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  1. Should have looked for them anyway - shell is coming on ok. Out of the box it looks v nice thickness of the lexan does vary across the shell though but it’s still a good shell. i drilled the rear deck lid for the resistor and the mounting points. I decided I was gonna use black on the vents instead of the stickers so this will be my first proper attempt at using paint in place of stickers done the first few coats of paint (realised though that the body that came with the car is metallic and the box art colour is matte) so will see how it looks in the morning JJ
  2. That looks v nice I note you’ve created a rear window ... looks cool got to mask the windows on mine - thank god they invented masking kits for the newer cars JJ
  3. Added a primer to the whole FAV driver tree it's actually a good little parts tree to get for the money as you get the driver, headlights, much better rear lights (with the additional shape) plus steering wheel, gear stick, a dash with grab handle (albeit attached to the solid bonnet) and a few other parts im not going to go into much more detail with the paint at the moment until I know what needs chopping. I think I’ll spray it up black though and paint everything on top of that base coat JJ
  4. Perfect - that’s what I was led to believe thank you JJ
  5. So my new shell got held at customs - £3 import duty, £8 handling fee (coming from Canada). Let’s hope all the European companies have their paperwork in place for brexit as this could get expensive JJ
  6. Ok cool my FAV one comes all integrated Into the chassis cover Tamiya 58046 Fast Attack Vehicle/58496 FAV 2011, 9005158/19005158 B & C Parts https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00OBITNJQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_xAxPDbFXJRY1F need the wild one to see if it fits now JJ
  7. What driver is that? JJ
  8. Yes - sorry he did create it - it’s superb levels of detail I will also be colour coding the rear of the gearbox Added a bit more detail to my engine JJ
  9. Have ordered a wild one and am going to create one that’s defo not box art.... ive got some shapeways parts and some additional 3D printed parts already. have ordered a FAV driver and parts. ball races obvs (even though it’s a shelf queen) Already started to paint the shapeways parts aircooled engine and exhaust. I’m using humbrol paints (Metal and chrome) on top of a white tamiya primer. I’ve kept the engine block rough from the 3D printing to simulate the cast alloy block. the exhaust and the air filter covers I’ve used some wet and dry to try and make them smoother (as these are normally polished metals) Matt Black on the air filter to simulate the foam and red distributor cap (I think that’s a universal requirement) Then blue for the cool, chrome for the top of the air filters and the top of the engine cover (plus I’m assuming the indent is going to be an engine plate if I can find something with small enough writing on) then I’ve got a dash and a fuel cell being printed by my good friend @Xeostar now I just need the vehicle here but they are all on back order JJ
  10. That’s some great info - thank you JJ
  11. And was it as cheap as the Far East products? consumerism drives where we buy our stuff we want it cheap and therefore labour is the big cost and only place to make significant savings JJ
  12. Added some details to the lunchbox today 2 x fuel cans 1 x bmx 4 x hella stickers to the spotlights JJ
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