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  1. And here are the new bits. New front wishbones, tyres and wheels, metal bearings, supershot shocks, front bumper, cv shafts, updated centre drive shaft. Also 12mm hex drives to run different wheels.
  2. So here is the old girl stripped down ready for cleaning. The old radio gear isnt working but the servos are ok. I don't think it's worth trying to fix the radio gear.
  3. I am toying with doing a chrome finish using non Tamiya paints...
  4. Hi chevelle, what colour and how many coats did you do on the super shot?
  5. They will be coming, photos that is. Been working long hours at work so I don't have a lot of spare time. Hoping to get a bit done this weekend.
  6. yep. rang the local hobby store and he was telling me to ditch the old gear and get a new servo, esc, motor and controller. I can even just get a receiver and put in two cars on my new controller.
  7. I have had them out once to check the internals of the controller to make sure the battery leak didn't get into the circuit board. i might put the boomerang restore on the back burner so i can build the supershot rerelease that i have.
  8. I have a futaba attack r that I got with my original boomerang in the mid 80's. I have been stripping down the boomerang to rebuild it and finally got round to checking the radio gear. I plugged the battery into the car and the servos centred so the car electrics seem fine. however the controller didn't come to life with the new batteries. there is a little bit of corrosion on the contacts in the controller from the last lot of batteries that were in it. has anyone got some pointers on how I can check to see if the controller will work again?
  9. so the old controller appears to not be working. when I plugged the battery to the car I heard the servos twitch so that was a good sign. brand new batteries in the controller and there was no life in it.
  10. the first part is ready to go. I just have to pick up some batteries for the old futaba controller and see if it still works. If it doesn't then I will use the new controller to make sure the old servos still work. hopefully the old controller and servos are ok and I just need to get a new motor and battery.
  11. Well the time has come to find out what works on my nearly 30 year old boomerang. I will be adding photos along the way and acknowledging other builders who have given invaluable advice. so how does one go about checking what works and what doesn't on something old? Well you get something new (in my case it was a re release super shot ) so you can test all the old bits. first up the battery and charger are toast but they were on there way out in 1990. Surprisingly the motor still works, sort of. It has a nasty rattle and puts out a small cloud of burning electric smoke. On the plus side the mechanical speed controller still works. The next step is to see if my futaba remote still works. i have stripped down the gearboxes and bagged up everything. I plan to give everything a good scrub and clean out before installing the shinny new metal bearings thanks to nitro master in the USA (ebay). It was a one stop shop really. New front wishbones, wheels, tyres, gears and a full set of super shot shocks! (Metal parts included). I also got the dogbone shaft that connects the gearboxes. A local oz seller (the twokeytwokeybird) had the df03 cvd shafts as well as hex drives and blue aluminium wheel nuts. kontemax (who answered all my questions, legend) pointed me in the right direction on the mechanical side. I don't think I am at the ball diff stage yet but maybe one day. so the plan for the boomer is simple. Rip out the old stuff and put in the new stuff. Depending on how the radio gear goes, the esc and gt motor from the super shot will end up in the boomer. The super shot is going to be brushless eventually. The body on the boomer will get a strip and re spray but I am thinking either red bull stickers or martini. The martini look would be closer to the original and would look cool. The lucky stipe hotshot has made me think of going down a non original road. I have two ideas for the body. One is to use the original shell to create a mould and do a carbon body shell. The other is to do an aluminium shell from thin sheet. I think I can pull the aluminium one off but the carbon one may take some learning. one thing I did realise is the the boomer chassis has a bit of twist in it (if you grab the front and rear boxes the chassis twists). I think if I put a strut brace between the front shocks ( mad inventor did one for someone) it might stiffen up the chassis. If not I have a crazy idea of building a tubular frame with a thin aluminium sheet wrapping it. Weight will be the issue. I do have an old boomer chassis that I might experiment on. To everyone that has answered my queries on electrics, mechanics and body fixing thank you. It has made my jumping back into this hobby a lot easier.
  12. Hi all, Does anyone know where in Australia I can get steel pinions for the boomerang/supershot? I have tried a couple of stores in Newcastle with not much luck. doesn't have to be Tamiya brand can be aftermarket as long as it suits the cars. Thanks Michael
  13. thanks waterbok, I am assuming it will take a couple of coats to get a nice finish.
  14. I have bought a wing for my boomerang and it's a dish type like an egress wing. So if I paint it, it will have paint on the top surface or on the underside and outside of the end plates. What's the best way to paint the wing?
  15. Any suggestions on brands of brushless that would fit the super shot?
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