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  1. Tamiya 54162 carbon rear shaft. brand new in pack. £32 posted and fees included
  2. Brand new in pack f60 body kit no longer required.. £75 Includes, post and PayPal fees
  3. Great idea! I recently ( Xmas ) had to good luck to convince my wife to buy me a f103rs off @svenb so means I can join the party! 😁 picked up a carbon plate ( the thicker one ) and the top deck kit for very cheap so used the last of my Grandpsrents-in-law Xmas cash and got them. made the swap and fitted out as plan to run it a bit at my local track in gt10 class, should be fun.. whilst doing that I nodded the servo mounts so I could lie it down. Not sure if it gains much, but I feel it looks better, had introduced some angle on the steering rods, but I’ll space the ball connectors slightly to reduce it. next thing to find is a body to run that’s not a Tamiya one.. could always use a tc body but I think something in keeping would be better.. the hunt continues.. 😁😁
  4. Bump for a reduction. 195 posted in uk..
  5. Midweek price drop and lockdown project bump
  6. I’ve got a couple of used ones I think unless your sorted.. 👍
  7. Up for sale is a tamiya trf417 whole chassis in great condition. very minor swirl mark type scratches on the bottom. comes with manual Has been a shelfer when i took it in a job lot. Is in very good condition and looks great. I would keep but I have a 417x which I’m keeping. After a bit of digging, it looks like this was a German release as has a serial number on the motor plate which was to confirm it wasn’t a euro import. Any questions please ask. £225 ono plus shipping approx £15 uk Contact me for a accurate international postage quote, figure in is just a guesstimate https://flic.kr/p/2jYkmXN
  8. Good point, but I have been mixing and matching between big bore and normal dampers and different springs, With no issues.. but maybe just lucky, perhaps some one will Comment and confirm .. But yeah will do.. 👍
  9. These are what you want ( I think ) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/351749335149 but could be a while shipping 😪 I’ll double check tomorrow if I have plastic ones but don’t have the metal ones... 👍
  10. Software edit via laptop as this box was the slightly older 2 in 1 and so wouldn’t program the esc directly, but thankfully worked ok via laptop. just have to remember to have a laptop with me when racing initially. hoping if someone has one I can try the later box see if it works or maybe it is just now going to be a laptop job: or I could put back old firmware on the esc to enable the box
  11. Had my phone strapped on to test to see if the top speed was still as expected with a shortie and also after checking the esc was programmed as blinke as I’d reset it and lost reverse so had to get hold of a program box. almost ready pre weight addition, could tell one side was much lighter when driving it was zero d before hand After a run on the street
  12. had set it up once bull all changed as replaced all the tie rods to some titanium ones I had.
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