. Mad Force axles were used for super size crawlers for a bit and were supposed to be stout.
  7. Anybody notice this on the Top Force listing on RCMart: Pleasenote that this item is on Back Order (Limited Quantity), the next ETA is End November 2019. ETA is subject to change due to manufacturer delays. Back Order Special Offer: Free 1 Set of Tamiya Top-Force 2017 High Capacity Damper Set #47358 Promotion Period: 1/09/2019 – 30/11/2019 http://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-47350-force-2017-p-73602.html Seems like a crazy good deal if this is truly the case.
  8. Plenty of Hop-Ups to make it worth the price! Sorry, US Only. International shipping is just too much to make it worth it. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F233331739550
  9. Was not expecting plastic frame rails. Interesting selection for sure.
  10. I have seen that issue before on the web with Yota 2 axles. Seems like the solution is to helicoil the axle. Another alternative would be to replace the axles with scx10-2 units and JEC racing leaf mounts.
  11. JAnderson from Tamiya did one years ago that was in RC Car Action. Can't remember the year, just remember drooling over it I'm my younger days. You may be able to find info on that?
  12. I really hope this means Losi Re-releases to come. I always had Associated, so never had the chance to experience a (now) vintage Losi. https://www.bigsquidrc.com/gil-losi-jr-returns-to-losi-tlr/
  13. I just picked one up the other day. Got offered a great price and couldn't resist, but worried it's going to blow through $60 of tires every time I have it out. Glad to hear a good review though!
  14. I think the improvements in materials while keeping very true to the originals make the rereleases the choice for sure.
  15. I hate selling kits because I always lose too much money, but as soon as I saw this I started wondering what I could sell to raise some funds. I have a D110 TRX4 and absolutely love that truck. I'll be interested to see how they handle the third locking diff, would be neat (though require new TQ radio features) to lock/unlock all three independently.
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