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  1. Oooooh god - I honestly not sure. Let me see if I have pics JJ.
  2. Yeah that helps a bit can you pm me so I can give you my contact details and car share the other side of the car? JJ
  3. Arrived today - thank you any advice on painting the body would be welcomed JJ
  4. He's got an order confirmation - thanks I'll keep my eye open JJ
  5. Is it asymmetrical? Looks like I'll have to do a load of research as to what it looks like both sides and then mask and paint? JJ
  6. No probs - all I get is a black dot with a spinning white dot in it..... maybe I'll try in a different mobile browser not safari
  7. Can't get it to work and not gonna do a BACS transfer 🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. Thanks - struggling to order using PayPal ... basket just spins will try again in a bit
  9. How thin is the vinyl I've ordered decals before and they are mega thick
  10. Yeah I have a few F1 cars and wouldn't have a clue where to run them
  11. Made a small carbon wing for my F1 inspired TD2 JJ
  12. Just added a better home made front wing JJ
  13. Yeah the canopy is exactly how the F1 merc has/had theirs yeah it was a front wing but I don't like it so will probably remove it tbh JJ
  14. I don't drive them but I loved the build and I love how cool it looks. I have a desert gaitor body set defo buy the GB01 kit and make it JJ
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