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  1. My dual rider just arrived from Modelsport I just fancied a different kit to build and they are cheap and as someone else said - the dial rider is very anime and i LOVE AKIRA and kaneda’s bike can’t wait to build it but I have a backlog JJ
  2. @markb_s1 RCbearings all day every day as for your servo horn - I always try and use a bolt rather than a self tapper and make sure it’s long enough as it should be ripped out that easy JJ
  3. It’s got to a sorry state when my beetle gearbox is constantly outliving the bodywork and chassis components JJ
  4. What seller cover do you get on fb marketplace? gumtree sucks as people are just rude I don’t find the eBay fees too bad and you can get more £ for somethings plus you can factor in your eBay fees if you need to JJ
  5. It’s not great I’d sold and shipped the same day like i always do but my money didn’t come into my account (skipping PayPal) for a few days after I shipped I prefer the paypal Way and I’m more inclined to reinvest that PayPal money back into eBay JJ
  6. Just go on eBay and see what your can find I picked up a 2nd hand rechargeable cateye stealth 50 gps JJ
  7. @markb_s1 What do you class as budget? I’d buying from Modelsport for eg, postage is free over £100 so if you go for £80 you have to factor in the extra. plus make sure it’s got an ESC as you may find a cheap lunchbox but with no ESC then that’s another £25 to add I’d suggest a DT-03 for £110 being ideal It’s got a torque tuned and oil dampers Ita a great build and a fun body to paint JJ
  8. If you wanna risk your £500 phone that is i just picked up a bike gps speedo it’s small and compact and was only £20 id considered the apps but putting even a second hand mobile into an RC car is far from ideal JJ
  9. Oh well - was only trying to help Sorry I picked up these 2nd hand for £20 So that allows me to get all of the kits in a runner state JJ
  10. I sell skyfly receivers for just under £10 delivered JJ
  11. Most cars come with motors and ESC servos and Rx can be had for under £10 each and you only need 1x £20 transmitter JJ
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