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    I'm new to the forum. A few years ago, I competed as a professional (electric 4x4 1/10 and 1/10 .12). I've always loved RC, but do not want to compete, and I ended up buying a Tamiya more basic. I researched and read a lot about the car but all very vague, I believe that here knowledge is much greater. I bought some HopUp (Rear Upright, Racing Steering + Bridge Steering, CF Damper Stay F + R + Mount + Ball Motor Diff Set, Shaft Assembly, Ball Bearing Set, Heat Sink, Diff Locking Block, Low Friction Sus Ball, Propeller Joint + Propeller Shaft, High Speed Gear Set - 68T), because it is a kind of boring thing you go on a track, and everyone overtake you. I have some doubts. The "RC Type-S Steel Sus Mount Set - TT02" 54634 and the "RC 22mm Low Friction Sus Shaft - 4pcs" 54395, serve in TT02, or only in TT02S? What would be the best engines, ESC and battery to use the TT02, and it turns out not all disassembling? Is there any chassis CF for the TT02?
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