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  1. i was never into RC cars growing up and to me the re-releases are quite enjoyable as they have that old school engineering and quirkiness to them. Clearly the newly engineered products will outperform that buts not the re-re's intended purpose. Nostalgia or even having a product bring you back to a different time is fun.
  2. a DT03 would be my 2wd choice and a TT02B if you want a 4wd - i have both and out of my 60+ rc cars they are the two bashers that get the most use.
  3. i got one a few weeks back along with two sets of spare tires and wheels, haven't had the chance to run it yet.
  4. winter time is RC building time for me, i travel in my RV a whole bunch in the summer so i don't wrench too much.
  5. I've had my CMX with a Blackfoot body for about 3 years now, the wheelwells are now cut a bit but otherwise its a good working truck.
  6. This might prove to be ideal to gear down the mf-01x chassis.
  7. for what its worth, I run some Traxxas 21T 550 cans on 3s with HW1080 esc's in both mu Axial RR10 Bomber and also Yeti. Lots of get up and go but also very good low speed control and torque.
  8. three years ago I built a hornet for my then 6yo daughter and a holiday buggy for my 4yo both with the 370 can - more than enough speed and durable enough for them both - they both run 540 silver cans now. I had also built each of my nephews (4 and 2 at the time) a Lunchboxes with 55turn 540 motors to slow them down and waterproof electronics, both are running torque tuned 540's now. The parts list to fix them over the last 3 years is : 1. Receiver for the grasshopper 2. body for the holiday buggy 3. Body mounts for one of the lunchboxes (upgraded to alloy parts) For the amount I put up and the amount of time that these have been used, i'm 100% happy with them.
  9. Great looking build. I did up a Blackfoot last year and it sees regular action, such a vintage feel to it.
  10. The two glaring omissions seem. To be a good monster truck and a rock crawler/scaler/rock racer. Tons of good options out there for both, I very much like the MST CMX/CFX platform as it uses tamiya CC01 sized bodies, not a kit but their MXT-1 monster truck is great. Also look at Axial, vaterra, traxxas, Rc4wd and Gide for a bunch of different crawler options.
  11. DT02 for sure, I've got the holiday buggy variant and with a 540 can and some oil dampers its an awesome runner/basher.
  12. mine arrived yesterday, i'll be digging into it shortly.
  13. I ordered one to beat on - worse case i'll hack it up and make a custom crawler out of it.
  14. I've had a few hard hits with some of my Lexan bodied bashers and once its creased there's no going back, its not like having a crack and using a spare piece of lexan and backing it with shoegoo
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