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  1. Hobbimaster

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    The rear end will definitely touch the ground, the front will stop about 2-3mm before touching terra firma. Possibly moving the bottom of the shock out to the next hole on the a-arms will achieve the bottomed out effect if desired.
  2. Hobbimaster

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    These DF03's drop right on after sorting the length, and the spring rates (medium) provided with the shocks are perfect. I build my kit with a Tamiya BZ motor, with stock gearing, and was quite surprised in its speed.
  3. Hobbimaster

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    The optional DF03 dampers listed in the manual are a must have IMO. The stock dampers are rubbish when running this wonderful model. These DF03 shock shafts are quite a bit longer, so it took some trial and error to get the length right. If I remember correctly, the rear damper gets the long plastic spacer (5-7mm?) provided on the parts tree included with the shocks. And the front I had to use 2 black rubber o-rings, plus another 4mm worth of spacers, all included with the DF03 dampers.
  4. Hobbimaster

    Do I want a truck???

    Same here, except it was a Mountaineer. Scale kits are great, but not very durable. They are best suited for shelf duty, and maybe occasional living room romps, but that does get old.
  5. geniusanthony, I'll give my travel (Spektrum here) adjustment a go. I don't have 4 wheel steering, but will most likely drop that in next.
  6. If I had to do it all over again, I would just stick with the stock dampers, or just find some without the reserve tanks on the dampers. The stock dampers will be fine with clod, or renegade tires. I guess the rubbing is not like its the end of the world, but it does rub enough to bother me
  7. Nice build! I too build one of these a few months back. I installed ball bearings straight away, and found Tamiya USA still had some of the optional aluminum dampers Item# 54472. I also opted for TXT-1 wheels, and Jconcepts Firestorm tires, but will caution that the tires do rub the reserve tank on the aluminum shock bodies at full lock. I may go back to the original tires. Also I could go back to the plastic CVA dampers too to solve the rub issue, but those aluminum dampers look too sweet on this truck.
  8. Hobbimaster

    New red edition Lunchbox on the way 47402

    Nice, never thought of an all white one, may have to build one of those too.
  9. Hobbimaster

    New red edition Lunchbox on the way 47402

    I immediately ordered the red CW-01 chassis, and red D parts. I want this to be like the Blue edition that was out a few years ago. I wonder why Tamiya did not take that extra step like they did with the blue one?
  10. Hobbimaster

    New red edition Lunchbox on the way 47402

    Modelsport has the estimated arrival on May 14th. I'm wondering if Rcmart, or Stella models typically receive their allotment first? Looking to pre-order this kit
  11. Hobbimaster

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release!

    Seems the Optima, Javelin, Turbo Optima, and Optima Pro all used the same chassis. From the limited pics here, looks like sway bars, gold colored dampers, tire diameter, and of course the body are the only major differences.
  12. Hobbimaster

    New red edition Lunchbox on the way 47402

    Just took a peek over at TamiyaBlog at this red LB. Not sure what to think, I do have all the other colors, but not really liking this one. But then again chances are I will pick up one of these.
  13. Good question, I would definitely buy one. I picked up a Tamiya Fire Dragon re-release a few years ago, but would have preferred a Terra Scorcher any day of the week. While IMO, the Dragon has one of the strangest looking bodies, it does drive really well. I can see the desire for a Terra Scorcher, but there is no doubt the Avante series stole some of its popularity. Maybe we will see a TS re-released sometime in the near future.
  14. Hobbimaster

    Boomerang VS Super Hotshot

    Are you racing? Or is this a just for fun build? If your vintage racing, I would try to sway you to a Top Force instead. Its a great deal better in performance than any of the Hot Shot series. That being said, Yes, the Boomerang is much easier to work on, and has good handling. Another option is a BigWig which comes with full bearings, and a GT tuned motor. Not to mention it has the 4 CVA shocks already. It has the Shot gearbox's, and open style chassis like the Boomerang, and a sealed steering rack. Its not as light as the Boomer, but not as heavy as a Super Hot Shot either. Or you can get one of each.......problem solved
  15. Hobbimaster

    Silver Bullet Super Hotshot Build

    You don't need MIP ball diffs right off the bat. I have a set of MIP diff's built up ready to go in one of my shot's, but have yet needed to. I run a 13.5T brushless in my SS, and have yet to experience any drive train issues. Also the Super Hotshot comes fully ball raced.......