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  1. Thanks for the offer Mirroman, very kind of you. I'm in Indiana, USA. I am thinking of switching gears and getting him a holiday buggy instead. I think he might like the styling of that, and it appears to have a semi-modern chassis that would perform ok. It looks like it is in stock on tamiyausa.com site, which is a blessing considering how poor inventory has been.
  2. $600 is a tad steep for a 2wd retro buggy methinks...
  3. My 5 yr old son loves running his hornet and clashing against my worlds RC10. My dad often watches us, and I suspect longs to run with us. I was thinking of getting him a wild one for father's day, as i think they have decent performance, but more importantly really nice detailing that I know he would enjoy building and looking at while on the shelf. I'm looking around and it seems I can't find any kits. I'm guessing its discontinued? Any chance another run of them will be made by tamiya? If no expectations that anymore will be on market, I might have to bite the bullet and get him a Kyosho Scorpion instead, as I think those have a similar look he'd like (old school sand rail).
  4. Thanks! I've put a fair amount of work into it, it surprisingly handles decently at this point. I'm using 2 stage rpm pistons in shocks and they handle really awesome on track. They give good pack landing jumps, but act soft over rough terrain. For durability i replaced the following that broke on track: All hinge & kingpins to lundsford (bent two after 3 races) Tini shock shafts (bent one) Aluminum shock caps (popped a plastic cap on first race) Rear bearing carriers to rpm (broke one on first race as well) For batteries, i'm running gens ace 5000 mah 50c, kinda heavy for racing, but i also bash too and these have good run times: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00WOAWHUK/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493858856&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=5000+mah+2s&dpPl=1&dpID=41r0nHzSG-L&ref=plSrch I get what you mean about the slash's sloppy handling, it was comical when i first started racing in spec slash class. All these slashes leaning, wiggling, rolling around the track, lots of fun. Local track has a annual event on new years day called the "hangover 500". Basically 15 or 20 stock slashes running on indoor oval course for 50 laps, pure insanity.
  5. Hmm, I might go ahead and get some of those rod ends, I'll have to see if they come in white as I kind of like the white/black contrast of the worlds parts. Yes, I have the stock shocks on it. I'm going to stick with them initially as I usually don't like changing out most things before trying stock setup. I did set it up using the Kinwald setup sheet on associated's site: https://www.teamassociated.com/pdf/cars_and_trucks/RC10WC/setup_sheets/RC10_2014_Standard_Kinwald.pdf I'll try this setup for a while and see if I really need big bores for our track or not. How about you, are you sticking with stock setup initially as well?
  6. Thanks for the compliment, I just used rattle cans & tape. I'm pleased with how it came out considering that its only the 2nd body I've ever done up. Yes, the 17.5T plenty powerful in this car, not sure how guys run these with 6.5T's, but they do. I got this buggy off A-main back in January. It was on sale for $145, and they also had a $5 off coupon, so final price was $140. All stock disappeared and the model was discontinued roughly 2 weeks after I bought it. So, this is genuinely one of the last kits from a vendor. Glad to hear you snagged one too at that price, it was too good to pass up. Stinks you had some of the problems others had. Even if I had encountered those issues, I'd still be in love with this car. I want to try mine at the track and see how it behaves on jumps, I've heard of weights being needed, we'll see. I really want to change out the ugly rod ends. What size RPM rod ends did you get? Do they bind in the steering? I've heard people say that the thick RPM's can cause binding, so I was hesitant to get some. I look forward to hearing how your track experiences compare to mine!
  7. Hi all. I've been wanting a vintage buggy for the last year and a Frog was at the top of my list due to nostalgia. I was watching Frog prices through Christmas and they never went on sale. However, I saw amain had the RC10 worlds car on sale for $140. Which is actually cheaper than the Frog. This intrigued me because I remember seeing one of these running way back in the day and of course I thought it was amazing at the time. The RC10 would scratch my vintage itch, and I could actually take it to the track and it would perform pretty darn well. So, I'm killing two birds with one stone as I want to also run in the 1/10 buggy class at the track every so often. Its a lot of car for the money, so I pulled the trigger. The car went together well, early buyers had issues with the top shaft in gear box being machined wrong, but I had no problems. I think with my kit being one of the last before discontinuation, the bugs were worked out. I threw on a few upgrades while building: Full ball bearings in bell crank - people had problems with the stock bushings binding in the steering, bearings resolves this RC Carbon works front/rear shock towers - got to love bling bling, they compliment the carbon transmission brace Associated FT blue thumb screws for batter strap - much easier to use these than the stock pins that require flexing the battery box Jconcepts Goosebumps in rear, and Groovy's on Front - Should work OK on our tracks outdoor loamy dirty Trackstar 17.5T ESC/Motor Combo - Decent power, allows me to run stock class Tower Hobbies TS-140 High Speed 2 BB Metal Gear Servo - Strong, quick, and reasonably priced So far, driving it on the street, this car performs amazingly. Certainly blows away the Grasshopper I built my niece. Looking forward to getting it on the track.
