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  1. Hi I’m after a decent tamiya 58149 body shell. M01 . Thanks
  2. I’m after some full length ta04 body posts. Has anyone got a spare set? Cheers
  3. Need help. What spray or paint do I need to use on the f350 mirrors
  4. Fb stalking lol . Yes they are too rough for my second mondeo shelf queen .
  5. Has anyone got the above? Thank you 😊
  6. Hi has anyone got one of the above boxes and also manual
  7. As above had any one got this kit box I can buy? 47321 kit number
  8. Hi has anyone got the above kit box for the original Audi A4 stw 1996. Ta03f Chassis...Thanks
  9. Hi has anyone got a Subaru xv bodyshell for sale? Thanks carts
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