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  1. Oh yeah! Correction made :-) it is almost all original, took ages to find the sway bars. I do have the original decal sheet and box but it never came with the shell so that is a copy which came with slightly different decals from the original. The wheels are from the Peugeot kyosho made which are the same in shape but have a different finish to the ot66 wheels, though the ot66 ones I have recently acquired.
  2. Hey peeps, just thought I would share my latest build with you all. Took a while to gather all the pieces together but finally have my optima up together.
  3. Will do! :-) takes a bit of time to draw up. Ultimately I would like to make the uprights too. Watch this space!
  4. Hi peeps, as anyone will know who owns a tamiya falcon, the front end is prone to damage. With the aid of modern technology, I was able to 3d print some new upper arms!!! I used the original for dimensions only this is my own design and solid unlike the original. It's in blue so you know what part it is. If anyone out there would like a set I will make the first 10 pair for postage cost. I am not a business, just trying to help peeps along with the hobby. If I have broken any rules by posting this I am sorry, that was not my intention.
  5. what do you think i should do with it? i dont have that much love for it. would rather downsize my collection and purchase something i really like and give someone else the opportunity of giving this the respect it deserves! lol
  6. Hello Sven! I too would have preferred an original one! The one fitted was from tech racing in Japan. It was made for the ta02 chassis, so close enough I guess! Along with this rear brace from the same people (see pic) genuine rear sway bar though :-)
  7. Hey guys, I am new to this site so hope this is in the right place! I was clearing out some old stuff and came across this so I thought I would share it with you all.
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