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  1. That is correct. The Yeah Racing set includes the whole rack assembly, bridge and all. It looks a little different but does exactly the same thing. It also includes the screws and bearings required for installation.
  2. Surprisingly good weather for this time of year allowed me to get some paint on the shell: Just the decals and final assembly to go now.
  3. Thanks! I went for 55mm shocks built with 3mm internal spacers to limit them to 52mm.
  4. I run a GT-tuned in my Hotshot (same gearbox as Boomerang), the same in my Thundershot, and a TZ in my Manta Ray. Currently running Mtroniks ESCs, but if I was to buy again, I'd go for HW 1060s for their built-in LiPo cutoffs. None show any undue wear, and none have damaged the gears at all. If I wasn't trying to keep things old-school with brushed motors, I would consider those generic "bluebottle" brushless motors doing the rounds on Ebay at the moment, 17.5t or 13.5t, along with TBLE-02 ESCs, which are cheap and gentle on the gears by nature of their conservative timing.
  5. Sounds like a fun project. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses!
  6. As for 2WD vs. 4WD, I guess the decision might also be influenced by how much you enjoy different aspects of the hobby. If you enjoy the building and wrenching, you might be a bit disappointed with the relative simplicity of 2WD, but if this side of the hobby doesn't appeal, you might welcome it.
  7. With the fitment of the new shocks, I consider the chassis complete and as hopped up as I want it. Unless racing reveals any shortcomings that need to be addressed through further hop-ups, this is likely how it will stay. Now to wait for time off work to coincide with good painting weather, and get the display shell done!
  8. That would work, or you could use a 64t spur and 30t pinion to achieve similar results with less rotating mass. It also depends on the track or space you have available. For example the Broxtowe club races in a huge sports hall and usually has a long main straight, so a 5.5 FDR on 13.5t is good. However on the compact and twisty Peterborough club track set up in a smaller school hall, you'd be better off closer to 6. With this in mind, I have set my TT-02 Type S up with a 64t spur and 27t pinion for a FDR of 6.16. You may want to aim for something similar, as the Peterborough hall is similar in size to a tennis court, which you mentioned as your intended driving area.
  9. I use a 64T TB-03 spur with mine which allows sub-6 FDRs. The Tamiya alloy spur adapter comes with a gearing chart showing what pinions give what ratios when used with it. I can check mine later when I get home if you like.
  10. Nice to see another person with a TT-02 Type S build on the go. With the low stock gearing you might be able to get away without a cooling fan for your ESC, but if you need one, the TFU-01 is the official part, expensive but effective, powered via a spare receiver slot. However pretty much any aftermarket fan could be made to fit with a bit of ingenuity. It depends on how good you want it to look, and how good you are at fabricating mounts. As for other things to look for, you might want to consider the alloy spur adaptor which allows you to run a variety of spur gears to give you a taller ratio better suited to your motors, as the stock ratio is very low. There is a gearing chart in the back of the manual IIRC. Looking forward to watching your build progress!
  11. Glad you got it sorted. What class of car are you considering next? Another touring car, or something different?
  12. It will also soon have some shiny alloy threaded shocks, which arrived today.
  13. Matt might be more accurate to the full-size, but I don't like the look - to me it appears as if they just haven't bothered to polish it. So mine will be glossy.
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