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  1. I found and rebuilt/restored a very mistreated Ferrari F189 (#58084) - F101 Chassis. I am missing the rear wing. Finding the actual F101 wing seems impossible considering the age of the car. An F1 car without a rear wing looks weird to me, so I am willing to put anything that fits on there, even if it's not correct for this car as long as it doesn't require modification to the actual chassis. Will the other wings from F102 to F104 fit? Do they use the same mounting points? Are there any other ideas on what would work? Thank you.
  2. Did you draw that with a mouse? I am having difficulty believing so because the lines look drawn like with a pen, and am curious on what you used.
  3. This looks like a screen shot from Euro Truck Simulator 2.
  4. Loctite Blue allows you to easily take it back off. I had the same issue as you once and have been using it since. A tiny tiny tiny drop is all you need. http://www.loctiteproducts.com/p/t_lkr_blue/overview/Loctite-Threadlocker-Blue-242.htm
  5. The cover is there because it goes over the motor mount. It looks like the pinion rubbed a hole through it.
  6. Now that you have it, it'll get used once every 2 years.
  7. The fox see's that the car is smaller than it and is curious to see if it could be a meal. The fox won't bother you because humans are much larger than the fox. The fox knows it cannot take you down so it'll run away when you make yourself known. I've only ever seen jackals in David Attenborough shows.
  8. Weird, I still see it in the string of messages. But, yes. I did send you something. You should be receiving it any day now through USPS. I'll try PM'ing again.
  9. My book suggestion wasn't a joke. That book teaches you to stop worrying about every little detail and only focus on the things that matter (your health, home, financial status, and relationships). It's helped me reduce stress at work. If anything, I suggest reading the reviews and see if it interest you or the OP. Yes, it is strongly worded, but gets the point across.
  10. I'm starting to work on the hard plastic body for my CC01 project. I want to fill in the back of the cab since I won't be using the bed that's supposed to go with it. From my understanding, styrene is the way to go, right? I don't think I have ever seen styrene up close, so I am not sure what I am looking for. I know what Styrofoam is, so I imagine is shares similar properties. I've looked at pictures online, watched videos, and am still unsure. I went to the LHS and got the only thing they offered called styrene. It's a bit on the thick side compared to some of the Youtube videos I watched. I'm attempting to use it, but at this point, could just call what I have made a template. Here is it on top of some bearings to show thickness. Here's the filler piece I made. It's currently held in with friction. If I use the material I have, I am going to remake this piece to fill in the gaps where the window meets. I'm going to have to glue the back window in place. I think that the bed that goes to this body is what should normally hold it in place, which is why the tape is on top. I'm going to make the body mounts in a way that a rollover won't put stress on the styrene panel, but a side impact may be unavoidable. Considering that, do I go forward with the material I have, or should I get the correct styrene that everyone else uses? I remember reading that Shoe Goo is good to bond the styrene to plastic. What about filling the gaps? I have automotive bondo, and I have Tamiya putty. Which is preferred, or is there something else? Any help on where to go from here would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I haven't even built my Nismo F103GT yet, and I want this one. Agreed.
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