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  1. Excellent work I masked mine but did them bright orange - glad I did as the decals are so flakey how do you do the shading on the gloves oh and what shocks are you using - you’ve not listed them looking forward to the next bit of paint JJ
  2. Almost done drive gear / brake system reinstalled along with rear support Steering system is pretty cool - bearing makes it all nice and smooth And servo deck also fitted with wires rerouted plus throttle and brake levers set up Exhaust reinstalled and spring retainer refitted looking good just the fuel system left to fit and I’ll wait until my inline filter arrives all parts waiting almost ready to go JJ
  3. thanks for all the info ordered some parts from modelsport inc starter set, fuel, after run and an in line fuel filter glow plug and washers to be ordered on eBay JJ
  4. I’ll just grab these off eBay JJ
  5. Hey - I’m after the big o-ring on the front of the car? not looked on eBay yet and tbh I prob have one in the plumbing box but do you have one? JJ
  6. Any links to fuels and starter kits much appreciated JJ
  7. I don’t have a manual - only the PDF https://www.tamiya.com/english/rc/rcmanual/ndf01.pdf JJ
  8. im loving it im not going to be running it much tbh I just want to start it any guides on starting and tuning? JJ
  9. Thanks - ordered a pack of 6 JJ
  10. And if I was to start this car - I’m guessing I need a glow plug device? any info around this would be great JJ
  11. The rear set up is a bit harder to remove 2 x 35mm threaded screws, 2 x screws and a massive long one that goes through a metal pipe hold the back end on (2 x 35mm already removed) the black section holds metal pins for the bottom arms and the red bits for the top arms. (you can see better above) And then removing the 3 screws the other end and it all comes off remove the suspension and toe arms and I split the back end into 3 parts I put the middle section in the sonic cleaner and cleaned the other bits with the toothbrush and cleaned up the bearings and UJs and re-oiled. once cleaned I reassembled it all on the new chassis and with a few spare mins reinstalled the body mounts JJ
  12. Done some more work today engine cleaned up and ready to mount on the brand new aluminium engine plate And the new chassis and bringing the 2 together Then I removed the front suspension - this can be done just by removing the 2 pins then the whole front end (excluding front diff) sort of folds off. the front is held together by a large spring I cleaned up the upper and lower arms and cleaned the UJs and the bearings then re-oiled with high speed sewing machine oil. then the front diff just comes out with 2 screws each side and clean with a toothbrush and transfer into new chassis JJ
  13. The parts I’m buying are cheap enough tyres - are front and back the same size? JJ
  14. Oh cool - thank you I’ve just ordered the bottom black scoop thing and front bumper air filter on its way the metal engine plate doesn’t look OEM JJ
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