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  1. Good idea that - I really should look into getting a subscription.
  2. I heartily agree regarding the stock shell's ugliness. I couldn't even bring myself to mount mine. Instead I built my G6-01 a shell out of Plasticard.
  3. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Carson-500900027-All-Terrain-Model-Making-Accessory/dp/B0037YB1WC https://shop.carson-modelsport.com/carson_en/carson/carson-accessories/wheels-tires/all-terrain-2wd-wheel-set-4-500900134-en.html
  4. Interesting - with more and more of our business starting to come in via online channels, I will probably be called back into the lab at some point over the next week or two. Possibly just as well - I am running out of projects!
  5. With the Coronapocalypse having been very productive so far in terms of RC, I am running out of things to do with the materials I have to hand, so the only things I did today was making up a pair of adjustable steering tierods for my DT-01 Rookie Rabbit to cure its comical toe-in, and fitting my M-03 with its shelf display bodyset and wheels. Hopefully the wheels, tyres and paint will arrive for my TA-02 Impreza over the next day or two!
  6. The Tamiya connectors aren't great as they have a fair amount of resistance and will rob your car of performance even if they don't overheat. However with the moderate current draw of a 13.5t, you probably won't melt them. I would however suggest getting the type of adapter that has one plug going directly to another without the cable between. With the battery cable and ESC cable already in play, you are unlikely to need a further piece of cable cluttering up the works.
  7. Indeed - the video shows the long lower eyelet fitted to the shock, which allows too much droop. Try the shorter one as specified in the manual. That should resolve the issue.
  8. A puzzle to be sure. Apart from the extra droop as a consequence of the long lower shock eyelet, I can't see anything amiss. Could you perhaps run the car on the bench with the wheels off the ground, video the affected area, upload the video to YouTube and post a link here? Maybe we'll spot something when it is in motion, or hear a clue in the noise it makes?
  9. Also, are you sure the shocks are meant to have the long lower eyelet fitted? That might be causing the suspension to droop more than it should, placing too much of an angle on the dogbone?
  10. Hmm. How many bearings do you have in your wheel hub? I can see the outer one, but is there an inner one too?
  11. If you enjoy the upgrade process, there is certainly no shortage of things to upgrade on a standard TT-02. However Tamiya upgrades usually cost a lot more if bought separately, so you can save money by buying a better spec kit at the outset that includes the upgrades.
  12. Unless it is a 1/14 truck, you'll want standard 1.9 touring car wheels and your choice of touring car tyres to fit. Most TT-01 kits use 2mm offset wheels, and they all use 12mm hexes.
  13. That is very odd. Amy chance of a few photos of the affected area and parts, or video of it occurring? Perhaps we'll be able to spot the issue?
  14. Perhaps this is fate's way of telling you that you need a F103 in your fleet? When you build them, you cut the servo tabs off entirely.
  15. That's good to know. I ordered the paint with express delivery, so hopefully it will be here tomorrow. And yes indeed - full boxart livery on this one!
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