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  1. Thanks Silver-can, for taking the time to assist here.
  2. That's great, thanks. Look like there's little stock around and prices have been hiked on those that are - these are going for over £10-12 delivered. I'll probably wait it out until people get stock again. Thanks again - much appreciated.
  3. Do you know what parts are required for this? I've not got any RC spares trays to rummage in. I guess there are 2x ball joints (ball size? Thread size? Any part numbers or links? 2x short ball sockets/adjusters (are these for 5mm balls? Accept 3mm threaded bar? Any part numbers?) 1x threaded bar (3mm?) Nuts for ball joints? (Thread size/any part numbers?) Or are there any kit sets that would work for this job? I don't have a model shop nearby and don't fancy ordering a lot of parts only to find out they're too big/too small etc
  4. Hi, Dunno if it is OK to ask this but here goes.... I was looking around for an STL file for a replacement Mad Bull DT-01 steering arm; the one with the track rods attached. Just thought that, given how poor the bog standard one is with the bent wire, someone might have one that maintains geometry but is a little 'beefed up' and does the same job. Or, are 3D printed ones not strong enough/a no-no? Otherwise, anyone know of one? Cheers in advance.
  5. Are they a hop up from the Tamiya hop ups? Have to let me know what you want for them.
  6. DF03? I thought the '54567 (OP1567) DT-03 CVA' set were correct but I can't find these for less than about £34. Did you have a link for the ones you are referring to?
  7. Hi all I'm looking for some upgrade shocks & wheels/tyres (aqroshot?) for a Mad Bull. Anyone have any new or decent second hand they want shot of? Cheers, Dan
  8. Shell finished (lacquered and stickered). Tried some home-made graphics printed onto clear sticky back that is suitable for the inkjet...they aren't very well defined but certainly OK on the light blue background and he's very pleased to have his name and a number on it + the small Claas harvester logo on the port side. I'm fairly pleased with the result - it's a bit rough but the next one will be better from what I have learned on this one. Thanks for all the help and advice so far...will just need to get the steering mod sorted (and possibly some CVAs) and I'll call it a day on this model.
  9. I know where you are coming from. I was only saying on this forum not so long ago that there is almost too much choice - for Tamiya alone - so your point is entirely valid. I guess it doesn't take that long to pick up the basics, though, especially if you're making a living from it. I think it's a shame, like for a lot of other types of shop, that it's getting increasingly difficult to just walk in to somewhere and have a chat with a knowledgeable person.
  10. I find it surprising that someone whose livelihood is models doesn't know much about....models. You can understand it for some types of shop but I always imagine the proprietor/employees of a model shop to have more than a passing interest in the subject. Maybe I'm just out of date...
  11. I've got the bits to do this now so will look at it soon.. Last night I had a 'mare trying to print decals and the night before I had the dishwasher in more pieces than the Mad Bull came in trying to sort it out (new dishwasher is the result). But soon, I shall be back to more important matters such as sorting this steering out and the final clear coat (!)
  12. Looks great with the Brat shell. I can't say I'm a fan of the boxart shell but that looks nice. Are there any other shells that fit ?
  13. Looking good! Interesting to see such varied designs within the Tamiya family and I'll keep an eye on this as a DT-03 (or 02) is probably what I'll buy for myself for a spot of head 2 head bashing with 'F1 junior.'
  14. Thanks. I was going to get a set of Gulf decals for it but just decided to decorate it with the Tamiya set. I think it looks alright but, in a way, I'm not 100% happy with but I'm learning...! To finish it off/personalise it, I've just been doing some numbers/name in 'Gimp' with the view of printing onto some clear sticky and applying on the haunches/above the side windows. In the old days, I'd have had to use Letraset or similar but these days things are easier with technology how it is. Trouble is, I have some clear sticky suitable for an inkjet but I'm out of ink so I'll try to destroy the work colour laser with a pass through tomorrow. What's the worst that could happen, after all?
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