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  1. Tamiya USA is the importer to the states from Japan. TUSA will get the kits first, then distribute them to the various vendors across the states. You should see the Novafox show up soon at other places such as Amain hobbies, possibly Horizon, Planet R/C, and RPP hobbies.
  2. Tower did have it the last release, that's where I bought mine from a few years ago. If I remember correctly, with coupon codes, I paid around $150 for it. Maybe send TH customer service a message, and ask if they will be getting in the new batch. I don't see why not since they have had every release so far. Otherwise, RCmart would be my next stop.
  3. I'm undecided, I may go ahead and get the gold shocks and carbon towers, but plan on leaving the gear diff for ease of maintenance. Also with Kyosho's release history, I'm thinking a Turbo Ultima may be on the horizon. The Turbo Ultima has essentially all the hop ups......decisions, decisions.
  4. I would love to see Kyosho put an upgrade package together for a "Joel Johnson works kit". I just priced the gold dampers, carbon towers, and yellow wheels alone at $160 usd. By the time you add a body, tires, sway bar kit, its over $200......and still more to get if you follow the complete list in the video.
  5. Tamiya USA already has stock. So not long now for other regions.
  6. You really need both! I have them, will not get rid of either. Totally different designs, both good runners. I will just say the TF is more race worthy, and has more hop-ups, but in stock trim a real fun kit to drive. Throw in a Avante, and you have all the best 4wd vintage cars Tamiya has ever offered.
  7. Yep, the front of the body looks too long. Its hanging off the front of the chassis. When I first saw this, I thought it was a joke. The body looks like it belongs on a boat with that wide window screen, and weird rear fins. Not a fan for sure.
  8. Same thing happened to my rere Sand Scorched body. It started to crack right in the back, under the metal spring/bar mount. I was lucky to see the crack forming before it got really bad. I was able to CA glue it from the inside for a repair, and it was barely visible from the outside. Sold it off in short order. If I can't remove the body to charge the battery without worrying about it cracking more, whats the point?
  9. I have never understood why some Tamiya kits have precut decals and masks, and others do not. A basic grasshopper, and Lunchie are cut out, but a more expensive kit will not. IMO, there is no reason today for them not to be. Some Mfg's even have the bodies cut out, ready for paint and decal as you like.
  10. I think Tamiya looks at things through the eyes of a model making company. While we can only guess as to what kits have sold most, we simply just don't know. The Clod is the original monster truck, and always will be. You can practically build a whole clod out of after market parts alone, that says a lot about support, and love for the model. I'm sure the refreshed re-releases help when the sales figures begin to flatten out., and why not? I happen to like the color variations of the grasshopper, lunch box, and now clod. I happen to have a chrome clod on the way as I type, why? I don't know, just happen to like the all black chassis and shiny body. I think it was spurred on by the new black clod. Gotta be different right?
  11. Not surprised, concerts, and sporting events are all being affected. Zombie apocalypse soon to follow, lol!
  12. Back when I raced we use to fully discharge NiMh's, and also place them on a balance board before charging to get each cell perfectly balanced to take a full charge. Today's packs are usually assembled stick packs, so balancing is out of the question. Today, I do not totally discharge anything. I just run my packs, charge them then use method. I do not leave them fully charged either. Seems to be working fine in my case.
  13. I will always bring some sort of RC with me on trips. It all depends on where we are going at the time, some times a street car, or 2wd buggy. At a minimum if luggage space is tight, there is always room for a mini-Z.
  14. Yes, the towers and top plate are a composite now, would have liked at least fiberglass plates. The steering bellcranks are secured through the top plate now.
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