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  1. Thanks once again to everyone who has taken part. I have amended the results table in my earlier post, but if anyone else is missing results or needs them edited, please let me know. For my part, I am very happy to see the wide variety of vehicles people are entering. In particular I am pleased to see more touring cars taking part and giving my M-chassis and TT-02 Type S a bit of competition. It was also nice to see the F104 Pro II doing so well. Gives me a mind to take my F104V2 Pro a run too. This track layout was far more of a leveller than I thought it would be, with power not appearing to play a big role in the results. The TT-02 Type Ses of @ryback and myself were only one lap apart, despite mine having a 13.5t brushless motor and his a Torque Tuned. Same with Mrs Turnip's Rising Fighter and my Grasshopper, separated by only one lap despite one having a stock 380 and the other a 27t 540 with advanced timing. I look forward to seeing how everyone performs on the next track layout!
  2. Thanks - that's fine . Results duly updated.
  3. Regarding Round 6: I would like to pass my track-choosing privileges to @mud4fun and the Mudlets if that is okay with everyone - I think we would all benefit from a fresh track designer, and I know my last design disadvantaged them quite severely.
  4. There appears to be something up with my PM inbox - I have only just received the results for @jupitertwo, and I haven't received a PM from @Ferruz yet. @Re-Bugged please resend me your results too if you have them - it would be a pity not to have them recorded.
  5. My apologies for the errors in the results, if anybody has spotted a fault with their results please feel free to let me know and I will update them later this evening. Not sure what happened there, I thought I was on top of it!
  6. Laps: Participant: Chassis: Motor: Battery: Surface: Weight: Best lap: 42 TurnipJF TT-02 Type S 13.5t Bluebottle 2S LiPo tarmac 7.02s 41 TurnipJF M-07 (225mm) 13.5t Speed Passion 2S Lipo tarmac 7.27s 41 ryback TT-02 Type S Torque Tuned 7.2V NiMH tarmac 40 ryback F104 Pro II Silver can 7.2V NiMH tarmac 40 TurnipJF M-08 (225mm) 13.5t Speed Passion 2S LiPo tarmac 7.18s 40 TurnipJF Thundershot "Grey Knight" GT Tuned 2S LiPo tarmac 1561g 7.31s 40 jupitertwo TB-05 15.5t Brushless 2S LiPo concrete 39 TurnipJF M-06 (210mm) 13.5t Speed Passion 2S LiPo tarmac 7.41s 39 jupitertwo TA-07 10.5t Brushless 2S LiPo concrete 38 TurnipJF M-05 (225mm) 13.5t Speed Passion 2S LiPo tarmac 7.59s 38 Ferruz DF-01 Manta Ray 13.5t Bluebottle 7.2V NiMH cracked tarmac (w) 37 TurnipJF DT-03T "Aggroshot" 10.5t Speed Passion 2S LiPo tarmac 7.87s 36 Mrs Turnip Rising Fighter "Gonzo" 27t Etronix 7.2V NiMH tarmac (W) 35 TurnipJF Grasshopper Black Edition Mabuchi 380 7.2V NiMH tarmac 35 TurnipJF M-04L Silver can 7.2V NiMH tarmac 35 TurnipJF TL-01B Baja King "Spike" Silver can 7.2V NiMH grass 34 Mud4fun Thundershot "Stig Eater" 13t Dyna Run Super Tuning 2S LiPo tarmac 1467g 8.31s 33 jupitertwo CC-01 Low Rider Silver can 2S LiPo concrete 32 Mud4fun Thundershot "Stig Eater" 13t Dyna Run Super Tuning 2S LiPo grass (W) 1489g 8.60s 31 Mud4fun Avante 2001 "Purple Pig" 13r Dyna Run Super Tuning 2S LiPo tarmac (W/G) 1557g 8.83s 31 SupraChrgd82 3Racing M4 17.5t Hobbywing 7.2V NiMH tarmac 31 Middle Mudlet Terra Scorcher 22t Kyosho Magnetic Mayhem 7.2V NiMH tarmac 1604g 30 Mud4fun Vanquish Sport Tuned 7.2V NiMH grass (W) 1666g 30 EvilSpike Terra Scorcher Sport Tuned 7.2V NiMH tarmac 1725g 29 Ministrone Frog ORV Sport Tuned 2S LiPo tarmac (W) 9.00s 29 jupitertwo XV-01 17.5t Speed Passion 2S LiPo grass (W) 27 El Gecko Blackfoot Point Blank ROAR 27T 7.2V NiMH tarmac 1772g 9.82s 26 EvilSpike Vanessa's Lunch Box Sport Tuned 7.2V NiMH tarmac 2200g 25 jupitertwo XV-01T Silver can 2S LiPo grass (W) 25 jupitertwo Monster Beetle Sport Tuned 2S LiPo grass (W) 23 jupitertwo CC-01 Tamiya CR Tuned 2S LiPo grass (W) 22 El Gecko Grasshopper Silver Can 7.2V NiMH tarmac 1534g 10.69s 22 Youngest Mudlet Vanquish Sport Tuned 7.2V NiMH grass (W) 1666g 20 TurnipJF G6-01 SWAT Torque Tuned 7.2V NiMH tarmac (W) 18 Mud4fun King Blackfoot 14t Mtroniks 8.4V NiCad grass (W/M) 15.00s 18 jupitertwo Kyosho Mini-Z MR-03 Stock motor 4XAAA Alkaline concrete 17 Ministrone CC-01 Unimog 55t brushed 7.2V NiMH grass 14 Mud4fun Sand Scorcher DIY Monster 22t Kyosho Magnetic Mayhem 2S LiPo grass (W) 5 Youngest Mudlet Thunderfoot (Custom Crawler) Cordless Drill Motor 7.2V NiCad grass (W) 3970g
