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  1. I’m trying to find a very good / new cc01 chassis . I’m in the uk thanks
  2. Hi Has anyone got this body and willing to sell it? I’m after a good used condition one or new. No cracks or splits. Thanks I’m hoping some might have one . I’m based in uk . Thanks
  3. I have a m01/02 parts. Got those parts but are lightly used . I have a 90% complete m01 m02 I’ve just for parts so more than welcome to contact me
  4. Has anyone got a spare ff01 A5 part (front shock tower) must be in good condition. Bought a ‘new’ kit and was missing that part . Thanks
  5. Hi I’m after this body. Looking for one in very good condition thanks I’m in uk
  6. Good condition no splits
  7. New or used just full length posts and the straight rear ones . Thanks
  8. Need them the correct length for Ta03f please thanks
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