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  1. Oooooh - the controller really nudges something in my head bit mine had no spoiler, no wheel arch extensions the biggest tell for the one I’m after is the lambo badge was 3D and slide up and down to activate the pop up lights thank you for thinking of my quest 👍🏻 JJ
  2. Yeah - im only recently discovering backing backed my vaillant porsche in black it darkened and deepened the green I have ordered some silvers and blacks to back in future wish I had a model shop near that I could get paints cheaper JJ
  3. Reminder of the eBay link - or pm him @Xeostar has posted more than a few dozen kits out in the last few days to all over the world we really do hope this massively extends the ORV gearbox life and we honestly can’t think of any other way to manage this JJ
  4. In need to spend more time hunting just to find what make mine was JJ
  5. Ah yeah ok - understood there will not be a strict tolerance on 1980s tamiya gearboxes haha JJ
  6. @KEV THE REV That’s really good news how tight did you go? did you find you could over tighten? How was the gearbox before JJ
  7. I use parcel2go which is a compare site it all depends on size anything over 1m starts to cost JJ
  8. these are now available to buy in eBay if you rather having the protection of eBay and PayPal @Xeostar will post a link JJ
  9. You know you are obsessed when you spend more fixing a chassis than it costs to buy a whole new one JJ
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