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  1. I really want one of these for my terra scorcher to complete my early 1990 set up I get that they are expensive but I don’t want to spend loads maybe some could help JJ
  2. Thanks for all the good info decided on the Kamtec set up now just got to look into the other ancillaries JJ
  3. That’s all good info im putting the repro shell on a non 959 chassis but not will I be bashing - it’s all about cost JJ
  4. About to do a repro 959 shell and interested to hear experiences with either the TBG or Kamtec shells? ive used both companies before for various builds but unsure on which route to take this time. clearly the main difference is cost the TBG shell, wing and cockpit comes in at £50 with shipping from Canada (all items sold separately) while the Kamtec one is around £38 with shipping any advice greatly received JJ
  5. I too made the comparison to the terra scorcher and it’s a bonkers hike to the VQS Maybe I’m just dumb but what makes it worth so much more JJ
  6. Please shout if you want a brace - helps gauge production JJ
  7. I shouldn’t think so 😋 nor would we fleece people and put them on shapeways for a million £ JJ
  8. No probs - I saw a gap but my much more talented friend @Xeostar designed and made them as he does some exceptional design work im his minion haha JJ
  9. P.s. @Xeostar has been running his beetle with a 2s brushless combo with no issues for over a month now JJ
  10. @justsomedude Yeah of course - if you from @Xeostar a pm then you can order or if you want the security of buying through eBay and PayPal then you can do that too. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184346083896 JJ
  11. Wow that’s too much would rather buy 3 lower spec models JJ
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