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  1. I am partial to a bit of 16-bit gaming now and again. Last night I started The Immortlal on the Sega and did a few F-Zero laps on the SNES.
  2. Yes it's my GT-R. I also have an Evo 6 RS2 - go back a few pages for pics of it and a few of the other vehicles I've owned in the past.
  3. You don't see many of these any more - so I had to get this one which is in original condition and very clean for its age.
  4. Has anyone got any TA-03 spares or tuning hop-ups they would be happy to sell? Specifically I could use a spur gear and the battery stay - I only have a body pin to keep the batery in place for the moment What sort of power can these gearboxes handle? Can I fit a 5.5T brushless system or is that asking for trouble?
  5. The wheels would be a nice change for anyone owning the yellow verion.
  6. Merry Xmas one and all - we're putting up our tree and decorations tomorrow but will be heading for blighty to see my side of the family over Christmas. Hopefully my Propel Star Wars drones will be here before we leave so they can be under the tree for when we return. I'm looking forward to seeing what Santa will be bringing you all!
  7. Only Ford Motorsports dealers can get hold of 909 parts - that includes my company Our UK branch races in the Puma Cup UK too:
  8. Did you buy the black RS500 in Germany? If so, you're lucky to have it - it's the car I was saving for and was just about to go and buy before it disappeared - I heard it went to Switzerland. With my money I bought an Evo 5 in Japan, and imported it to Germany...fom there I got involved in the Japanese tuning scene in Germany and one thing led to another and I now run a parts distribution company here in Germany and own the same in Holland. So if you did buy the car I was looking at, I have to say thanks to you for buying it as otherwise I would not be doing what I do today!
  9. I put my name down for these new SW toys https://www.propelsw.com/collections/the-collection
  10. It's on centrelock wheels so I'm guessing it's the actual race car. I nearly bought an RS500 about 12 years ago...I wish I had done with todays prices! I still have a thing about a moonstone 3dr. Maybe one day...
  11. This arrived, it's in quite good condition and drives nicely, just a little slow on the standard silvercan... It's missing the battery stay E4 if anyone has a spare they could send me? (it's on the Bumper parts tree, 50717)
  12. I spotted some nice models for sale and checked the sellers complete listings - he's got lots of Tamiya stuff so I thought it may be of intererst to some here: http://www.ebay.de/sch/berliner-schnitte/m.html?item=322349116914&hash=item4b0d812df2%3Ag%3AQw0AAOSwa~BYRDMg&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  13. That looks like it would be perfect and a bargain to boot.
  14. I like the look of the SKYRC combo - but I'm sure they will both do the job adequately. If you can't decide and have access to soldering equipment, leave it to chance - toss a coin. Either result you're the winner. If you don't have access to soldering equipment, the choice should already be clear.
  15. That looks great - quite a lot of hop-ups already I see. My CR-01m has the Rock Socker shell - I'm enjoying mine with a 13.5T brushless motor in it. I'm just waiting for a DF-03RA to arrive - mine has the Suzuki shell on it but no mods as far as I can see. speedy_w_beans has a highly modified CR-01, you can see his build here:
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