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  1. Looking for a switch rod included the black adjuster for 58011 Ferrari 312T3. Can also use one from 58010 Ligier JS9 Matra or 58012 Ligier JS9 Matra CS as they are identical. Any help appreciated
  2. As title says, need both. I dont think these came with the re-re, only on the 1977 original. Any help appreciated.
  3. As title says, looking for two small plastic parts, E7, for XR311. Must be vintage and in good shape.
  4. The Striker manual also says 4505024, but i cant seem to find this number anywhere else. Im thinking that maybe the SP5253/50253 is identical to 4505024? I find speed controllers confusing.
  5. Hi Im looking for a new original speed control for a Striker, the one that was in the kit im building obviously isnt the original one as the wiring for resistor and motor is too short, and also it is brown instead of black. Dont really know what to look for either, since i dont know what the part number is as a sparepart. I got a NIB 5182 speed controller, but its not enough that it will fit, must be the exact same as the original, if anyone knows the part number on this sparepart it will help me a lot. Is there a list over all mechanical speed regulators Tamiya has made? And what kits they originally came in, not the first time im wondering about this. Cheers
  6. Selling Sonic Fighter F-parts i found in a Striker kit. 15 GBP, ask for shipping.
  7. Hi, yes i could do that. Its like its more original when using the paint described in the manual, feels more "correct" to me. But thanks anyway, guess that will be the way to do it.
  8. Hi everybody I`m after a jar of each to complete an old frog. All help is very much appreciated. Will have to be shipped to Norway. Thanks Tor-Even
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