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  1. I'm not sure if the ball type mounts fit the stock yellow CVAs, but I am going for modern black ones on my car, and I know they fit those. I am going for thrust bearings on my car - I have a few in my stash as they are the same ones that go in the diff on my F103. My colleague is going for the stock option, simply because that is what his original car had back in the day..
  2. Today I received some 50591 ball collars to replace the stock "top hat" shock bushings on my Thunder Shot when I fit a 4-shock setup. This reduces slop on my shocks, and frees up the top hats for use on the stock Thunder Shot I am rebuilding for my colleague.
  3. Today I finished tearing down the gearboxes on CC, which were the last pieces left to disassemble. The chassis is now in its component parts, and all looks quite promising. There is cosmetic wear to many of the plastics and A5 is cracked (no surprise there), but once it has a metal brace on it the plastic shouldn't be carrying any significant load, so we'll reuse the piece and see how it lasts. The plastic parts are soaking in a sink of soapy water and the metal ones in a pot of GT85, so soon the two cars will be at the same point in their restos.
  4. Went on a bit of a shopping spree this evening, ordering some more parts for the builds. For CC I ordered: 2 X servos (he wants to stick with the MSC) 1 X receiver 1 X steel pinion 2 X tins of PS paint (blue and white) 4 X tyres bearing set For MC I ordered: Pin type wheel adaptors Shock bushings Stabiliser ball ends
  5. Odd, I have only ever experienced Tamiya turnbuckle problems with the very long turnbuckle that runs between the steering rack and the servo in my M-05. All of the others have worked fine. It might be because I put a touch of grease on the threads before putting them into the plastic cups, but I thought that was pretty common practice?
  6. I would move them onto a position that seldom if ever needs adjustment once you have it set the way you like it, and get new ones for the positions where you are likely to require frequent adjustment. Once a turnbuckle is rounded, I don't know of any solution to fix it other than perhaps filing some flats onto it and using a smaller spanner.
  7. Thanks, will do. Fortunately the screw is still present, it is just the plastic parts that are missing.
  8. I checked with my colleague today whether his original car still had a rear bumper installed, and it did, so in an attempt to make this as close a replica as possible, it will need a bumper, for aesthetic reasons if not practical ones. Thanks, that would be perfect, as the car we are replicating was no shelf queen, but a much loved and regularly used runner. The scuffs would be in keeping with this. I should compete the teardown over the next day or two. Unless there are any nasty surprises in the gearbox, I think the rear bumper is all we'll need for CC. Everything else I either have in my stash or will be spare once I order the sprues I need for my own car (MC).
  9. That is very kind of you. I see that CC is missing the rear bumper pieces. I don't suppose you have any of those spare? No worries if you don't, I see that Shapeways offer 3D printed replacements, which is probably the route we will go if we can't find used parts, as a new sprue is both rare and rather expensive.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Shapeways replacements ordered.
  11. Progress on my colleague's car, henceforth known as CC:
  12. Possibly - I don't know. The chassis was sold as a Thunder Shot and didn't come with a shell.
  13. So let's see what we have to start with... My colleague's eBay find: And the usable remains of the carcass I bought at the Unit 21 clear out, along with some of the other parts I have acquired for my car: Mine was mostly trashed so will need a lot of new plastic, but my colleague's chassis is mostly reusable once it has had a good cleaning.
  14. The cars will be slightly different in character, as my colleague's one is to be a replica of the car he received as a child, while mine will be the car I would have liked to build as a child. As such, his will be box stock apart from bearings, while mine will feature a few upgrades, some alloy and carbon, and a non-boxart colour scheme. However we will be keeping them brushed, as we would have as kids since we didn't have them newfangled brushless things back then. I have a Dirt Tuned ready to go into mine, and my colleague's one will keep its stock silver can.
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