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  1. @ThunderDragonCy think it it is a bit short, on my evo 5 the suspension block is mounted onto the chassis, then a bit more chassis for the bumper plastics..
  2. Interesting that, does definitely look like an evo 5.. 🤔🤔 dont see much doing with them really, or maybe I’ve missed the surge of them, not sure why, seems a decent chassis and not dissimilar to the evo 6, which there’s one at the club sometimes.. thou guess the absence of gear diffs is possibly a issue.
  3. Tb evo V no rocking spec-r tb03 gear diffs and spec-r steel swing shafts on original axles. been hard work and some serious cursing, ideally needs 43mm swing shafts especially on the rear weirdly. As if I put more than 1-1.5ml camber on the blades catch the diff cups and causes it to move the arm up and down. As 43mm prob doesn’t exist, I may have to use different suspension blocks as can grab a mm or 2 in width there.. but the gear diffs are in, it’s close, but it clears now, can see a faint mark on rear diff case from original fit, had to file down the bevel gear shafts 1-1.5mm so they clear. Not run yet but have bench run them and doesn’t appear to foul! Thou he real test tomorrow as race night!
  4. After trial fits tonight, now require 44mm swing shafts happy with two sets of 54078s if available etc Thanks
  5. Further dilemmas building and running a Tb evo5 now potentially looking out for some of the above. Hoping to make some measurements during the week, as slim chance it could be 44mm I need. Fitted spec r diffs and shafts are too long now to get the blades in, so need shorter shafts. Happy to use two sets of 53501 if available.. anyone got any lying around used or un-used? I know they aren’t very expensive but on a tight leash at the minute 😆🤦‍♂️ Thanks in advance..
  6. Fingers crossed I can improve on laps compared to my tb03, thou 6 weeks in I wonder if it’ll make any difference hahaha! just need to sort camber and front toe in, get battery tape and eventually fit a spool/gear diffs front and back. This week will be rocking a one way roller! Could be fun with a nice sharp bend at the end of the straight! 😖 btw I’m still running my 2.4ghz plane tx, with locked sticks.. so it’s a big ol’ receiver, hoping to get a smaller one at some point.. 😂 or even a land 2.4ghz tx long term future..
  7. Hey, not actually in front of it, it have the instructions.. assuming it’s not tinkered with it should be like this..
  8. 😬😬 thats right, I remember you saying that now! Thanks that would be great! 👍 👍 i may also borrow the evo diffs, so least I can run the 03 next week.. as in theory should fit, judging by the destructions..
  9. Cheers! Another to have a look for it was the tb04 gear diff as well for the rear wasn’t it? Sorry I was tired last night and woke up thinking about lots of different number chassis and diffs so got my self confused! hahahaha.. btw sorry I know I am a pain! 😬
  10. Hey folks,, so now there has been a change of plan. im now going to be racing a Tb evo 5 so need to get a spool and gear diff for that instead. after writing off both my ball diffs in my tb03 last night im done with them. 🤮 gear diff for me now. Possibly slightly my fault as I stripped and rebuilt them the other night only to find I had no ball diff grease so I used a bit of some automotive high temp grease, which must be the problem cos before they needed rebuilding they had been ok. so anyway.. ive been searching and seems to be some options, I just wondered if anyone had a definitive solution with good results? I believe a tb04 gear diff fits, but from googling I’ve found it may possibly require the Smaller drive shaft gear filing down slightly so it doesn’t catch the diff body? Also spool wise, from searching google appears the tb03 one fits, but these don’t seem to be that readily available, thou there is some on tamico, so wondering if a later car has one compatable cheeper i have a unhappy wife and 🍒 are at risk at the moment! 😂🤣 but having to take it cos I need to have a reliable setup.. many thanks!
  11. @Honza Thanks for the info! Well couple of reasons, everyone else at the club runs them and they are relatively low maintenance especially compare to ball diffs.. , I should run a spool up front, but as getting used to track racing again I wanted to run a front diff still so I don’t keep killing drive shafts and gears etc.. still pinballing my way round sometimes haha this last time the thrust bearing failed and I hadn’t noticed for a while, ( my bad mind ) so struggled with grip, to find I was basically running rear wheel drive.. oops.. should be better this week thou!
  12. @ThunderDragonCy Thanks! Yeah worth a look! 👍 I don’t mind as long as it’s a gear diff! Haha! Ill download the manual when I get home and have a look at the build stages later on 👍
  13. Others may be compatable, I’m after some for the my tb03, I’m sure I’ve read somewhere they will fit! I know spec r do some but was trying to stay tamiya.. I’ve read the tb04 gear diffs fit the evo 5 and also the tb03 diffs fit the evo 5 so the tb04 must fit the 03 haha.. may have to change the small bevel gear but would save rebuilding ball diffs every week..
  14. Morning! Anyone got 1 or 2 tb04 gear diffs lying around they want to part with? After 5 race nights I’ve decided I’m done with ball diffs! Lol
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