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  1. Bump, open to sensible offers, will split the bundle if needed.. 👍
  2. Weekend bump 👍 open to sensible offers, will post internationally, message for postage prices.. 👍
  3. Reluctantly up for sale is my first trf419, it will come as a roller so no electrics installed . Electrics installed for pics as was leaving in if locally wants to be tested. It started a 419 but I semi converted to an X as it has a 419X chassis, top deck, towers fitted to narrow the bulkheads slightly. I’m cutting down on cars and focusing on racing so as this is my spare car it isn’t required and I want to concentrate on my xr and do some work on that. It is in very good condition with only minor carpet swirl marks on the chassis plate. Also comes with the original box and instruction book for it as a 419. The spare carbon items are the original 419 items and are in equally good condition as only ever been a carpet car. Comes with new in pack arms and front knuckles. Also has a Samix floating servo / steering mount and will come with the original servo mount also. Could include the 13.5t GeForce motor for another £25 £265 includes uk special delivery. International possible, but message for quite Check my other items as have a tidy 418 available as well.
  4. Bump.. for a price drop to £275 posted in uk.. international please check as will be additional charge for shipping..
  5. Thanks, it sure is, came to me in excellent condition, and despite swapping plates to used ones, still very clean.. 👍👍 yeah can ship abroad.. 👍 have to pm me with your address and I’ll get. Quote on postage for you..
  6. Tamiya TRF418 Reluctantly up for sale due to needing a transmitter which I have sorted but needs to Go to pay for it.. 😓 Pretty rare in this condition, only produced for 6 months then changed to the 419, so not many about, not quite the same rarity as the 414s, but I’d say I see more 414s for sale than the 418s just they aren’t the holy grail car. Comes with the box, but not pictured, will sort tomorrow. Anyway, it came to me as a shelf queen, that had been being previously used a bit, and they then rebuilt the whole car with many new parts. Including a scarce chassis plate and top deck. I decided I’d run it to test a motor, it did one heat of 5 mins but the motor was hopeless. So it did no more. I swapped the mint chassis plate and top deck for a used item, and that is how it is at the moment. So it looks well used but actually is not. I can swap the plates over if you want so when it arrives it’s as good as it can be.. 👍 or could leave it then you can do the swap your self. It was dry when I got it, so Tamiya yellow oil filled the dampers, and to preserve the white diff I ran a 419 diff in it. So the white diff wouldn’t get damaged, unlikely I know, but did it anyway. I have put the white one back in, but I’d recommend a service on it as I didn’t check but it could be dry. £275 posted Any questions please ask! Price includes uk special delivery postage
  7. How did I miss this.. 😆 be watching 👍
  8. Bump. Still available.. 👍 may trade for ta02 / trf / f103 hopups..
  9. BNIP Tamiya 53326 TA03 Aluminum Racing Steering Set. bought for a project but never took off. Come new in pack unopened. £75 includes uk post and fees International possible but will cost extra postage.please contact me with address for total.
  10. Up for sale is 1 x trf417v5 / 417x Had this for a little while as planned to collect one of each. But plans change and now I’ve decided to concentrate on my two main race cars. So this is now available. I originally bought it as a 417x semi rebuilt, and since finishing the rebuild off I’ve come to realize it’s most likely a 417v5 but been built up on a 417x chassis plate. Most likely the v5 plate was scratched up and got removed and used a 417x as the v5 plate is very hard to source. Upon inspection I found It has the thicker damper towers and the split motor mount bulkheads and of course the v5 aeration dampers all indicating v5 status. It’s had new a new front belt along with other parts along the way as required and I was told originally by the previous owner most bearings were replaced as he started to rebuild. It is in great condition and deserves to be used. Hardly any marks on it, There are a few bits where the blue has worn off the alloy pieces through use, but the chassis plate is basically brand new. There is a blue 3x8 Ali screw missing but I’ll put a replacement in from my other car so it is correct, just forgot to do it before pictures.. same also the rod stopper which is missing off the rear arb I have but not fitted yet, but included.. As with all second hand cars, it’s always best to do a thorough inspection your self to ensure everything is ok and up to your standard. International post available, please contact me for exact prices as I’ll have to add it on to the price. For more pictures, please contact me, and we can sort out WhatsApp or picture messages etc. £250 including fees and uk postage
  11. I’ll try not too! 🤷‍♂️😭😭
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