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  1. Seems they are only making batches as needed these days. Looks like the Top Force, and Manta Ray are discontinued again. Probably will be more to go by the wayside soon. As for the Wild Willy, and Wild One, seems they are still available, just out of stock. Did you try Tamico, Rcmart, Stellamodels?
  2. That is how all pan cars behave, unless you have a pristine surface forget about it. IMO that is why 1/12th scale, and even F1 are not as popular as they could be. You cannot run them down the street like a touring car, which that is limited to street surface as well. An offload buggy with street tires can run anywhere, heck most people just leave on the knobby tires and hit the streets. I use to have a F201, while I did enjoy it, no one else had one, so it was more of a novelty in the end. While Tamiya had a great idea, none of the other Mfg's jumped on board to make it a real class of cars.
  3. Ultima 2019?? Its now mid August, not many months away till the holidays, not even a pre-order in sight. Kyosho has a history of delays, this may be a 1st quarter release. Ultima 2020.
  4. I have a re-re that is in stock trim, it runs just fine. I think people are running into issues when they upgrade the motor. However, I must admit I do not use this car as a daily runner. I have other more modern, less fragile cars that I tend to bash with.
  5. Interesting, It should not be slipping, there is no clutch in this buggy. Either your pinion set screw is loose, or you do not have the little metal motor plates set correctly for the pinion gear being used. Page #5 in the manual shows how to space the motor with the metal plates. https://www.tamiya.com/english/rc/rcmanual/hot_shot.pdf
  6. Kyosho had a mini inferno at one time.
  7. I have been in the hobby for over 30 years, and was introduced to nitro planes first by my father. Cox 049's to be exact, went on from there to larger planes with larger motors, nitro helicopters, nitro boats, and then nitro cars. I guess to me nitro power is not a mystery, but it does have a steep learning curve. Glow plugs, glow igniters, starter box's, the correct fuel, tuning the engine by temperatures is a science in its own right. I would say this, if your serious about getting a decent nitro powered car for bashing purposes, Traxxas has a good line up of nitro cars/trucks that have probably the best support, and customer base out there. Plenty of YouTube videos on each model. They have electric start, and remote glow plug igniters that make starting one of these engines much simpler for the novice. Yes, there are bigger and badder R/C's, but none are a simple to get going as the Traxxas stuff. Just my .02
  8. Yes, it is a bit pricey IMO. Should be under $40, but once its in the car, it should be the last diff the MB ever sees.
  9. Have a look at the MIP ball diff too, it solved almost all the problems in my MB with the weak gearbox. Just not the drive shaft popping out issue. I had read somewhere MIP may be working on telescoping drive shafts that would make the ORV transmission bullet proof, but no word in quite a while.
  10. I guess it was time to spin the color wheel again. To me it just screams Blackfoot. Idk, maybe black dampers, and black chrome wheels would have finished the effect I would have expected.
  11. I have ran a 13.5t brushless, and the Kyosho 20T black can 540 with good results, both were plenty fast for me.
  12. The RC10 is not the prettiest girl at the party, but if you happen to take her out, she will not disappoint!
  13. I just received my orange and white Blazer this week, its pretty amazing to look at. It may not be 100% accurate to scale, but so what? Its scale looking enough to me. Anyone old enough to remember the Chevy Blazer will recognize this truck. My plan is to run it on 3s lipo, and add the LED light kit when it becomes available. Yes, the shell is indeed lexan, so no hard bodies here. I suppose it would be easy enough to fit one up if desired. Traxxas used the same TRX-4 platform as with their other crawler rigs, with those portal axles your seeing on more of in other manufactures kits. My only gripe is Traxxas is still using those cheap little mirco servos for the 2 speed transmission, and diff lockouts. But Amain hobbies has some steel geared, digital ones, that are supposed to drop right in.
  14. I will give it a shot. The Xmaxx is huge, will scare small children, and woodland creatures! Your going to leave deep gouges in your lawn! I guess that's about it really. Seriously, the Xmaxx and TXT are worlds apart. I have had a green Xmaxx for about 2 years now, and have only replaced the rear drive cups due to wear. But, I beat on this truck regularly, and its probably the most durable R/C I have ever owned. It can and will run over anything in its path, I have even seen videos of guys running these things across ponds with paddle tires. Do I regret buying a Xmaxx? not a chance!
  15. The Technigold would be a good choice, but even though it is 21t and so is a Super Stock, they are not the same. The Technigold is rated at 19,000 rpm and a Super Stock is 26,500 rpm. The magnets in the modern motors are much more stronger. That being said, its up to you if you want to run the Technigold. I just put my NIB Technigold in my Boomerang to liven it up a bit, and it did not disappoint. It runs very cool with a bit more power, close to today's GT tuned motors.
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