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  1. Any recommendations for adhesives to repair/strengthen battery box? Was thinking of using epoxy resin but unsure if there is something more suitable. Cheers
  2. Cheers Percymon for all the leads. Think i'll sort out bearings and mounting hardware out initially as i'm detailing all items needed whilst dissasembling. I can see hubs are going to be the big problem, and suspect re-re hubs would not be an option given the lack of a diff in the vintage. Perhaps the entire axle could be replaced, but again suspect not.
  3. About to embark upon Hilux restoration and wondered if anyone that has done this before can provide details of recommended sources for parts. Here is the current list I have, and some sources I've been able to track down: Front free-wheeling/lockable wheel hubs Universal joints Stainless steel hardware Gearbox mount grommets Front/rear bumpers - http://www.radshaperc.com/product/tamiya-hi-lux--bull-bar-with-loop Ball races 4 x 22mm o x 8mm i x 7mm w (2RS bearings) 13 x 11mm o x 5mm i x 3.9mm w 11 x 10F-8mm o x 5mm i x 4mm w (MF85ZZ) Shims 6.5-6mm o x 5mm i x 0.5mm w 32P 10T Pinion - http://mardave.co.uk/pinions/32dp-pinions/example-product.html Servo control arms - victor101car Given that I no longer have the MSC, plan on using ESC with LIPO's and would welcome any recommendations. From previous posts, I can see the following suggested: TEU- 302 ESC Modelsport RV-12 Sniper Assault Also need motor, so again any recommendations welcome. Thanks in anticipation!
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