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  1. The weather finally cleared enough for painting, so the shell now looks like this: Livery next!
  2. Mini Max is armed and seated. Plenty more work to go though, including giving him a steering wheel and rudimentary dashboard.
  3. Mini Max is taking shape. Gone is the open collar, and he now has a full face helmet.
  4. Thanks! That should do the trick nicely. Rules and results submissions as per the first post in the thread, round to run until midnight UTC on Sunday 28 July. Happy racing!
  5. I have used them too, and yes, you need to open up the hole in the wheel to fit the barrel nut through it. If you do it carefully, so that the nut shaft only just fits the hole, you can still use the wheels with standard nuts and axles. I can't say I've had any vibration issues, but I quite agree with the recommendation to use threadlock, as the barrel nuts come loose a lot easier than normal flanged nylocks.
  6. @Pylon80 I don't suppose you'd have a chance to run this month's RBP track through your track expanding device, if you would be so kind good Sir pretty please?
  7. I should have a bit of time to work on this over the weekend, helped by the arrival today of the Red Bull stickers and a 1/10 full face helmet for Mini Max. Hope the weather clears for painting!
  8. Those make hens' teeth look like common everyday commodities. Unless time and money are no object, you might want to consider 3D-printed alternatives?
  9. Replaced by a new trio of Yeah Racing, 3Racing and GPM?
  10. I am quite pleased that they are not constantly releasing new things, as it means that the spares remain available for the older models for longer. I can't say I have much experience driving a standard TT-02, as the only one I have built was for a charity giveaway and that only got driven up and down the living room floor a few times to make sure that everything worked. However the TT-02 type S that I drive regularly in the postal racing is IMHO an excellent model, in every way equivalent in performance to my TB-03, just with easier spares availability.
  11. Bodyshell number 2 has been trimmed, drilled and sanded. Work has started with converting a Tamiya 4X4 driver figure into a Max Verstappen-esque cockpit occupant. I need to remodel his clothing to look more like racing overalls, and I think I might replace his head completely with a modern crash helmet.
  12. These should help running the Fastrax buggy wheels: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/385282091995
  13. That should use the same 110mm axle as I used on mine, as I used the F104 diff which is the same length as the long F103 one, as well as other parts of the same dimensions as yours. It is part number 84173 if you want steel, or 54162 if you want carbon.
  14. The mounting screw positions for the F103 and F104 gear cases are identical, so it is a straight swap. The longer diff adapter and housing work with the shorter axle. The only part you might still need is a spacer for the non-diff side of the axle, or the longer clamp type wheel adapter.
  15. If MIP found it profitable enough to make a Monster Beetle ball diff, perhaps they would consider a TT-02B slipper? I'm sure there are more TT02Bs out there than Monster Beetles...
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