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  1. I do this all the time, as the TC showroom has a lot of retro/vintage nitro non-tamiya items. I dont know a site better for this either :-) Mark
  2. Okay thinking on using old kitchen furniture for my new workshop bench, any thoughts? Mark
  3. why do you have a meat slicer in your workshop?
  4. Look at this bloke (from a French vintage FB page), his collection makes me itchy ..... I think I might have missed a couple photos. There is a before shot, before the racking, with everything all over the floor.
  5. I stopped being interested in RC back in the mid-80's, and then in about 2004 I looked on eBay and saw a PB Racing X3 1/8 buggy in need of restoration. I bought it and the bug was planted... In about 18 months I had a about 20 retro RC racing cars and buggy's, a big mix of Tamiya, Kyosho and others. I even bought a really expensive Mugan 1/8th buggy. I figured out this great idea. Back in the mid noughties there were still free adds in the RC Car mags. I posted an add for anyone looking to clear out any vintage rc cars. This was a good and a bad thing, cut a long story short I could not resist all the goodies.. After a while I felt the same, and my wife thought it was a ll a little weird. I had known her for 15 years and no mention of RC and then everywhere in my house I was hiding away cars and parts. So,,,, I flogged a few. It felt good so I sold most of them, and then finally I sold the lot. A couple I really regret, the original PB X3, a mind unused SG Columbia Mk2 and a fully tricked out Rough Rider with a Thorpe wing and diff. So move on 10 plus years and I have a proper workshop and a garage. So decided to try again, but this time with rules: I can only collect models that I once owned or ran. I say 'or' as I worked in a model shop back then and I have built and run quite a few but didnt own It has to be from BitD, I can buy Re-Release as in the case of Sand Scorchers I build so they can run and i will do every now and then, and do So far so good. I only have a couple Tamiya' and a few 1/8th buggies and circuit racers, all collected quite cheap and over the past four years. Mark
  6. I have the same problem. If I reset the password for a few hours its fine and then the problem comes back I did send in a ticket and they were missing the point and the ticket was closed. I have had this problem for ages now. Funny thing is for a few days last week it was all okay. Back to the problem again now Mark
  7. same for me. I have been struggling with loging in on all hw, having to reset passwords every few days for weeks Mark
  8. yep Gizard same here, the same for months and then this week its been okay. I find the mobile site a little more reliable. I sent a ticket in but got a std answer on how to change passwords.
  9. Gizard was this resolved? I have the same issue for weeks now. funny thing is sometimes is all cool for a few days than back to the same again. It does the same at work on a different laptop. Really odd Mark
  10. I worked in a couple independent LHS in the 80's. I worked on Saturdays, raced Sundays, worked a couple hours after school and on holidays. I built literally hundreds of Sand Scorchers, Rough Riders, Holiday Buggy's, etc. At Christmas I would have a production lines running :-) I think 45 mins for HB and about 1hr15mins for a SRB. I started off messing about in a church hall with other running XR3's and Cheetah's and few other Tamiya race cars, and then the SRB buggy explosion happened and 1/10th off-road racing started. Then I had a go at 1/8th buggy racing in the very first days c1981 running Sankyo BMW/Kyosho Circuit 20's, I had one of the first Landjumps in the UK and then I moved into 1/8th circuit racing in W-S-M - Mendip Model Racing Track racing SG Columbia's and a Delta Eagle. I can remember almost every item in those shops, I would spend hours searching through the drawers. Love it. I left the industry in 84 to join the RAF and didnt think about RC again until the early 2005, I then had a look on eBay bought a PB Racing X3 and then it all went a bit nuts. Too much nuts really... I ended up getting shot of it all within a year or so. This time I am being more careful and only buying the stuff I once owned or built for the shop.... which still leaves a lot to collect. This week I finally got a Tamiya F2 Martini Renault (58014), this is where it all started.
  11. Exactly the same for me. Its been like it for a while. If I reset password and use the one supplied I log in no problem the once but that is it. Forum is fine and works without a password reset. One a mobile the links to login are dead I have also noticed, the 'burger link'. Re: My homepage login I have sent in a couple tickets so far. I got a fast reply but this was slightly missing the point or maybe I didnt get it. I am a IT guy so maybe thats why :-)))
  12. Evening, does anyone know of a slow/trickle charger that will charge a multitude of types? 12v small lead-acid 7.2v tamiya stylee Nitro style Rx battery etc mark
  13. I was guessing a RC is much slower, so easier to learn to control. I am guessing of course.
  14. Evening, I have a son (7 yo) who is massively into RC - I am into retro 1/8th and Tamiya from the 70's and 80's. Anyway I am looking for a first 1/10th rock crawler for his birthday at the end of the month. Any advice would be much appresiated Mark
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