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  1. TurnipJF

    Best colour for a Bullhead?

    With the Bullhead being such an overtly macho looking model, I think it looks best done in something very camp or very feminine as a contrast. Pastel pink with My Little Pony decals maybe?
  2. TurnipJF

    F103 help

    It won't work on the TRF102 with the thrust bearing assembly in place, not due to binding, but rather because the threaded portion of the axle is not long enough to pass through the thrust bearing assembly and still have space to fit the wheel nut. You would need to remove the thrust bearing assembly to use the wheels on the TRF102.
  3. TurnipJF

    Newbie questions.

    The Eco will work with a 27t 540 motor, but would potentially overheat with anything lower. You would have a far wider choice of wheels if you fitted 12mm hex adapters to the rear as the proprietary fitment used by the stock wheels limits your options severely.
  4. TurnipJF

    F104 pro ii help please

    It comes with a pinion and there are many suppliers of RC F1 decals. TheBorder.com is where I typically get mine, although eBay has many liveries on offer too. Just search F104 decals and you'll find loads! I rather like the ones from RC Decals. https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/rcdecals-2 These might be of interest to you: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/F1-1-10-Decal-Set-Ferrari-Scuderia-SF70H-2017-Tamiya-F103-F104-Xray-X1/123655846205?hash=item1cca76793d:g:FqwAAOSwSwVaZz9n
  5. TurnipJF

    F103 help

    The F103 diff is a bit odd in that the thrust bearing assembly is contained within the wheel itself. When changing wheels, you would either transfer the thrust bearing assembly from one wheelset to the other, or if you are likely to need to change wheels in a hurry, buy a thrust bearing assembly (p/n 51346) for each wheelset.
  6. I have never had any abuse or anything negative said about my cars. To my knowledge that is. However I am almost completely deaf, so for all I know people might have been laughing in the background. I don't mind though. I find plenty of other people's habits rather weird, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if some people find mine weird too.
  7. TurnipJF

    Tamiya M-07R Chassis Kit build #84436

    One small suggestion before you run it much: The idea of using a piece of plastic bag to set the mesh between pinion and spur is a very good one, but that is quite a sturdy piece of plastic that you have used there, which has resulted in the mesh being a bit on the loose side. If you do the same thing but with a thinner piece of plastic or even a piece of ordinary paper, you will get a better mesh.
  8. TurnipJF

    Tamiya M-07R Chassis Kit build #84436

    That looks very good indeed! A healthy dose of blue alloy and carbon fibre pieces makes the chassis look quite spectacular. Certainly a lot more visually appealing than the standard version with mostly plastic parts. Hopefully it will have performance to match its looks. To that end, I am glad that you have replaced the torque tuned motor with a sport tuned one. A chassis of this calibre deserves a bit more power. It can certainly handle it. Mine is running a 13.5 turn brushless motor and still has plenty more to give. We are looking forward to seeing it with its completed shells, and reading about your running experiences. Keep us posted!
  9. TurnipJF

    Tamiya 57409 - Lunch Box Mini (SW-01)

    Some alternative shell ideas:
  10. TurnipJF

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Looks very monstery! After finding that the 9mm offset HPI Gram Lights didn't really fit my Morris Minor van shell very well, I tried them on my MF-01X Jimny instead. Not sure. Too much?
  11. TurnipJF

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    The M-size Lowride Pumpkin / VW Beetle wheels are an option that I am considering for general running and shelf display, but for competition runs I need more ground clearance, hence the use of TC-size wheels and Rally Blocks since the running surface and choice of obstacles are both quite varied. This video gives an idea of what the vehicle will be facing: I think these should look the part: The chrome rim and black spokes look good on fullsize custom Morris Minors IMO. That said, the fullsize Morris Minors with raised suspension that inspired this build both use shiny alloys. So maybe I'll keep the wheels as they are now.
  12. TurnipJF

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    The Morris Minor van shell is sanded, drilled and sitting nicely on the chassis. I swapped out the 9mm offset HPI Gram Lights for some generic 3mm offset alloys as the huge offset was a bit much for this shell. They are a better fit width-wise, but not as stylish IMO. I will probably get it some mesh spoke wheels a bit more in keeping with the bodyshell. Now to make it look like a Carters of Suffolk novelty teapot!
  13. TurnipJF

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Did a rough trim of the Kamtec Morris Minor van shell that will sit atop my RWD 4WS M-03. It is designed for M-chassis wheels and tyres, so the arches have to be cut oversize to allow for the bigger wheels and Rally Blocks needed to traverse the obstacle course for which the vehicle is being built. I am rather tempted to get it a second shell and trim it for M-chassis wheels and tyres for non-competition running and shelf display, as I think it would look better that way.
  14. I treat them in the same way as I do Chinese eBay sellers. I make sure that anything I buy from them is something that I don't really need in a hurry, and don't really mind if it never reaches me at all. More expensive items I purchase from more reputable sellers, ideally Tony's Tamiya Parts, Modelsport or somebody local like that.
  15. TurnipJF

    F103 help

    If you want to upgrade to LiPo power, I find that the Core RC rounded lipos are an excellent fit, unlike many others which are a smidgen too long to fit the battery bay. The friction damper setup on the f103 is a bit tricky to get optimised, as it relies on both the tension of the springs and the consistency of the grease between the plates for adjustment. To add to the complexity, the springs seem to get tired with age, so if your car was built a while ago and the friction damper was tightened to the standard settings according to the manual, the springs may have compressed over time and you might need to tighten it down further to get the same effect. Either that or replace the springs with new ones.