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    Tiny toy trucks, World of Warcraft, Xbox. Sci-fi stuff. Pretty much anything nerdy!

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Just a guy from Alaska who likes tinkering with tiny trucks. First real RC was the original RC-10T , joined a few years later by a Traxxas Sledgehammer, then a Tamiya TA-02 S-10 Prerunner. Wish I still had those trucks! Recently sold my TMAXX 2.5 to a friend with an interest in nitro. I hadn't ran it in years. Somewhere along the line, I bought an  Axial Dingo TR. My interest was rekindled a few years ago by a Midnight Pumpkin Metallic my wife got me our first Christmas together. Since then, I've added a Blitzer Beetle, a Wild Willy 2 for my wife, an eBay RC-10T3 I got from a friend for $50, and my late younger brothers Hyper 7 PBS, which I fixed and converted to 1/8 brushless. Currently building a new Manta Ray!

Happy to have found such a great community of enthusiasts! 

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