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  1. This is the full shapeways ampro 3D printed lighting set for the lunchbox (rear lights and side markers) also did the clodbuster - these just fit into the standard light units though JJ
  2. No probs haha I’m running a 3s LiPo and brushless combo in my beetle - the gearbox brace deals with that so a dyna tech will be fine but yes it’s a tad more powerful than say a sport tuned and in that condition prob worth about £70 You can get replacement decals for them from MCI Racing in Canada I love my beetle JJ
  3. No probs - more thanks to @Xeostar for doing all the real hard work zero mention of the DynaTech - what a lovely motor JJ
  4. Seen in the flesh - stunning genuine tamiya enthusiast thanks for the super sabre JJ
  5. 2WD classic buggy so you understand Tamiya heritage…. So Grasshopper or hornet or a wild one if feeling flush monster truck for the fun of that…. So Lunchbox or monster beetle or clod if feeling rich 4WD classic so hotshot or terra scorcher or Avante if you want to be the most popular kid on the block JJ
  6. No it’s like paint and not like a transfer you can clear coat over it if you want The “wood” trim in cars is hydro dipped (unless real Wood of course) it’s pretty tough JJ
  7. 100% Nor would I calculate the cost haha JJ
  8. on the mad bull I took a multi stage approach. painted shell orange masked all but a strip hydro dipped then masked the hydro dipped strip and painted the whole car black JJ
  9. I went watanabe (It’s also wider and lower) JJ
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