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  1. Finished my TF Evo had a few projects before this so it’s been sat waiting since just after Xmas JJ
  2. He will claim he did everything he could but it was the postal service that failed you you can contact the shipping agent yourself he may be selling the same thing 10 times and using the 1 tracking info JJ
  3. Gents @Xeostar has been mid workshop move - I’m sure he will be along any min now to take some orders if his 3D printer hasn’t melted in this heat JJ
  4. Oooh this is exciting is Rosemead, CA the eBay global shipping programme centre or something like that? Seems weird but fun my mate sent me a package from hkg via China post with a Tamiya violet racer in. Tracking was awful and said in transit until 2 months later he raised a complaint and it turned up 2 days later 🤯 almost like someone was keeping it to see if I remembered about it JJ
  5. Just finished dual rider and driver with red surpass brushless combo JJ
  6. Not needed now - created my own decals JJ
  7. From the Williams FW18 if possible Potentially tou may have this spare if you decorated the driver as J. Villeneuve PM me thanks JJ
  8. They are now on eBay as no one fancied them on here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Flysky-FS-GR3E-3-Channel-2-4G-Receiver-GT3B-GR3C-For-RC-Car-Truck-Boat-Brand-New-/194188590288?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 JJ
  9. Thanks - UK stock picked up last week and managed to grab one - thank you JJ
  10. I used a reamer on lexan to make holes but on hard bodies I use a sharp scalpel JJ
  11. I bought some alloy parts that a guy on FB makes - gear box strengthener and rear alloy cover custom RC parts he featured on Tamiya legends (glen’s TF build) JJ
  12. I’m assuming they are the same As I’ve bought alloy parts for it JJ
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