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  1. Thank, should of said this side of the pond :-) UK/Europe ideally
  2. Afternoon, Can someone point me to where I can get the good n proper Sand Scorcher decals, obv's reproduction?
  3. Anyone have any good experience sending to Spain? It all looks the same service but wild price differences: £15 four days, £40 3 to 4 days? same everything else. This is a DPD Door2door classic and a DPD Door2door Air Classic...
  4. Its a Sankyo Sigma BMW, moving along slowly
  5. Thanks I will take a look, or replace Mark
  6. Hi, just wondering how this panned out, as I have the same issues with the same ESC. I would be interested to know if and how you solved it. Mark
  7. I remember them in the LHS I worked in BitD, never built on though. I used to build a lot for customers and demo vehicles that would be sold of almost new. In my showroom I have a couple 1/8th buggies from the same period, inc a running Kyosho Landjump 4d that this model was based on Mark
  8. Did you go? Where was the club/track? Mark
  9. Will Tamiya ever re-release any of the original F1 or F2 cars, I love them. My first RC car was a Martini Renault F2. Really love the look of them and in the Tamiya RC Guides how they races used to look :-) My kids would love them Mark
  10. I do this all the time, as the TC showroom has a lot of retro/vintage nitro non-tamiya items. I dont know a site better for this either :-) Mark
  11. Okay thinking on using old kitchen furniture for my new workshop bench, any thoughts? Mark
  12. why do you have a meat slicer in your workshop?
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