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  1. trf415 4wd 3s mmx esc 60 spur 41 pinion 4.5 hobbywing 103mph you’ll have to look closely to see but it does blip to 103mph 😬
  2. Tamiya trf 415 msx 3s 41t pinion 60t spur mmx esc 4.5t hobbywing 92mph 148.6kph
  3. Hi guys, I need some help from you Knowledgeable lot. I’m in the process of making this car into a speed runner and need a spool or at the very least a gear diff for the rear. Does anyone have any part numbers which will fit this car. Thanks in advance tamiya people.
  4. Thanks buddy I got the better battery as you said.
  5. Ff03 front wheel drive class 86MPH 138.4kph turnigy 3.3 60-120c heavy duty 48p 60t spur /41t pinion hobbywing v10 4.5t castle mmx
  6. Ernieks I to am looking for this part and have never come across one for sale. So good luck
  7. @El Dougo no I haven’t run since our last chat on here and am going away next week. But I have got a new battery ready for next time out. 3s 3300mah 60-120c. Castle need to hurry up with the data logging for their app as I don’t really understand it all at the moment. Once I have all the data there in front of me I’m sure it’ll start to make more sense.
  8. The data logging will work if you connect to a pc but I’m using the new b link to iPhone. Im going to try a smaller wing then the small wing plus 0 toe fist. Also going to run my 2s 4000mah 40c and my 3s and see what happens. Then new battery time!
  9. Thanks @El Dougo I’ll weigh my car when back together but I suspect it’ll be more than yours with the GoPro and 3s battery. I do now have the castle b link however the data logging feature is not available yet annoyingly. It will be in a future update. When I get some data I will share it in here. Xerun v10 g3 4.5t castle monster mamba x Turnigy 3300mah 30-40c
  10. @El Dougo on your ff03 run could you share what your camber and toe was please. Also do you know how much your car weight is fully loaded? I think my run of 77mph was with 0 toe since then I’ve gone back to stock for stability and now seem to be hitting a wall at 73mph. I’ve changed a few things since going back to stock toe. Ceramic bearings / cut aero out the back / better esc / a little hotter motor. I have nearly everything the same as you other then I’m using 4.5t motor with 3s and you have 3.5t with 2s. So in theory I shouldn’t be that far from you I’m think to toe and my body must be holding me back
  11. Ok guys I need some help again. So I’ve upgraded to the castle monster x and I seem to have some sort of range issues. Car runs up fine and then when I slow down and turn to make my run car won’t move until I get closer. It does this at a distance but I can drive past that distance slow down then nothing so it seems that all the time I’m on throttle it’s ok but drive it away from me and get off the throttle it stops. I’ve moved all wires away from each other but that did nothing. Spektrum dx5c spektrum sr415 castle monster mamba x Any help on this would be greatly appreciate
  12. So if my understanding of kv is correct (please tell me if I’m wrong here) is that kv is rpm per volt so 5700 x 18.5v =105.450 rpm and that’s not even at full charge. So you are over the limit. Obviously taking an unknown amount of rpm off for mechanical loss.
  13. So what’s the deal with the castle stuff I was under the impression they were the best. But in the last few posts I’ve heard of two giving up. Is it just people in this group of speed runners are pushing everything to the max? Hobbywing or castle ?
  14. For a guy that doesn’t want to debate you sure have a lot to say. I was agreeing with you in the first place
  15. Yes it was dangerous but all types of motor sport are. Atleast the videos will show everyone watching them that are going to try speed runs to have people and property well out the way. I know for sure It’s made me think about the people who watch my runs. And I bet Stewart will to after that.
  16. Agree on the more ff03 action 👍🏻 My esc is not sensored and hasn’t cut out once it all just seemed very happy. But I guess time will tell. Yes the GoPro will update the graphic to what ever speed you achieve. I’ve had it filming in my car on a trackday over 100mph
  17. Thanks matey yes I do realise your run was on 2s. Your run is what inspired me! So another thanks is due. ive also thought about the heavy GoPro and may well change that in the future. My esc is rated for 3s but I think the motor is not @El Dougo do you think that would make the esc smoke or am I only likely to blow the motor? The motor has it own fan and seemed to not get too hot although I don’t have a heat gun.
  18. Thanks jason but I think that’s as far as I can got with this motor and esc. watch this space though
  19. FF03 3s 41 pinion 60 spur 5.5 motor HobbyWing 10BL60 77mph/123.9kph
  20. Just updating this as I made a mistake it’s a 5.5 motor
  21. Been trying to make a rear defuser for a top speed project (ff03) you guys think this will do anything? It’s not finished yet by any means
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