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  1. Anyone got one of these for sale?
  2. Any mini for sale either m01 or m03
  3. Carts

    Project clear out (UK)

    Thanks mini body received and look forward to receiving supra
  4. Carts

    Project clear out (UK)

    No response?
  5. Carts

    Project clear out (UK)

    Pmd u
  6. Yes mate exactly what I’m after will pm u
  7. Carts

    Tamiya m01

    So have the front wheels very slightly pointing out wards? Will try it at the weekend. Are the gearbox parts the same as m03?
  8. Carts

    Tamiya m01

    Hi guys,i got myself a Tamiya m01. Is there a known issue with the steering being hard to get the car to go straight? When I accelerate my front wheels go inwards. Like there are loose and the part the steering rod snaps onto seems awfully sloppy. Like it needs tightening up. Check all screws etc and the servo and I can’t get it any better . Advice needed
  9. Anyone got one of the above? Used or new. Just want it intact thank you
  10. I’ve got one coming next week if u are interested pm me
  11. As above good used condition or new. Tyres suit tt01 Tl01
  12. How long did it take to arrive?
  13. Just bought one as well from where u bought yours truck Norris 👍 £71 with exchange rate . Hope it gets to uk in one piece
  14. Has anyone got a ff02 or ff01 for sale? Good used condition is ideal or new. Really want something that will run the iconic cup in April. I’m based in the uk. Thanks carts
  15. Carts

    Iconic cup

    Not sure if I’m honest