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  1. Depends on capacity mostly I’d say im running 3s 2200mah which is about the width of a stick pack, a bit shorter and a bit thicker Tight fit in the beetle but perfect in the TT02b JJ
  2. My dirt thrasher from France got stuck in customs. id paid VAT at eBay check out It seems the seller had some paperwork to fill out that was a customs invoice my wiltoys from China I paid vat on through AliExpress but nothing on the box to say I’d paid but it did say it was only worth £30 instead of £100 ive also ordered a load of parts from AliExpress - all of which I had to pay vat on at point of sale so I will see how they are treated JJ
  3. I bought 4 sets from them to offset postage don’t remember getting charged with any duty but was only about £40 JJ
  4. I use singer sewing machine high speed oil on my bearings and then whatever Tamiya give me on the rest JJ
  5. Thanks mate - it came out really well JJ
  6. Yes was going to look at one ok matting and gorilla glue epoxy it is JJ
  7. Yup - about the same as you mate - I’d say there may even be a few more runs left on them JJ
  8. So I’m thinking 2 part epoxy and some fibre matting anyone got any best approaches? JJ
  9. Yeah no probs - they are v tough being FRP though but I share your concerns I have lots of spares JJ
  10. Excellently - I’ve only ever driven Tamiya but wanted a 2wd bashed and saw the white one and bought it but it needed a lot of work and spent a few months restoring it - even needed a new esc last week it really surprised me how good it was im selling them both and tbh just advertised them on Tamiya legends. selling them together as a pair for £140 plus a bit of postage or £80 for the yellow one or £60 for the orange one ive also got a whole heap of wheels PM me some pics JJ
  11. My beetle is proper fast and the shell is taking a massive beating (especially the rear end as it wheelies too easy) there is no point me getting a replacement as a new one will end up in the same condition in minutes so apart from some trimming and tidying - I’m after some advice on how to repair and repair so it’s strong thanks JJ
  12. Demand vs supply trumps even a pandemic if there were loads out there then they would drop in price there is no central organisation that determines the price of things so JJ
  13. Box set defo pulls at the nostalgic heart strings but if tou don’t want I then fab - I love seeing all the variations ive done my 959, clod buster, terra scorcher and things like my hotshot box art - because that’s what I remember as a kid stood in beaties ive done my mantaray, falcon and racing fighter close but with a few tweaks (Pearl white with pink translucent canopy) (metallic black all over) and for things like my wild one, durga, zahhak etc ive done what i wanted just go for what makes your feel great but think it through and come up with a plan. Prep and get all the paints you need. Think about the order to paint things. Thunk about backing the colour in silver or white if black eg my Avante I’ve done box art metalic blue but I backed it in silver for more vibrancy but then also backed again in black for depth of colour JJ
  14. I think that as long as the can is warm and the shell is warm and you only pop outside for 20 secs (and of course as long as it’s not raining or blowing a gale) then you can paint all here round i have considered one of those plastic greenhouses to paint it JJ
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