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  1. So if my understanding of kv is correct (please tell me if I’m wrong here) is that kv is rpm per volt so 5700 x 18.5v =105.450 rpm and that’s not even at full charge. So you are over the limit. Obviously taking an unknown amount of rpm off for mechanical loss.
  2. So what’s the deal with the castle stuff I was under the impression they were the best. But in the last few posts I’ve heard of two giving up. Is it just people in this group of speed runners are pushing everything to the max? Hobbywing or castle ?
  3. 🙈🙄I’ll get my coat
  4. For a guy that doesn’t want to debate you sure have a lot to say. I was agreeing with you in the first place
  5. Yes it was dangerous but all types of motor sport are. Atleast the videos will show everyone watching them that are going to try speed runs to have people and property well out the way. I know for sure It’s made me think about the people who watch my runs. And I bet Stewart will to after that.
  6. Agree on the more ff03 action 👍🏻 My esc is not sensored and hasn’t cut out once it all just seemed very happy. But I guess time will tell. Yes the GoPro will update the graphic to what ever speed you achieve. I’ve had it filming in my car on a trackday over 100mph
  7. Thanks matey yes I do realise your run was on 2s. Your run is what inspired me! So another thanks is due. ive also thought about the heavy GoPro and may well change that in the future. My esc is rated for 3s but I think the motor is not @El Dougo do you think that would make the esc smoke or am I only likely to blow the motor? The motor has it own fan and seemed to not get too hot although I don’t have a heat gun.
  8. Thanks jason but I think that’s as far as I can got with this motor and esc. watch this space though
  9. FF03 3s 41 pinion 60 spur 5.5 motor HobbyWing 10BL60 77mph/123.9kph
  10. Just updating this as I made a mistake it’s a 5.5 motor
  11. Group c

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Been trying to make a rear defuser for a top speed project (ff03) you guys think this will do anything? It’s not finished yet by any means
  12. You’ll need a GoPro 5black or above Mark
  13. Hope this qualifies with the GoPro. I must say this thread has got me actually messing with my cars instead of them collecting dust. Front wheel drive ff03 Matrix foams 37t pinion 65t spur 2s 3.5motor hobbywing 10bl60 esc 50mph