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  1. I'm assuming whole hog here. Hilux, Monster Racer, Jugg2! Will be let down otherwise 😉 Too bad it's 11 pm pacific. Means 2 am for me. Set an alarm?
  2. Lovely! T2 was my first hobby grade rc. Outfitted wirh a Novak Hammer Pro esc, Reedy 17T motor, and Airtronics radio gear. Sold it for peanuts at one point, sadly. Yours looks good!
  3. Picked up my LMT today. Still waiting on motor and esc which are coming off of backorder.
  4. Arent the stock driveshafts plastic and two piece? Possibly something there and that is why the diff replacement didn't help?
  5. Nothing beats a Clod as far as I'm concerned. Especially with the Black Special out now. Price is good and the color scheme is the best since the original Clod.
  6. I have one on backorder but not as excited as day 1. I have seen reports of broken housing (CCXRC at least) after heavy bashing. I then noticed that if you break a housing you have to buy the complete set, plastics, screws, etc. Losi charges $40 for the rear and $54 for the front! I always felt like kit prices were too high and it appears to carryover to parts too. On the subject of folks being paid to test I am beginning to have a huge problem with Youtube personalities getting these kits early and playing Horizon's hype men (women) to sell kits. I like some of the personalities but I notice there are VERY few negatives pointed out. You dont care about prices when it comes for free. Akin to "Fake News" in the parlance of our times.
  7. Just watched the episode. So great after all these years! Merry Christmas everyone!!
  8. I would be perfectly happy for Team Associated to contract RC10 production to somebody like Jconcepts. Allow them to do new molds, etc. If Associated doesn't want to do it to satisfy the market then let someone else jump in. Heck, Jconcepts are producing liscensed Associated bodies and plenty of hop-ups for the classic cars. Not too far of a step.
  9. Juggernaut 2 TXT-1 King Blackfoot Hilux Monster Racer Hilux All are a must buy for me.
  10. Sorry that happened but don't understand how you could possibly be upset after considering their offered remedy. They are sending you a new VQS kit (which is apparently so expensive that there are multiple threads complaining about its cost) plus your kit, and eventually the parts to repair because it was damaged in shipping through no fault of their own. Sounds like they are doing a lot to keep a customer.
  11. Is it overpriced, yes. Did I buy one, yes. Why? Because i wanted the experience. Did i pay too much? Probably.
  12. RC Kicks is reporting these are no longer on the Schumacher website. Not sure that means they are going away but a heads up I guess. Its a shame as the Masaki build his just getting uploaded which may spur more interest.
  13. I never heard anything more about it. I have even emailed MIP a couple of times with no indication this got beyond the investigation phase. @Pintopower hasn't been around in a while but i believe he is still doing Shapeways and YouTube videos.
  14. Happy Birthday Bash! Its my birthday today too!
  15. Ordered a trailer from Tower Hobbies. They have the 56302 box trailer at 25% off so i went ahead and did it.
  16. It is going to Tamiya after all, i can't imagine they are going to break the thing and send it back that way. Sounds like the rep is genuinely trying to help going as far as offering the prepaid tag to get it there. Having said that, if you remove the wheels and tires, it would pack the triangle drive hubs and pins in a baggie so they don't get loose in the box. Run the wheelnuts back on flush with the end of the axle to prevent thread damage. If you are really concened about parts coming back missing/broken, take good pics before you ship it and compare when it comes back.
  17. Ive reached kit saturation and am going to put the brakes on in 2021. I have 2x VQS coming my way, an LMT, and going to order a Fighting Buggy. After that, going to try to take a break from new kits for a bit and actually do some builds. I have even sold two recently: an SMT10 kit that will be replaced by the LMT and an RC10T6. Possibly another 1 or 2 to go.
  18. So... who is going to try the Brat body like junkmunki did below? I just might. Dare i say that it does hide the hose that appears to have started such a fuss. 😉
  19. Tamiya USA seems to have these all in stock. I think you want 53539 for the spacer and 9804526 for the bushing. Not sure on the screw and bolt. I would suggest checking my numbers against the manual though to be sure. Tamiya USA has the manual for download, just search Wild One and check the show discontinued box to see it.
  20. Thats the ticket Lee! You and i may be cut from the same cloth. Your best bet is to buy another kit and start that, always works for me.
  21. I believe the seller sicnmeproducts on ebay was selling these at some point recently. May be worth reacking out and checking? I dont have any of their stuff so cannot vouch for the quality.
  22. Does anyone know if RC Mart requires upfront payment on back-orders? Worried this is going to turn out like the current batch of Nova Fox and Buggy Champ in the US where I can't get it from any major retailers so considering securing at least one from RC Mart.
  23. Im a sucker for jewelry. What are those for and where from?
  24. Interesting thing on this one, Tamiya USA shows an msrp of $424. The current batch of Buggy Champ has an msrp of $513. Now we know retail will be less than those amounts but by how much I wonder? Possible we actually see a price drop to other srb kits? Or just Tamiya USA hasn't updated the msrp (most likely).
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