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  1. Hello T Monkey.. :-) Now thats what I call great fun with a Sand Scorcher in box art !! (xb body its perfect for that job!!) I did exactly tha same thing with mine. :-) Beach its their natural enviroment and all these years I can not imagine an SS being anywere else than on a beach ... Iam glad you use it as it should...! About the bumper..I thought these were so fragile that will never survive such a jump... good to hear it was not broken and as you said they are so cheap..imagine to buy a Black SRB bumper for 10usd...it was a dream some years ago....
  2. Wow..!!! ,,Now I see why you have a bent rear axle...! :-) How is the front bumper holding..?? There is a reason why they call it "Sand Scorcher" ..I think a beach is a better place to have fun with it mate... If you have one near you at least... Cheers..!
  3. Hi.! Having restored more than 20 vintage SRBs and Super Champs..I must point out that I have found many bent rear axles in many of them...I still have 6 or 7 bent axles in a bag somewere... I supose the problem was the same back in the day and I thought Tamiya had improve the strength of them as they did in other areas on the re-re SRBs. Better to buy some cheap re-re axles as spares instead of spending in the vinatge axle that some others may bid high in order to restore a vintage Buggy. Cheers.!
  4. Sorry to say but the re-re Bruiser body is a High-Lift Hilux body with an extra re-designed rear bed to make it a Bruiser.Not like the old one-piece rear bed.So there are no old stamps inside. Also the front bed has the extra holes of the HighLift for side steps and right side mirror ,so, the new Bruiser decal sheet gives you some small decals to cover them with.Also has the holes for front side signals. Rear bed is exactly the same as HighLift again with holes for rear lights. Realy it was very easy for Tamiya to create a Bruiser body since HighLift is in production. One good thing you can get from the re-re and is the same as the vintage Bruiser/Mountaineer are the very rare until now plastic bumpers and interiors.Unfortunatly the Mirror is not the old style but looks old style not like HighLift's one.The windsheils is not black like Highlifts but tinted so its better but you can see its not like the old one. I think Tamiya will have an easy job to introduce a Mountaineer which is basicaly a re-re Bruiser chassis with HighLift body and Mountaineer style decals. Hope I was a bit helpfull...:-) Cheers...
  5. The correct timing sometimes is unbelievable..!! It felt good today when I saw your photos...:-) I was amazed that I bought it since I bid only with a price limit of a re-re Bruiser.I think it was also due for it being listed with shipment for Europe only.Comes with a great stand for it also,,:-) .. I think more great examples of vintage Bruiser will appear in the future in good prices due to the re-re... Let see what the future with Mr.Tamiya is holding us...I just started reading his book and I feel like I have met him allready... Cheers..!
  6. Was this Bruiser build by a TC member..?? Its funny..I have not seen it until now...and some days ago when I bought it from the bay...:-) ...It cost less than the re-re and the listing said new build..I am still waiting for it to arrive and the reason I bought it was this great looking white body..Looks like flat white,, Another great color for my taste is a red one I have seen in the vintage Tamiya Bruiser video,,Red with blue stickers looks cool also.... On a side note..Have you seen there are allready two listing at Ebay for the re-re Bruiser from HK for more than 24hours now and only two sold from the 6 available...lets see how it goes... Cheers,,,!!!
  7. Hi.! The parts are from the Bruiser/Mountaineer suspension setup and maybe only the metal bracket will worth a sale since these plastic parts are the same with the re-re Bruiser's and have a buck value anyway. Cheers.! Thanos
  8. Hi,, I have the small Tamiya you mention that were released for the Tyrrell 6wheeler Formula..but its a NiCd so it will age sooner than a NiMh..your other choise is a 6V which will be slow..I found this one this one http://www.fusionhobbies.com/Carson-7-2v-N...ck-p/c55059.htm Has good reviews and a brand name.. if you find any other idea let us know..!! :-) Cheers, Thanos
  9. Hi..! That video was fantastic...!! A new Bruiser ready to be build with no moral issues...! :-) Have you notice that the body set is actualy a High-Lift body which initialy was a Mountaineer modified body to accept leds etc...and the rea cab now comes as a separate part.. So, we can either build the Bruiser body or build a Mountaineer with onlt a roll bar and a decal set.! Not so bad idea after all... Cheers
  10. Are you sure.?? What about the SS body sets as spare part set,,dont they have to supply the market for some time ,,its all stock..?? Also I dont see the logic if they have stopped the SS shell production of not filling these agly extra holes for the Blitzer..? I think they produce them both right now... From day one of re-re SS body production it has the side holes for Monster Beetle and Blitzer chassis marked inside ,also the sunroof has the Blitzer's antenna hole filled half way.. Iam only guessing ...! :-) but I dont see a logic pattern other than Tamiya is helping us for the future days to come (when the white bodies again disapear) that we can use the Black shell for an SS chassis without the need of drilling :-) (as it was in the good old days)......... Cheers....
  11. Tamiya was busy re-realezing the realeses.It must be re-released to be improved...We have to wait for it to become vintage...
  12. Sorry but I will disappoint you...The TOYOTA badge is for the tails gate lettering..No windsheild lettering this time only the a sun blocker sticker...I prefer this since it will help finish the look of the gate which was allways a problem.....:-) I also see four square blue stickers and a round one,,propably to cover the extra holes on the front cab used in High-lift for side bars and the passenger mirror hole....?? Also the "4wd" sticker for the side fender is missing.??
  13. Chassis is fantastic..!! Black looks so much better ,,like the real thing..! Have you noticed that the radio box's main body still has the opening for the resistors at the back..?? It will be a direct fit to the old chassis..About the windsheild ,I am not sure if its lite tinted or not...these photos dont help... I must admit that Tamiya did it right this time and to my eyes its exaclty what I would expect for a 2012 Bruiser. I have to start saving asap.!!! :-) :-)
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