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  1. As I understand it, changing the spacer is the equivalent of moving the the upper shock mount inwards or outwards on a conventional shock tower.
  2. As for the M-07 question, I have one of those, as well as an M-05 and M-03, and all of them seem to be a lot more controllable with S-grips at the back and M-grips at the front. I have tried the other way round, and swapped straight back again as the car was significantly more difficult to control.
  3. If you are choosing your comical according to which will give you the most fulfilling "normal" build, the Frog is certainly the way to go. All the others are very simple by comparison.
  4. I think that the shell is the issue. While potentially a desirable chassis, I think the body with which it is being released lets it down badly. I think a lot of buyers, and therefore a lot of hobby shops, will be waiting for it to be released with something more appropriate to a solid axle setup.
  5. There are many, many YouTube bids of teapot racing, typically from New Zealand (where the sport originated), US and UK meets, as well as other countries where tea is enjoyed. There are also other variations on teapot racing, such as teapot Sumo in which you need to push your opponent out of a ring, and teapot sheep dog trials where the idea is to shunt a plush toy sheep into a pen before your opponent. Toaster racing is a new one to me, but I have heard of hat racing, which is similar to teapot racing but with a larger size allowance for the vehicles. (Teapot racers have to be able to fit in a box 30cm by 30cm by 40cm in order to be race legal.)
  6. Some good ideas there! I have yet to race around a track made of rich tea biscuits, however the obstacles are often tea and biscuit themed. For example the slalom pylons are often candlesticks with teacups balanced on top. There are often biscuits balanced on end that need to be knocked over like skittles. One track had a water hazard full of tea. Races do typically take place mid afternoon, but also sometimes in the late morning around 11:00. Vehicles often feature tea related details. Biscuits as hubcaps is a popular one, as are mice and octopuses as drivers due to the Mad Hatter and Steampunk connections respectively. I have yet to receive cake as a prize, but it is often used to bribe the judges. I did receive a jaffa cake shaped medal once though. 😁
  7. Teapot racing takes the form of a time trial around an obstacle course, so typically only one teapot is buzzing around at any given time. That said, many people don't even bother trying to keep a straight face. It is hardly the most serious form of racing, and for many the fun is in the build and the taking part rather than winning or losing.
  8. I can talk from experience regarding the clear shocks that come with some of the higher spec M-chassis. They are significantly more brittle than the standard black plastic, to the point that the eyelets and caps crack when clipping over standard Tamiya brass ball connectors. No photos - I simply binned the cracked eyelets and caps, replacing them with black plastic ones which have lasted to this day. I kept the clear bodies though - they work well enough.
  9. Finished the mechanical and electronic aspects of my wife's RWD 4WS M-03 teapot racer and put a Kamtec Morris Minor van shell on it. Next steps will be to make it resemble a teapot like mine:
  10. This evening I finished fitting WR-02CB suspension to my G6-01, widening the track by 20mm. The subtle change in stance makes it look lower and faster to my eye, without actually sacrificing any ground clearance.
  11. Yes it would. Wheelbase is quite flexible since there is no fixed position moulded for the rear wheel arches, so you can line up the front arches with the font axle and then cut rear ones exactly where you need them. I'd recommend the lexan version of the shell for longevity, and adding a rear wing for looks. This is how the shell looks on my M-06, which is within a few mm of being the same wheelbase as the Lunch Box:
  12. I'll second that. I have precisely that combo in my DF-02 and it runs great!
  13. I am running a RW Racing pinion in my G6-01 and it doesn't seem to be wearing the spur unduly despite it's slightly narrow width. Both pinion and spur still look good as new and I've been driving it for about a year.
  14. That will work but it is a lot more expensive and bulkier than it needs to be. These are the ones I use: https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Loud-Hailer-Lipo-Battery-Voltage-Alarm-Display-Checker-2-3s-LED-for-RC-Heli-J2h4/2076444606
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