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  1. Tbh I’ve also been using core RC paints as they have some great colours Durga in translucent orange heavy on the body backed in black Lighter on the wing and masked for a translucent section Zahhak shark and candy a very flat grey backed with white the wing is fluorescent pink, backed in white, backed in the shark grey creates a candy pink But still matches the body the 2 together JJ
  2. New unused decal sheet £20 shipped in the EU Ask for shipping the the USA or wider JJ
  3. Yummy Hard to see the effect on photo Subaru brat clear body 3 coats translucent pink (1 too many) 2 coats silver JJ
  4. The instructions are just something like “don’t over tighten” haha JJ
  5. You are right - yes apologies It’s the adjustment is inside the drive shaft cups yeah? or can you not just take the back cover off the diff casing? (I did my friends dark impact ball diff last year as it was whining and not going very fast) JJ
  6. Sounds like it’s slipping to me there is a nut on the end of the shaft on the right hand side of the car (left side if looking at it) take off the little bell shaped cap and use the Tamiya spanner 1/4 turn it slips going forward because in reverse you only get 20% power JJ
  7. Detailed measurements it’s 210mm centre to centre and the wheel arches have a diameter of 80mm Thanks JJ
  8. I’d suggest subscribing to Tamiya legends and RC Kicks YouTube channels loads of knowledge and great videos JJ
  9. Thought I’d update my list of cars... -Monster beetle rerelease 2010 -Vanessas Lunchbox rerelease 2006 -Lunchbox in cannonball run guise 2019 -Reely (not tamiya) carbon fighter 2 2015 -neo scorcher 2017 -terra scorcher 1988 -falcon 1986 -bear hawk 1991 -TT02b MS tamiya racing 2015 -grasshopper 2 2017 -baja king 2002 -koyosho nexxt 2015 -racing fighter black 2019 -tamiya wild one rerelease 2019 -tamiya mad bull 1995 -lunchbox mini 2019 -Grasshopper 1 rerelease 2005 -clodbuster 1987 -manta ray rerelease 2018 -Durga 2007 -TT02 SR with metro 6R4 shell 2019 -TA02SW (GT2 but with a 911 Vailant shell) 2016 -Subaru Brat 2007 (with hard and lexan shell) -zahhak DN-01 2010 -hotshot 2007 -team Durango DEX210 v2 2015 -avante 2011 -clodbuster black edition 2019 -DT02 super fighter GR violet racer 2012 -MF01x Jimny 2015 (with TBG 959 shell) JJ
  10. I’ll do a proper measure tomorrow of the actual distance But It’s to fit a 210 wheel base JJ
  11. Hey and welcome back to tamiya - so very jealous you managed to keep all yours from childhood. mine all got trashed, traded and eventually they were all gone. ive spent the last 2 years getting my cars back falcon, terra scorcher then clodbuster unfortunately I’ve also managed to amass around 15 others along the way - oops oh and I had to buy a shed / workshop to keep them all in (and keep me in) anyway - great advice so far. I always recommend anything that works with the flysky style Receivers and I also buy 6 at a time for around £5 each (AliExpress) i don’t worry about memories on the transmitter and all of mine are paired to the same non memory transmitter but those stay on the shelf Anyway. as for LiPo - unless you want some real speed then stay clear, they are hard to manage (can’t be left charged, or discharged, come in 2s/3s/4s etc as well as different capacities, can catch fire, need a specialist charger and a power supply to that charger, programme the charger to match the number of cells and the capacity etc and connectors are all different etc) but when you are ready they are awesome of you like buggies can I suggest a TT02-b chassis and whatever body you want these are awesome and a great chassis with LOADS and LOADS of parts and upgrades. then you can put something like a goolRC brushless motor and ESC (£30) and a LiPo and you wont believe the speed - look in my YouTube vids for the craziness of a 3s LiPo TT02b keep the retro ones retro and admire your childhood in my YouTube channel I’ve done restorations and new builds but here is the depth I got into with the falcon, ending up having 3!! And the clod buster, ended up having 2!! But restoring them was amazing and I love this part actually more than driving JJ
  12. I only need the space tech, Weber, jackman, k&n ones really i have a rere to build so assume those decals would be in there what arrows are you referring to? JJ
  13. I found this too I’ve done a back to back comparison on my build thread (page 3 has the details) JJ
  14. Premium colour option is the brighter more Vibrant set if you look at my build thread you will see the difference the standard ones are fine JJ
  15. Just placed an order for some 1988 avante decals and a technigold motor decal Not had any issues placed 2 orders end of last year and both turned up quickly to the UK I guess if you are asking him Qs and wanting answers then it may take him some time to get back to you JJ
  16. I painted a Kamtec and TBG shell for an MF01x chassis as I’m using for a shelf queen im going to stick with the weaker TBG shell The Kamtec 959 shell has had a lot of paintwork on it for a high quality finding full can of PS4 full can of white PS1 backed in 3 coats of matte white backed again in 3 coats of matte black finished with MCI decals and a repro OEM resin rear spoiler here are some pics of my work - perfect for a runner score and fold cut high quality lexan masked using tamiya edging tape and frog tape Full can of PS4 Full can PS1 backed in 3 coats of matte white Backed again in 3 coats matte black This is the worst bit about the masking (as anyone who’s done one of these, it’s such a difficult job to get a clean line) MCI repro decals I’m only after £50 plus £5 postage will ship to UK and EU (if it’s still easy) Message me If interested JJ
  17. Think I’ll put the Kamtec one up for sale JJ
  18. Yea it’s perfectly clear
  19. The DEX 210 is finally back up and running I thought I’d had some issues with the slipper / reverse what was happening was the slipper was fouling in the motor plate and locking up ordered a new layshaft spacer The top shaft adaptor (shown below) was locking into the motor plate so this new spacer and 4 shims instead of 3 and it’s all running well now the car was also short a few bits so got revolution design parts from RudDog in Germany (top deck bushings, battery plate and thumb screws) it’s looking and driving so muncher better now JJ
  20. How did you fit his arm in? that’s why I had to lift his arm up and trim it down JJ
  21. Thanks - don’t disagree with you on any of that however all my builds are shelf ware I have a monster truck, 4WD buggy and 2WD buggy that I run - all on brushless 3S LiPo and that’s all my itches covered I like building and painting - driving is secondary really due to time and location ha JJ
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