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  1. Good condition no splits
  2. New or used just full length posts and the straight rear ones . Thanks
  3. Need them the correct length for Ta03f please thanks
  4. Rerelease body requires wing mirrors . Has anyone got a pair? Thanks
  5. Has anyone got a ff01 up for sale? Thanks carts uk
  6. Has anyone got a front axle ( what the wheel and bearings fit onto ) for a Schumacher Fireblade. U1715v part number . Fingers crossed
  7. Carts

    Kyosho outrage rtr

    Hi what bodies other than the standard body fits this chassis? The original body is a bit naff. Would like a proper buggy looking one
  8. Has any one got a Ta03f pro /Ta03r pro for sale or the parts to make one?
  9. Has any one got carbon chassis or bottom of chassis for Ta03r ? Thanks
  10. How do I put the body posts into the front bumper like a tb03. I think it can be done but not sure how . Cheers
  11. I have raced on this class for nearly a year and i have 2 carten m201r cars. Previously had a m-rage . Great class. Quick cars. The Mtc nationals are coming to my club again in Torquay this year
  12. Cc01 I found to be a pig to build but there might be my in experience
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