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  1. BNIB Tamiya TT01 Type E Buggyra Fat Fox Racing Truck Completely unbuilt and all bits still in packets Comes with Torque tuned motor but NO ESC version Also included is bearing kit Price £110 including fees and postage UK only, no international shipping
  2. Switches arrived yesterday so set to work on the electrics Lighting circuits I've spilt into 3, head and tail lights, front spots and roof spots, drew up a box and lid to house the switches and set printing Switches in Wired up and working.... Not much to show for 2 hours Well, that's the build done and probably take a few shots outside Thanks for looking and comments welcomed
  3. Surplus to my Tundra build, brand new, unused and unopened Wheels £12 fees and post Inc Tyres £15 fees and postage Inc £25 fees and postage Inc as a lot
  4. I've had both SCA-1E and CC01... 6 to be exact!! Carisma is much more capable but as said previously, there are lots of mods which increase the CC01's ability In my humble opinion, the CC01 is more 'real' and 'scale'.... nice scale trail rig. Think of running on a trail, would a 1:1 4x4 manage 10 times the obstacle size?? Must-do-mods to the Tamiya are metal rear suspension links, remove the 'brick' at the front, locked diffs, trim front c-hub s for increased steering
  5. Little more progress... Decals fitted, last LEDs in, clear red paint arrived and rear lights painted. Lighting circuits arranged, 3d printing box tomorrow and just waiting for switches to arrive
  6. I've decided to go with chrome for the bumpers I'm sorry, I don't know what the wheels and tyres are. I got them from a friend
  7. Progressed more tonight and I'm nearing the end of the build, just the wiring to complete and the decals to add I have NO idea how I'm going to do the electrics, I'm thinking of 3 switches so I can select main lights, front spots and roof spots. I have my defender wired similar, lightbar will only work when main lights are on Anyway enough waffle..... Body masked for black trim Roof spots wired up and braided Rear end and exhausts (that wobble!) on Getting there!!!! Now...…. a big question and would like opinions..... do I leave the bumpers chrome or spray matt black?????? As always, thanks for looking
  8. Few years ago I built a Tamiya Tundra High Lift which ended up sitting on the shelf and decided to sell it. With hindsight, regretted it!! I'd been thinking about another for a while and as luck would have it ordered another from Tamico which arrived before the lockdown. I'm not going to do a full build thread as there's lots out there but will post a few pics as the build comes to completion....... Chassis built up and electrics in 1st LEDs in and braided up Bullbar and spotlights de-chromed and sprayed matt black Was going to go box-art and a champagne gold colour but sprayed this as a base coat and now split 50/50 on colour!! Much considering and colour testing, looking at my old build and the 'base' colour and a cheeky beer this afternoon.... Decision made! Final colour sprayed and sitting drying... I'm going to keep the bumpers chrome but the roll bar/roof spot lights I'm thinking Matt black, along with the rear bed
  9. I bought and built a Tundra, sold it last year and regretted it more and more..... Wish I hadn't read your post cos I've just ordered one from Tamico
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