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  1. If hand grip is an issue, you might try using a radio tray like the ones used by some model aircraft pilots. Hung around the neck and braced against the body, this gives something to rest the transmitter on, so you don't need to hold it. You can then use your available grip to manipulate the stick, which can be extended and thickened to make holding it easier.
  2. My favourite battery retainer has to be the TL-01 spring loaded quick release one, ideally with the stamped fibreglass plates swapped out for precision cut carbon ones from Fybre Lyte. Also compatible with the WR-01, WT-01, M-03, M-05 and possibly others with similar battery placement such as the MF-01X, it literally makes battery changes a snap, and is also easily spaced outwards to make room for longer-than-a-standard-NiMH rounded LiPo packs.
  3. Many wheel and trigger controllers can be used one handed, steering with a thumb.
  4. Today I received a set of TL-01 body mounts, which includes a useful cross brace extension piece which gives stability to taller post installations such as those used on the Suzuki Jimny and our Morris Minor teapot racers.
  5. If you want to become a better driver while also having loads of fun, I'd recommend a F1 chassis for on road use. By far the most challenging class of car in my on-road fleet, they produce a drive that is anything but boring, and extremely rewarding when you get it right. Used F103s can be picked up quite cheaply, and even a new F104 shouldn't cost a fortune.
  6. This looks like a great project. Having recently restored one and restomodded another, I can see how appealing this chassis can be. Looking forward to seeing the progess!
  7. Fybre Lyte are good for carbon goodies. My ESC plate and wing mount came from there. TBG supplied the shell and MCI supplied the decals. Electronics came from Modelsport.
  8. If you do want some Yeah Racing parts though, I found that the bundles are often significantly better value than the parts on their own, even if you don't want all the parts in the bundle. For example, I wanted the alloy steering set, heatsink and suspension mounts for my M-07, and I found it cheaper to buy the bundle containing them and some un-needed alloy shock towers and a bumper plate than it was to get just the parts I wanted.
  9. I'm still keen to get one, but I think I'll hold off until it is available with a more appropriate shell and the aftermarket hop up industry has given us more options.
  10. CC is back together, with a metal A5 brace this time: Although my colleague was reluctant to have one fitted at first since his original car didn't have one, the car's first run quickly convinced him of the brace's usefulness as his un-braced A5 collapsed on the first lap whereas MC's braced front end went all day with no damage. I don't think that the brace is a bad thing though. The black steel blends into the black plastic from a visual perspective so it doesn't really harm the Vintage look, and it is an upgrade that many people would have performed back in the day so it has a level of authenticity too.
  11. The FF-03 has the option of mounting the front body posts right at the front or in the usual TT-0X position near the font axle shared with the majority of Tamiya TCs, so I suspect there is more to it than body post position. Could it simply be that the instructions predate the release of the FF-03?
  12. I faced the same choice a little while back, and had shortlisted the same three cars as you are considering. With better plastics than a TT-02 and a more reliable drivetrain than a TB-04, the TB-03 was the one I chose. Here it is: Dressed for racing: And dressed for display: Apart from an alloy K9, ballraced and shimmed steering and IFS pivots, it is completely stock and performs brilliantly, with no reliability issues on 13.5t 2s power.
  13. Does this come with the injection moulded parts?
  14. Yes, you can cut the wires, just be sure to insulate the ends so that they don't short as that might fry the ESC. Alternatively, if you have a small enough soldering iron and steady hands, you can unsolder them from the board. Another approach is to get a very small JST male and female plug and put these on the fan power wires so that the fan can be removed and added at will.
  15. The thing is, I have found my RC "sweet spot", and it isn't a particular model, or even a type of model. Rather, it is the act of building or restoring a model that I get the most joy from. So in my case the best money saving technique I have found so far is to persuade friends and family that they need me to build and restore their models for them... 😁
  16. The Hotshot is the oldest 4WD design in my stable, and as such bears a special place as the benchmark to which subsequent designs are compared. If I want to get a feel of how much more advanced a more recent buggy is, I run it back to back with the Hotshot. It helps me appreciate my other buggies more. 😁
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