  8. I have a 4 pole castle creations 3800kv in my 2WD slash. I got it as a bundle with the Sidewinder SCT ESC, you could possibly look at that, not sure if the motor you got was sensored or not, the Castle ESC is sensorless. That motor really moves the truck, very torquey! The stock tires have a hard time dealing with the power and will teach your son some trigger control. The two biggest upgrades that helped my slash was the ESC/Motor upgrade, and secondly it would be the LCG chassis, for only like $35 its well worth it with the extra speed. Here's what my slash is looking like these days:
  9. FWLBP


    Depending on how much you want to spend, as mentioned before, below $100, you're looking at a Feilun FT009. I have one, it is OK and works as described, but it certainly is cheap inside and I don't know how long it'll last. In order to take the shaft out to lubricate, you have to remove 4 self tapping screws from motor mount/hull. Mine are starting to run out of thread to bite into after only a season. In the $200 category, you'll get better quality for sure. The hull will still be ABS, but the running gear will be better. Starting out at $110, you have the Feilun FT012, which is just a upgraded FT009, again I don't know how long the mounts will last on this guy, but it is certainly cheap for a brushless boat: https://jet.com/product/detail/264f7a27d9414fa4879e152d8e29173f?jcmp=pla:ggl:gen_toys_games_a1:toys_remote_control_toys_a1_other:na:PLA_345941940_23689433340_pla-259522112322:na:na:na:2&code=PLA15&ds_c=gen_toys_games_a1&ds_cid=&ds_ag=toys_remote_control_toys_a1_other&product_id=264f7a27d9414fa4879e152d8e29173f&product_partition_id=259522112322&gclid=CN-wtYCMhdACFVRahgodBxULEw&gclsrc=aw.ds Next you have the Atomik Barbwire for $143, everyone seems to like it for the most part, it self rights if flipped over: https://www.amazon.com/Atomik-Barbwire-Brushless-Electric-RC/dp/B00CQKN11W For $170 the Recoil 17, it is a barbwire clone from Proboat that has better hardware on the end, and possibly better electronics: https://www.amazon.com/Pro-Boat-Recoil-Self-Righting-Brushless/dp/B00VF46CBQ Beyond that, you are exiting "cheap" boats and are getting into more expensive ones. For $200 to $300, you'll still have ABS hulls, but larger 26+ inch boats with decent brushless motors, doing 30+ mph. At the $350+ mark you can get into quality boats using fiberglass hulls and have more serious speeds of 50 mph. Hope this helps.
  10. Nice hopper! Looks well used and loved already. For some reason, I really dig the black edition hopper without stickers on. Looks very mad max. Love the way these cars look and drive, they don't take themselves too serious. See this thread for my first foray into Tamiya with a hopper of course: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/79924-intro-nostalgic-memories-grasshopper-build/#comment-633595
  11. This is a topic that hits home for me. I'm an engineer for a large conglomerate here in the U.S. I work on introducing new products to the manufacturing environment (product management). My factory and its sister factory nearby were announced earlier this year that they will be shutting down and moving to Mexico next year. It was fairly high profile, presidential candidates discussed it several times. In all, 2100 jobs are being exported. Now, the official "justification" from the company is that this is to be more competitive and cut costs. But in light of other facts, it paints a different picture. Firstly, this conglomerate has many divisions and makes jet engines, helicopters, elevators, hvac equipment, etc. Massive company. All divisions of the company LOST money in 2015, EXCEPT my division. So the most competitive and profitable division in the company is the one that needs to be restructured to be competitive?? Very strange. Later on, the company stated by making this move, they will get $65 million in cut costs. Interestingly, 2 years ago (about the time planning for the shut down began) the company restructured its elevator division and it was poorly managed. Coincidentally, due to delays and costs run ups, the company lost $60 million. Very strange these two dollar amounts are so similar. So from my experience, outsourcing might not be for increasing competitiveness in the market. It might be for the CEO and management to cover their @ss from a collossal mess up, and the peons pay...
  12. That's one nice and clean Escort! Love the boxy shape. That's one thing that's always sucked about the U.S. market, we never get the good hatches! I've always liked hatches, my dad had a '81 civic and the '88 celica. We've never had a Civic Type R in our market, we're allegedly getting our first one in the next year or two. I used to watch top gear just to see all the cool cars you get over there that we don't.
  13. Wow Berman, that is one awesome hatch, looks like you put a lot of work into that. I too struggle with if I should sell the S2000 or not. Since litttle man was born, it doesn't see much action. Only thing that holds me back is I suspect I'll regret selling it. The values of them have flattened out and are increasing slightly. All these new cars are turbo and hybrid, naturally aspirated cars like ours will be in demand. Moffman, your situation sounds like badword! I don't know how a enthusiast could enjoy his car in that environment. Sounds like good motivation to get to the voting booth and try to make a change. That turbo rs sounds sweet, if it makes you feel any better, we don't have those here to even buy!
  14. That's awesome berman. I've seen the protrac kit, but wasn't sure if it was worth the cost or not. I'm on the fence on whether or not to invest more in the slash or sell it and buy a more raceworthy truck. The TRX lcg chassis is cheap and the CC 3800 can be used in the new truck, so I wouldn't be out much at this point if I sold it for a better one. Did you race your's with the protrac and was it competitive? What Honda do you have stowed away in the garage? There's a guy down the street from me that has a collection of 3 preludes, he loves them. Has two "runners" and one "shelf queen". Yup, that's pretty much what I was saying the entire time on the joy ride! Has 573 underrated hp. True torque vectoring due to individual motors on each wheel. Went on a back road and stopped, turned on launch mode and nailed it; never been pinned in my seat like that in my life. Not to mention, it attracted a obscene amount of attention everywhere we went. He was running it with a new software patch and was monitoring it (hence the orange network wire coming out of the dash). The car is so software dependent, getting it debugged has been a challenge.
  15. Why thank you NWarty! I went to the 2006 detroit auto show and saw one sitting on display in the laguna blue pearl, I knew right then that it was the car for me. Here is a better shot of it with a friend's rio yellow that lives in my neighborhood: As a bonus, since you seem to have impeccable taste in Honda sports cars. I have a friend that works for Honda North America as a test driver and has spent several years working on the new NSX prototype. I was fortunate enough to get a knock one my door last fall and low and behold, he had a red prototype at the bottom of my driveway waiting to give me a ride! If you see a red NSX in a commercial or magazine, this is the exact one used for those advertisements:
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