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  1. I have one of these. You're in for a treat! Such a fun truck! And a great price too!
  2. That's only enough for the front wheels and rear hubs. You'd still need bearings for the transmission. Blitzer series truck.
  3. They look like Pro-Line Giant Tracs. Cool tires!
  4. Uhh... "If you can't say anything nice..."
  5. I myself used a Futaba Magnum Jr. when I got my first "real" R/C, a RC10T when those first came out. I currently use a 3PMX that I bought somewhere between the TMaxx and DingoTR. I've been a fan of HiTec servos for a long time, especially their "Karbonite" models. They see service in my Blitzer Beetle, Midnight Pumpkin, and my wife's WW2. The recent models of Tx I've held seem to weigh half of my Futaba! In part I'm sure because they use 4 cells and not the 8 of my old 3PMX, but the lack of heft to me makes them feel cheaper and toyish, regardless of how modern and reliable they may truly be. My $.02
  6. See myself getting one of these instead of a tractor. Anyone know if the wheels/tires are 2.2 ?
  7. Looks great! I'm especially envious of your carbon shock towers. I've been looking at other cars for a set to adapt to Blitzer Beetle.
  8. I do like the look of that system. Was also considering a GoolRC setup. I've heard pretty good things about both of those brands, especially for the money. Thanks for the tip!
  9. Some pics from it's first run!! @ThunderDragonCy was correct. It's gonna need a faster motor... But it ran beautifully!
  10. If you're referring to the "green label" motor with the built in fan, I tried one in my Midnight Pumpkin. Seemed a bit quicker than the stock silver can, and better torque. Was very noisy however. A Sport-tuned motor should be faster ( better RPM ), but may produce less torque. Sounds like you already have one, so just run it and have fun. If it puts a smile on your face, it's doing it's job!
  11. Looks great! Some really nice upgrades you've made.
  12. And a few pics with all the lights on... And that, folks, was the first build thread I've done. Thanks for looking!
  13. Now, the moment all three of you have been waiting for! The finished product!
  14. Overview shot of the chassis with the GPM center shaft. Didn't want blue, but seems like the only color it comes in. At least it's a nice blue! And a few shots with the tires and wheels on... Thanks for looking!
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