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  1. Good Used or new. Has any one got a cheap pair? Cheers
  2. Carts

    Ta04 help

    I’m also after so rear body posts the L SHAPE ones
  3. Carts

    Ta04 help

    That would be awesome mate thanks
  4. Help needed..... I’ve got 2 ta04 short wheel base 247mm. How do I make them into 257mm ?? And has any one got the parts I need. . Body options are limited on the 247mm. Thanks
  5. Hi has anyone got a good condition one of these for sale? Fits a ta01 cheers
  6. Wanted...Desperately trying to find this part for my ff01 . A5 front shock tower .
  7. Hi has anyone got one of these they will part with? Believe they were ta02 and tt01e
  8. Hi I’m after a decent tamiya 58149 body shell. M01 . Thanks
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