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  1. the entire thing? you may as well buy the kit just for the savings and spare parts. if you really want to pick through the parts list piece by piece just go to kyosho's site and download the instruction manual. the #s are all nicely indexed and drawn. enjoy your build :)
  2. the cap is fake?! the cap is fake. kyosho, you smeg. sorry OP.
  3. the gold is just a scaled up red that adds a top cap. the greater volume and top diaphragm makes tuning more forgiving and proper pressurizing less tedious of a task. the reds look slightly better to me. they're more scale if the anodizing is stripped off and a short spring is used on the rear. other than that, golds are far superior.
  4. you mean, rere reds compared to original gold? or rere compared to rere?
  5. BardsDirge

    Ultima pro tires

    the original ultima wheels are 1.9 diameter. frog/hornet tires are way to tight. the axles are 4mm so you can change the fronts to any rim just by fitting a bearing with an inner diameter off 4mm or change the front axle to 5mm with a CRP kit on ebay.
  6. the gears from a rere ultima, and even rere optima, will fit an original ultima just fine. you need to go all or nothing though as the gears are of different pitch and slightly different diameter.
  7. you never know when you might need a mono-shock chassis for a hardbody project. let the little girl dance. she's no optima mid but she's well balanced and very forgiving.
  8. ...uhmmm... the biggest buggy wheels back then were 1.9" and i believe the raider had smaller rear wheels; even the pro. a full set of ultima re-re front & rear rims and tires will certainly work but tamiya sets will run cheaper and only require a different front bearing to fit. i don't know where 4x11mm are now but we had them back then. tower didn't have them... hmmm... OP, ignore my ***. just get ultima re-re front & rear rims and tires. i'm being stupid. time = $$$ anyway so take the easy route.
  9. outrage is an ultima basically. anything you see people putting on their short ultimas will fit about the same. ...except the cool vintage narrow rail buggy, of course.
  10. it was ahead of it's time really. back then we raced on loose dirt that demanded rear motor and 'longway' batteries for weight transfer. on today's indoor carpet tracks you'll outshine other vintage economy buggies. put kyosho gold shocks, or any modern 4"rear/3"front shocks on her and stiffen up the articulation with ball-end turnbuckles everywhere. ball bearings are all 4x8 & 5x10mm IIRC. i forget the diff size. if the shafts are worn from the previous owner running without bearings you can increase the diameter back up to stock with a drop of super thin super glue.
  11. BardsDirge

    my little mini

    super alta ! my 1st real r/c
  12. it will bother pro racers but it would make an awesome club racer. of course kyosho will ruin that niche by charging to much for it.
  13. how short were the mf-01x chassis that people cobbled together for WW jeeps? they were shorter than the standard 210, i thought...?
  14. i bet this is a preview of how they'll do the Ultima wing as well.
  15. which, if any, of the m kits can be set up short enough to fit a 190-200mm wheelbase body?
  16. thank you for putting real builds in the 'builds' section. everything you post discourages fools from showing us all the new anodized colors they got from ebay. you're the greatest! :)

    AND i learned that the brat body's true wheelbase is 245mm.

  17. BardsDirge

    Kyosho ultima

    yes. the new red shocks on the optima re-re are the same as the old reds on your Ultima.
  18. i've never seen anything like that. in thinking who produced this i'm ignoring the kyosho can. kyosho did mount bodies in that style in the past though. the slight blue tint to the plastic also looks just like what was used on 2003-ish 'Ultima's. maybe it really is kyosho?
  19. Yeah so, i just now clicked 'submit' on my brand new LAN WiFi Axxe buggy purely because i needed to secure the iReceiver before they all disappeared. it's not bad. it's far from ugly. it doesn't really fit my collection though. i'm afraid it's doomed to sit around on my shelf looking like a typical RTR attempt at 'scale' by putting bars all over a plastic. come to think of it, upon typing that i realize the Axxe/SandMaster is a perfect summary of this post-traxxas era isn't it? crank out a cheap chassis that doesn't need to be efficient. put a 22turn or hotter motor in it so it can drag race with a 27turn and shout victory. change the body... now i've depressed myself. ANYWAY, has anyone here done anything interesting with this chassis? i'd like to do more then cannibalize it for its wheels, hubs and carriers when the Ultima re-re finally happens. that seems to be where i'm headed though.
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