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  1. Hi all, I'm looking to restore my old and battered TB-01, haven't touched the thing in years, but recently butchered me m-03 to get it running RWD and it's still a hoot. But the original joints and wheel axle's are worn beyond recognition So i need: 2 sets of gearbox joint's (long and short) 2 sets of wheel axle's and one set of 39mm drive shafts. The list of cars that uses these is endless, TA-02, M cars, even the odd KBF, Thanks in advance!
  2. I have three powermac g4's, a 500, 400 and a 733. The ' daily runner windtunnel' 500 is currently set up with 1.5 g of ram, 3 HD's (620 G total) and a ATI radeon 9000 pro. , the other two are used for simple networking/servers etc. Still, i'm selling them all to upgrade to a nice dual g5, those are just that bit more faster. (and I love the design) The 8-core xeon's are just brilliant, as a graphic designer i use them in the studio were I work, absolutely great workstations. But horribly expensive. I did like all those games and apps on me old XP pc (my pc these days is a dedicated rebirth machine now ), but is true, the simplicity, design and easyness of mac make's you never look back. And then you go out and buy a playstation/xbox/Wii or whatever (man I MISS colin mcrea rally, so PS2 or xbox for me )
  3. thnx, they really have something, and that chomey clod, I can't wait!!!
  4. clods are great, but one is never enough... here's my stock bullhead: stocker 2: stocker 3(shelf) and my racer (TTR style): some other B.T.T.'s: my juggernaut/txt hybrid my txt: I like the massiveness and the drama of a clod, and straight axle action.
  5. wow thnx for the replies! 39mm are on order, thnx a bunch!
  6. no use a silicon sealant for your servo, good luck
  7. thanks for the swift reply WillyChang, but would 42 mm fit then? Because stellamodels also offers those (and uhm, do not offer any CVD's for TA-04 etc
  8. Hi all, maybe a dumb question, but CVD's for me old TB-01 aren't that readily available anymore. In stock form it uses the 9805368 gb joint L, and 9805368 for Gb short, the 50883's as dogbones and 50823 for wheel axle's. Thanks in prohabition!
  9. thnx, those HPI's are readily available, so that's great. I use a lexan lid, so the wobbling will be fine. I'll post some pics when I'm done! cheers!
  10. hey welcome! have fun with the build! A few tips: Replace the anti-rotation bracket with an aluminium one, as the stock one's tend to break pretty fast. It's a cheap replacement though After that your clod will be virtually bombproof. Also, try to go for axle mounted steering servo's after a while, as the servo-savers in the stock set-up have a lot of slop. With a little alu bracket and a larger servo saver you will be just fine. As for an ESC. look for the higher BEC specifications (3 amp 6volts) as most clodowners will run 4ws with 2 servo's. also, dual 540's draw twice as much, so look around for ESC's which are around 30-35 amps for stock silvercans. I use an superrooster, which handles everything I can throw at it Motors, the old 550 magnetic mayhems where perfect for stock clods, but those aren't made anymore, but look for torque rather then turns. Cheers and have a great time bouncing around!
  11. that thing flies! err... circles! Nice vids there mate, thnx for sharing!
  12. cool truck! That chassis is that an ESP? very nice!
  13. Hey guys, I'm currently finishing my modclod, but wondering what to use as bodymounts? and were to get them? I'm using a TTR rage style chassis, so I need mounts like this: as seen on this ripper. thnx!
  14. i've read that the nose is too low. Will fit the m02 though because of the monoshock layout. its a 208mm wheelbase, qoute from takotuning.com: The Sunny Coupe is another detail monster from ABC. The grill alone has three options. You get two different decals for the grill and you can also chose the emblem that goes in the center of the grill. The third option is to mount the separate Lexan grill piece that adds depth to the front of the body. Now the separate grill requires some painting skills, but that doesnt ruin the fun as you can use the grill decals until you are ready to mount the Lexan grill Some of the other features include lexan light buckets, front and rear optional bumpers, and a rear spoiler. This body is a direct fit for the Genetic chassis, but the low bonnet causes problems with the M03. This body has the correct wheel base, but you will have to get your M03 low to the ground and come up with you own body mounts if you want to mount the Coupe on a M03. I looked at my own m03, is seems fairly easy to convert it to mono-shock with some small alu. cantilevers, I say go for it cheers! edit: BB-code typed wrong
  15. Ouch some less nice story's here too I got into it at a fairly young age, 9 or 10 i think? As I mostly broke my toy rc cars beyond repair, me dad was advised to buy me a kit toy car at our toy-store, (which also sold tamiya at that point), so we could replace the broken parts instead. Which sounded to my dad as a very good idea, as I was always very sad when my toy r/c cars broke (one every 2 years or so) It was a grasshopper 2 with accoms radio gear, and a tamiya 1400 NiCad (that battery lasted years!) Which was so cheap it was marginally more expensive than a toy-car. I can remember very vividly getting it, me dad telling me that I had build it, like lego, and I could repair it myself! I was overjoyed! The building was also great, me dad was stunned at the size, he never expected it to be so big, and I never expected it to be so fast! Me mates nikko's were nowhere! Still, it required a lot of lawn-mowing to keep it running . (snapped the front-suspension... oh, 7 times I think?) The best bit about my parents is their enormous sense of humor, I was raised with a lot of laughs Later at the age of 13 I got into faster buggies, and eventually monster-trucks. The grasshopper is the only kit that was given to me though, but they gave me a great hobby and a lot of friends with it too. My parents still take interest in my tamiya's. I bought a lill' m03 mini a few weeks ago, (second new kit I ever owned, I always bought second hand ones) they still like to look at my handy work as it is finished . My dad never got into it though. Instead he always stole my souped up mopeds to cruise around. His attic is still FULL of my r/c's though, I still have a lot of them, but never complains. My mother thinks I'm the cutest nerd around at 26 years old.
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