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  1. Bump.. can be a after market or custom designed plate
  2. As per title; im potentially on the lookout for a chassis main plate, for a Tb evo iv 4. Ideally used but not battered but anything considered.. many thanks
  3. Bump.. now 225 posted worldwide More pics available, just can’t upload..
  4. Up for sale tamiya 53145 front urethane bumper kit branx new in packet. hard to find bnip £50 posted uk could ship wordwide, contract with address for postage cost thanks
  5. I am also open to trades, let me know what you got, preferred touring cars but try me
  6. Yeah sure does! I emailed them 2 weeks ago, they have the chassis plates for this, and said they can swap them into a evo6 kit and supply the whole kit still..
  7. Yeah hope so.. not really had any interest as such. So may not be going anywhere in a hurry hard to value as never see them come up for sale.. I’d settled at 225 based on sales of other evos in the range but must be a undesirable chassis as very little to work with.. maybe one day, a evo 7 will be with me.. just need a medium sized lottery win to sort me out! Haha
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