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  1. The Bowler Wildcat shell from Kamtec is robust, roomy and easy to get.
  2. Hope to be seeing more of your crew chief as the build progresses!
  3. That looks much neater with all the extraneous bits removed. You're right about how the camera emphasises minor imperfections that wouldn't be an issue to the naked eye. Even dust shows up - I can't count the number of times I have photographed what I thought to be a nice clean chassis only for it to come out looking like a dusty mess. I'm sure it looks awesome in person! Looking forward to seeing your roll damper solution!
  4. As for the M-05 chassis though, I think it would make a very good carefree basher. I have mine set up as a rally car with knobbly tires, increased ground clearance, etc. It has seen some vigorous use including having been run at a buggy track with jumps, etc, and in all the years of using it, the only thing I have broken on it have been a couple of front uprights. It has the Big Three upgrades plus an aluminium motor mount and steering rack but is otherwise stock. Maybe I have been lucky, but I have never lost a dog bone, even when the upright itself has broken. If you fancy a body shell that can take the knocks, I would recommend the Fiat 500. With lots of force-dispersing curves and virtually no sharp angles, plus a rounded shape that is conducive to maintaining an even thickness of lexan when vacuum forming it, it is extremely resilient. I have one that has seen some heavy race use in the past, and while the stickers look worn and the body surface has been scraped on numerous occasions, it still has no cracks whatsoever. Another nice thing about the rounded shape of the Fiat 500 is that it helps the car land right side up again should you roll it. 😀
  5. One thing to consider with the prepainted Swift: It might be very brittle. When Tamico had them for sale at the can't-say-no price of 50 pounds each, I bought four of them, giving one to a mate, one to a nephew, and keeping two for myself. One of the shells had a crack in it before I even opened the box, so that became my runner shell - for a few runs until it disintegrated. The ones that I gave to my nephew and mate had bits falling off after the first minor collisions that would have left other shells with no marks whatsoever. I don't know if it was just that batch, and that is why they were so cheap, but it is something to be aware of as it might affect prepainted Swifts in general.
  6. The damper installation looks neatly done.
  7. Stanley received a few more scale details in the form of headlights rather than googly eyes, and some imitation sidelights and taillights. The folks across at Kamtec seemed to like how he turned out, as he is now the poster boy for this shell design on their website. 😁
  8. @MontyMole Looks great! Let the next round begin! Rules and results submission as per the first post in the thread. Round ends at midnight GMT on 3 March 2024.
  9. @MontyMole As winner of the last round, you have the honour of choosing where we go to next. Feel free to either draw up a track, or to pick one from a previous round for us to revisit.
  10. They are indeed. The protrusions on the sides are for the resistor and MSC, and the protrusions on the front are for mounting the throttle servo. A testament to how old this chassis design is!
  11. I too have both, and I don't really have much to say that hasn't been said already. I just want to add a "what he said" to @Re-Bugged's response.
  12. That looks very neat with the off-white diff plastics swapped for black.
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