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  1. Mark3gti

    The TB Chassis Thread

    @Tizer sounds like your into the tb chassiss! Be good to see some pictures! Similar, I have a ta02 nearly fully hopped up, and was going to run, but have a tb03 to do that now!
  2. Mark3gti

    The TB Chassis Thread

    @speedy_w_beans want that chassis set! Lol! Saves using non slip mat to hold that Lipo pack in! 🤣 if anyone has a tb03 used chassis conversion knocking about I know where there is a race car needing one! 😂
  3. Mark3gti

    The TB Chassis Thread

    Brushless semi installed! Attempted neat install, difficult with the centre shaft.. but looks good enough!
  4. Mark3gti

    The TB Chassis Thread

    Race car! 😬 2nd race meet done in 22 years, 3rd will be brushless power 👍 btw I know I need a car stand! 😕
  5. Mark3gti

    The TB Chassis Thread

    It was all going so well! Bit of late night testing in prep for thurs night race night, and figured I’d best actually try it see if I can still drive.. some may say no! Haha,, never put proper wheel nuts on, did a few circuits steady as Lipo not fixed down, but had to try, stopped to go in, but wanted one more go, so set off and rear wheel come off and so front wheel clipped curb! End of hub carrier and shiny knuckle.. Fingers crossed Tony gets the replacements here in time! From the times I drove it seems really nice to drive, and surprised how quiet they are compared to the old ta01/2 , handled well and was fairly spritely with a 17x2 in, but may need to drop down from 22t pinion to 20t pinion for the track and may need timing putting up as set to neutral, but will see this week all being well! Just got to modify the battery retainer stays as too low to clip the Lipo in but have some parts to resolve later all been well! 🤞
  6. Mark3gti

    Sold, please delete :)

    Selling last of my m05 parts I have left over. lots of plastic parts, some old some new. pictures added so you can see what’s included. £25ono posted in uk
  7. Bump now 25 posted in uk
  8. @Group c nice! I didn’t realise go pro could show speed like that, I’m hoping to have a go at some runs to get me back driving cars.. but need a way of measuring ok.. this could be the answer 👍
  9. Mark3gti

    The TB Chassis Thread

    @TwistedxSlayer ah yeah not so far, am right at the bottom of m60 yes nice day for it, problem I’m having is finding somewhere nice and flat and safe to do straight line speed runs, not gonna be all that quick (at first anyway) but needs to be clear and safe.. council don’t like our roads, all covered in pot holes.. bad enough for a full size car!
  10. Mark3gti

    Wanted: M chassis, M01, M02, M04

    Any interest in a m05? It does have some extras and needs a rebuild..
  11. Mark3gti

    The TB Chassis Thread

    @TwistedxSlayer it’s stockport really, Cheadle area i just lit Manc as better known thanks! Ill try n update as and when.. might be a little while before it runs under own power but I’m hoping for some spring action.. 🤞
  12. Mark3gti

    The TB Chassis Thread

    @svenb thanks! 😉 👍👍
  13. Mark3gti

    The TB Chassis Thread

    Any room for another to join in ? Getting back in the driving seat, for fun not to race, little lad is 2.5 nearly so be fun to get him learning, thou with a much slower motor in! thou to give me a purpose I might shoot for the top 10 list..
  14. BNIP tamiya 53141 lightweight king pins, brand new in packet, fit lots of chassis, ta01,ta02, M03, m04 and more £7.25 posted in uk could post internationally if required, but contact me with address and I’ll quote additional postage, thou may work out too expensive,