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  1. I have a Sandscorcher shell that has been painted with Halfords rattle cans. I would like to use Tamiya colours. How do I best prepare the shell? It not a bad paintjob, its not what I want. Can I spray on top after a rub down, or do I need to remove the old paint, if so what with? Any advice will be appreciated Mark
  2. So you thought I would pay you to take it? Wow...
  3. pay the courier to collect from my house, then yes. :-) I will measure/weigh and get a price in the meantime. Mark
  4. I have one I purchased for the PB tank, free to anyone willing to collect from KT7.
  5. Dont try to be clever, just a couple colours :-)
  6. I found this one to add to the others I have on eBay. I will check out RS tools. Thanks for all your help Mark
  7. yep got those, they are too fat! Can I say fat?? :-) Yes I get what you are saying, I am going to buy a few used ones when they appear on eBay, tried Halfords and they dont go down that small. What a mad world we live in
  8. I will take a look, thanks Britool used do an ace range 5JM, there are a few loose ones on eBay but thats it
  9. I am looking for a good quality spanner set, I have a couple old Britool ones but are missing a couple sizes. Nice and small metric sizes. Can I find anything out there? No I cant.
  10. I love working on the early stuff. I have just finished a Kyosho Circuit 20 cloan, Sankyo Sigma BMW, complete with a rebuilt OS21 engine. I stripped and cleaned/light polished, some new parts for the clutch I found a few years ago and new radio gear. Love it - see enclosed picture, and boy does it go! I loved the early Noughties, when eBay was full of cheap old nitro RC cars from the 70's and 80's I dont like it now, everyone advertises at silly high 'Buy it Now' prices that will never sell to make money I like the fact I have hooked up with people I raced with BitD, some where my hero's at the time, full works drivers etc, now the stories come out of the petty politics that occurred (83 1/8th World Champs is a good example). I dont like how long it take to find parts and tools - anyone recommend some good small spanners? I have some really neat Britool ones from years ago but not a full set. No one seems to make good quality stuff anymore :-( I hate the fact I cant find anywhere to run my 60mph 10kg 1/8th buggies, or my 80mph circuit racers locally, not much empty space in Surrey, and people like to moan about the noise of a wailing two-stroke at 30,000rpm
  11. RC gear in my restored 1/8th Sankyo Sigma BMW, now 40 years old. I will have an engine test later if the rain stays away.
  12. Thank, should of said this side of the pond :-) UK/Europe ideally
  13. Afternoon, Can someone point me to where I can get the good n proper Sand Scorcher decals, obv's reproduction?
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