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  1. Yeah I have a few F1 cars and wouldn't have a clue where to run them
  2. Made a small carbon wing for my F1 inspired TD2 JJ
  3. Just added a better home made front wing JJ
  4. Yeah the canopy is exactly how the F1 merc has/had theirs yeah it was a front wing but I don't like it so will probably remove it tbh JJ
  5. I don't drive them but I loved the build and I love how cool it looks. I have a desert gaitor body set defo buy the GB01 kit and make it JJ
  6. I love it 👍🏻 I forget what came in mine but I have a few JJ
  7. Here is my TD2 done in Mercedes F1 Petronas livery and an open cockpit design running a SURPASS brushless combo, upgraded steering and suspension parts and front and rear ARB managed to fit an Avante driver in there with a modified roll bar in INEOS red with a Lewis Hamilton style driver with black sparkle helmet. really enjoyable build - half way between a Tamiya and a more modern race spec car. I think it works well JJ
  8. The final 2 were completed in the last month finished off my Vajra with mirror decals and my F1 inspired TD2 JJ
  9. Now onto the new Tamiya to the collection Sprayed up my Subaru Brat lexan body with some bespoke MCI mud blaster decals and plonked it on my MB chassis for photos Got a Dash 0 Horizon QD and put some nice gold wheels on it very similar to the kyosho bomber Got this custom king cab on a modified QD buggy chassis And this epic retro Jodie Scheckter Wolf Racing F1 JJ
  10. So a few more cars for the collection...... non Tamiya first... added a Team Durango DEX410 to my DEX210 And a HoBao H2 Plus a kyosho turbo scorpion to add to my recently re-shelled turbo optima and finally a kyosho sky bomber RTR JJ
  11. Well this has actually annoyed me a bit - such a low profile servo with options that are 1/4 price of the car guess it's AliExpress and a 3 week wait JJ
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