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  1. Thanks! I like it. Should be interesting to see how it runs. I’m hoping it will feel similar to my 419 as it’ll be almost identical setup albeit 10 years older..
  2. Diff leaks too! 😭 it was one from my 419 from previous owner and had very heavy oil. when rebuilding I found brass bushings instead of bearings which I swapped back to bearings, so now not sure if they are the cause or the rubber o rings inside. they are the red ones, and I have somE new ones, so may have to rebuild after I’ve test drove it.. And fit near o rings 🤦‍♂️
  3. starting to look like a chassis again. Not gonna win any beauty contests but going to run as I want as a outdoor car. had a selection of chassis plates with the car, appears I have some 415 and some ms plates. Built up on a normal plate as ms one very clean. So will save for indoor action. might redrill the sus blocks holes as different on the normal plates, 3mm further apart so ideally need 48.5 shafts or may just redrill as a race car. needs lots yet to be race ready!
  4. 420 rear belt worked a charm, just off centre on adjusters and all good. fromt, not perfect but ok, looks like a 170t belt would be ok, this is 169 and on max closeness on adjusters and just ok. Hopefully a bit of give on belt when running it for a bit. its weird coz the 171t belt was really slack and 167 mega tight, so middle road should of worked. 🤷‍♂️ But it’s in and albeit a bit tight now running as I wanted..
  5. some belt goodness arrived. Picked up cheap so figured I’d go for it and try to get 20t centre pulleys in. Should bring internal ratio to 1.85 meaning same as my 419
  6. Goodies for the 415 arrived this week. 415msxxmr pulley shaft with selection of pulley sizes. I wanted 20s to fit but think it’ll be 18s initially due to belt sizes I have. bit boring but here’s the diff I had spare. stripped and drained old very thick oil from it over night, and cleaned and refilled with 3k. also fitted larger pins to the out gears as have some that fit better from h2rd. trial fit before diff rebuild. Looks neat I think and nice and smooth.
  7. Love the custom sway bar holders! 👍👍 i had tried to order that ifs brace for a while, as really liked the look of it! 😂 but Tony’s and Tamiya both failed, but it was on the tb evo 3 and not available anywhere! I was going to try one off a ff chassis but in the end, I opted for non ifs towards the end. And run a regular shock tower. Would mean you could put the arms on the right way round as well. But as your getting good results it’s probably worth sticking with ifs! 👍 the evo iv bevels are screwed on, But on my evo v they were held on with c clips. you maybe able to use the evo iv shafts in the 03 with a cheese head screw and it may clear ok. (I had to take 1.5mm off the face facing the diff to clear and works well) I think I have some new shafts I could measure to compare if needed.
  8. @ThunderDragonCy sounds good! how did you find the tb04 diff in the end? I never reported back, but I have the red o rings in it, it leaks from the main seal! 😱 tried twice and still residue on the body. I wonder if 3k oil is perhaps a little thin for them? Or I just can’t build gear diffs! 😂 someone mentioned ‘green slime‘ sealant, maybe the next option when I rebuild. It makes me not want to run it in case it leaks out and cooks the internals.. if you’ve got a snazzy tx you could mix in a bit of right with throttle may stop the torque steer? Or just see if it beds in ok.. 👍
  9. Could you not just run the evo 4 bevel gears as well? Then you know for sure the mesh is correct. or shim the tb03 bevel from behind to push it forward into the ring gears a bit more. I think it will be ok. But you’ll know if there is a lot of movement when wiggling the diff and holding the centre shaft.
  10. Thanks for the heads up on red o rings. im 99% sure I used red o rings in it, it leaks from the main seal, when I stripped and rebuilt I noticed the seal is shiny one side, so I swapped it round when rebuilding (new seal) and is a lot better but I’m sure it still weeping a bit as appears stained. My only fear is running it and running out of oil and melting it. not a bad weight that at all! 👍👍 looks well tidy especially with the silver dampers good news the tb04 diff fits with out modding. 👍👍
  11. Hey Cy, found em here as well http://www.hksrc.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=8853 they are around but post will be slow. but if your going tb04 that’s cool! Will you have to mod the gearbox covers? wonder if their is a ring gear for a tb03 front spool? It may fit the tb04 diff then you don’t need to alter internal ratio or bevel gears. Once you build them you can tell me how you stopped them leaking! 😭 I’ve built mine twice and it still leaks. It’s got 3k oil in, may have to go thicker. if you watched the videos on the tc-01 did you notice their tb04 diffs? Leaking all over the place! 😱😂 I put the tb04 diff In my Tb evo 4, stock ring gears fit, I wonder if it’s ring gears are the same size as tb03? 🤔 final trial fit thou I didn’t use the Ali ring gears in the end as slightly thicker and felt a bit tight, used kit rings and silky smooth. Looking forward to seeing the next upgrade! 👍 cdrbon fear shock tower on the list? 😁
  12. Yeah sounds like your having great success. unfortunately I can’t remember what blocks I had on it now. As put it back to standard when for sale. The silver dampers have tamiya standard yellow Oil in 400cst. like the dremeling of the battery slot, i used a piece of non slip mat and raised the locating pins with spacers, mainly cos I didn’t have a dremel! 😂 your way for better as keeping c of g low down. Carbon batt holder nice too! 👍👍 did you manage to get the cases for the diffs then? Where did you get them from?
  13. Starting to look a bit more like a car now. the four support posts haven’t been fitted to allow the chassis to flex a bit. As with them in there is literally no flex. if it handles ok, like this as I expect it to, I’ll may get the carbon plates cut with out the wings to tidy it all up a bit more. need to replace the front knuckles, and finish off the drive shafts with outer bearings and hexes. then it’s a matter of waiting for the centre pulley before finishing the build. I had planned to have a drive of it as it should be In kit form, but the motor I had planned to fit which I had spare is toast, so i need to wait now and save up for a replacement. 😪 No rush thou as my local track is unlikely to be opening any time soon. 😭
  14. New bearings for steering arm arrived. Quick and prompt delivery from these guys https://www.bearingoptions.co.uk/mf63-zz-metal-shielded-flanged-miniature-bearing-3mm-x-6mm-x-25mm-11529-p.asp fit perfect as expected. when building I found the 1mm spacer could be reduced to 0.7 and it removed some play In the steering so pleased I spent the time doing this.
  15. Thanks! yeah it’s quite tricky to work on the drive train for sure, have to take the bulkheads off every time you wanna adjust it. I see now why ‘rcracer’ in his latest 415 build did the drivetrain and bulkheads first. So much easier to access without the sus blocks and arms in the way. Could just slide on off alter and slide back. the later ones had split bulkheads like we are used to seeing these days..
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