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  1. FYI, Tamiya Frog universal shaft set #53908 can be used on the Wild One. While its not necessary at all, I added this to my Blockhead WO as an option part.
  2. If you look at Kyosho Japan's web sight, it lists several of the "legendary series" kits as undecided. Its been this way for several months now. While I'm not suggesting Kyosho is ending the series, it would seem they may be determining if the demand is still there, and there is a slow down in economic conditions around the globe. I've noticed even the mighty Traxxas has started discounting their overpriced RTR models, which they have never done this before. I personally wanted to build a new Kyosho Javelin kit, but none were available. Managed to source a Optima kit from Tamico and all the necessary conversion parts to build my Javelin. Tamiya seems to make batches of "special edition" cars now to peek interest, and once their sold out, those are gone too.
  3. I would have to say chances are yes to another batch of Bigwig's. The Boomerang is on its 3th, or 4th re-release. Egress, Green Grasshopper, Black Avante, NovaFox, all in a rotation.
  4. I too was holding out for a Turbo Ultima kit. But after Kyosho put out the video with Joel Johnson recreating his Turbo Ultima with a parts list of hop ups used, I realized they did this so anyone can make their own Turbo Ultima using new hop ups.
  5. I've noticed Kyosho has also push back their restock of kits, most are August-October now. Been wanting another Tomahawk kit since the first of the year, but just no luck in the States.
  6. Tamiya has gone down the "new design" route before with the failed 2013 DB02 Leonis. Unfortunately, This new TD4 Super Astute seems to have even less appeal than the DB02 did. At least the DB02 was based off the TRF race kits from that time period. This TD4 is not something a Tamiya collector, or a racer will want. Still I'd get one, to bash on if the price was right just to see how it performs. Its just not a shelf queen type of kit.
  7. 100% agree! While I'm a life long fan of Tamiya, Kyosho just did their re-releases right. Metal diff gears, slipper clutch's, all made for today's motors, and batteries. Comes at a higher price, but well worth it over all plastic kits, with 1980's technology.
  8. You are going to have to replace the gears, and understand there is no slipper clutch. Going from "reverse to full throttle" only once will destroy the gears.
  9. Thread lock every screw that goes into metal! When I built mine, I strictly followed the manual. The first light run resulted in the set screws that held the front suspension arms on all loosening up, even though plenty of torque was applied.
  10. That's about what I run in my Tamiya's, 2800kv-3200kv range. When the OP said hot brushless system, I was thinking 6000kv+ range.
  11. IMO, If you want to run a hot brushless set-up, unfortunately its not going to be in a Tamiya re-release. Most do not have proper slipper clutches, and gearbox's that are not designed to handle the extra power over a simple Tamiya Super Stock 21t brushed motor. It would be best to look at something Kyosho has re-released. All kits have slipper clutches, fully ball raced, sintered metal gears, and are updated, and marketed as brushless, lipo ready out of the box. I do have some Tamiya kits running brushless, but all are very conservative as to not stress the drive trains, or to impede the superb handling of 80's suspension technology.
  12. I did this to mine, but ultimately ended up with the box stock Fox suspension settings. Its 100x times better than the NovaFox settings. Tamiya severely limits the suspension travel just to include the front sway bar. With the older Fox settings the whole car just sits right, and is super plush now. It only requires removal of all the limiting metal spacers, and a piston swap. I believe I also had to unscrew the steering ball cups a few turns since the suspension will be getting full travel now.
  13. My only suggestion is try to buy a system with multiple memory slots for adding more models. We all say only one R/C will do, but then it grows to two, three.....or 20 by next Christmas.
  14. FYI, MIP makes upgraded ball diffs for the Hot Shot series of cars. I used them on a Big Wig project and are fantastic. But you must remember these vintage chassis can only be pushed so far. Since there is no slipper clutch, and limited gearing choices, a 10.5 brushless motor is about all you can safely run without melt down. If you want something vintage that can sort of run with the new stuff, why not look at a Kyosho re-re? Turbo Optima, Javelin....and the holly grail, Optima mid is being released in a few months.
  15. I have used the Tommy body. The back of the body lines up well, body mount lines up like stock, but the front has to be fitted before painting to get it right. I kinda wish Kyosho would just re-release the actual Turbo Ultima body with the decals.
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