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  1. Hobbimaster

    Traxxas Blazer!!!!!

    I just received my orange and white Blazer this week, its pretty amazing to look at. It may not be 100% accurate to scale, but so what? Its scale looking enough to me. Anyone old enough to remember the Chevy Blazer will recognize this truck. My plan is to run it on 3s lipo, and add the LED light kit when it becomes available. Yes, the shell is indeed lexan, so no hard bodies here. I suppose it would be easy enough to fit one up if desired. Traxxas used the same TRX-4 platform as with their other crawler rigs, with those portal axles your seeing on more of in other manufactures kits. My only gripe is Traxxas is still using those cheap little mirco servos for the 2 speed transmission, and diff lockouts. But Amain hobbies has some steel geared, digital ones, that are supposed to drop right in.
  2. Hobbimaster

    Traxxas Xmaxx

    I will give it a shot. The Xmaxx is huge, will scare small children, and woodland creatures! Your going to leave deep gouges in your lawn! I guess that's about it really. Seriously, the Xmaxx and TXT are worlds apart. I have had a green Xmaxx for about 2 years now, and have only replaced the rear drive cups due to wear. But, I beat on this truck regularly, and its probably the most durable R/C I have ever owned. It can and will run over anything in its path, I have even seen videos of guys running these things across ponds with paddle tires. Do I regret buying a Xmaxx? not a chance!
  3. Hobbimaster

    Lunchbox diff and motor

    The Technigold would be a good choice, but even though it is 21t and so is a Super Stock, they are not the same. The Technigold is rated at 19,000 rpm and a Super Stock is 26,500 rpm. The magnets in the modern motors are much more stronger. That being said, its up to you if you want to run the Technigold. I just put my NIB Technigold in my Boomerang to liven it up a bit, and it did not disappoint. It runs very cool with a bit more power, close to today's GT tuned motors.
  4. Hobbimaster

    Lunchbox diff and motor

    I used a Tamiya Super Stock BZ 21t motor in my Black Lunchie with a TBLE-02s and it ran just fine. It was quite quick, and I had a hard time keeping the front wheels on the ground. Not to mention I had to glue the rear tires to the wheels since they were slipping way too much. I can't imagine wanting something fast than a Super Stock motor.
  5. Hobbimaster

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    Yes, its been discontinued for about 2 year now. At one time they could not give them away; Places like Stormer Hobbies were selling them for $170, I bought a few of them. But now that that they are in low supply, people are selling them for crazy amounts from $500 to $1500 on eBay. The RC10 Classic even more $$$
  6. Hobbimaster

    Shipping prices from HK to US

    I'm in south Florida, and order from Stella, Rcmart, and Tamico all the time. Tamico is in Germany, and sometimes has even better pricing than Rcmart. They use DHL shipping, and its typically a flat $40 fee. Kits usually arrive in 7-10 days, where as Stella, and Rcmart can take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive. If your not in a hurry Rcmart, and Stella are great. All of these online shops take pay-pal, and there are no taxes of any kind.
  7. Hobbimaster

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release!

    Scanning through evilbay last night, and spotted Kyosho America selling the TO direct. I can only assume it has arrived on U.S shores. I would have snatched one up, but pre-ordered with Tower, and the member discount is too good.
  8. Hobbimaster

    Nicd battery charge current

    2 amps should be safe for those. Years ago when I raced, no more than 2.5x capacity was typical for NiCad/NiMh charging.
  9. Hobbimaster

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release!

    Another Avante? Sounds like the Turbo might have a leg up on that decision. Not sure where your located, but if your in the U.S. and order from Tower Hobbies, the Turbo is only $309 after the discounts. I also have the Re Optima, but the Turbo has enough differences that make it an improved version, especially in the looks department.
  10. Hobbimaster

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release!

    This is great news! Pre-ordered one with membership code. Must be getting close, 2-3 were on Ebay from Japanese sellers.
  11. Hobbimaster

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release!

    Yes it was, and I suppose those 24k gold Trinity motors would look real nice with the Turbo's gold chassis too....
  12. Hobbimaster

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release!

    Anybody see the Trinity 170mm gold sensor wire #TEP1178? Its like it was made specifically for the Kyosho Turbo Optima. I've started per-ordering my electronics, paint ect, to have it all ready to go once the Turbo hits the shops.
  13. Hobbimaster

    2011 Avante with brushless?

    This should give you an idea of what motor to look for going brushless. Otherwise a Tamiya Super Stock motor will drop straight in, and give more speed than the GT tuned, but is still brushed.
  14. Hobbimaster

    Help with Re-Re Tamiya FROG.

    When you built it, did you use both springs in the front suspension? How about the rear dampers, can you compress both equally? It is hard to diagnose something like this without seeing exactly what it is doing. I have even had a bad servo that was not centering correctly. I would trim it to go straight, and the car would take off in the other direction.