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  1. Money send for the king cab i might see what funds I have next week for one of the others JJ
  2. Hey - no probs and no rush keep me in the loop JJ
  3. Fantastic like I said, I'll take it JJ
  4. Can you ping me a few more pics? Ta
  5. Sent you a private message but I'll take the king cab mini
  6. Thats a great price for the super fighter GLWS Jj
  7. Wow that was mega cheap - **** JJ
  8. Sorry mate - work has been manic I'm sure I have but my memory is **** I'll pm you
  9. Looks great - maybe need to adjust your end points on your transmitter :) JJ
  10. Hiya - it's my friend @Xeostar that prints them. If you drop him a PM he may be able to help. ta JJ
  11. Got my lego delorean to build soon JJ
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