  7. The m3 stepped screws supplied with the DF-02 and TT02B turnbuckle sets for example are great for this, as you can use them to attach a 5mm ball nut with no further collars or spacers required. Part number 50579 gets you a bag of 5. The 4 you need, plus one spare. 9805389 gets you the pack of ball nuts to go with them.
  8. It is all very much a case of personal preference it would seem, and extremely hard to quantify. For example, I find my TT-01 and TA-02 rally cars to be extremely similar in terms of performance and overall feel, with the TT-01 being my preferred car due to its more easily available and cheaper spares. And now that I have it dialled in, I find my TT-02 Type S to be on a par with my thoroughly carbonated TB-03, and again it is my go-to car due to its easily available and cheap parts. Pretty much the opposite of @Big Jon's views.
  9. Likewise, although my plastic friendly threadlock of choice is cyanoacrylate.
  10. This round ends at midnight GMT, and I will try to get the final results table posted as soon as possible after this point, so please get your results to me via P.M. as soon as you can. Thanks, and good luck with your runs!
  11. The Grasshopper, Hornet, DT-01, DT-02, Hotshot, Thundershot, Manta Ray, Baja King, Rising Storm, Neo Scorcher, Konghead, Farm King, M-03, M-04, M-05, M-06, M-07, M-08, F103, F104, TL-01, TL-01LA, TT-01, TA-02, TT-02, FF-01, FF-02, FF-03, TB-03, Aqroshot, Blackfoot Extreme, Wild Dagger, MF-01X and CC-01, some of which I liked so much that I bought multiple versions. The ones I liked enough to duplicate were the TL-01 (I have a track one dressed as a Honda NSX and a trail one dressed as a Range Rover Evoque), the TT-01 (I have a track one dressed as a Mercedes SLS AMG GT3, a drift one dressed as a Nissan Sylvia S15 and a rally one dressed as a Mitsubishi Evo 6), the M-03 (a track one dressed as a Mini Cooper, a trail one dressed as a Fiat 500 and an autocross one dressed as a teapot), the Grasshopper (I have two limited colour ones - green and black), the Hornet (an ordinary re-re and a Jun Watanabe edition), the DT-01 (a Mad Bull and a Rookie Rabbit), the DT-02 (a Sand Viper and a Desert Gator) and the F103 (a stock one, a hopped-up one, a 15th Anniversary one and a 6-wheeled 40th Anniversary one). Others I would like to duplicate include the MF-01X (I have a Jimini set up for trail use, I'd like a Beetle or Escort set up for rally) and perhaps the DT-03 (I have an Aqroshot, I am considering a buggy version). And there are also plenty of new models I might like to add, once I have researched them fully to make sure I won't regret anything about them either.
  12. You only have two options - 17t and 19t. 17t for big revs, 19t for big torque I suppose.
  13. I have yet to find the upper limit of power that will break a Mad Bull gearbox. Due to the gearing options, you are more likely to fry the motor than break the car.
  14. Yes, it all fits. You do not have the ability to capture the thrust bearing in the Enneti wheels like you do with the Tamiya ones, which means when you take the wheel off, you need to be careful not to lose the bearing gubbins. However once everything is assembled the way it should be, you shouldn't need to take the wheel off again until it is time to fit a new set of tyres, so this is not a frequent issue. It is made even easier if you fit the one piece thrust bearing upgrade as this means there are fewer bits to go walkabout.
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