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  1. BNIB Tamiya TT01 Type E Buggyra Fat Fox Racing Truck Completely unbuilt and all bits still in packets Comes with Torque tuned motor but NO ESC version Also included is bearing kit Price £110 including fees and postage UK only, no international shipping
  2. Switches arrived yesterday so set to work on the electrics Lighting circuits I've spilt into 3, head and tail lights, front spots and roof spots, drew up a box and lid to house the switches and set printing Switches in Wired up and working.... Not much to show for 2 hours Well, that's the build done and probably take a few shots outside Thanks for looking and comments welcomed
  3. Surplus to my Tundra build, brand new, unused and unopened Wheels £12 fees and post Inc Tyres £15 fees and postage Inc £25 fees and postage Inc as a lot
  4. I've had both SCA-1E and CC01... 6 to be exact!! Carisma is much more capable but as said previously, there are lots of mods which increase the CC01's ability In my humble opinion, the CC01 is more 'real' and 'scale'.... nice scale trail rig. Think of running on a trail, would a 1:1 4x4 manage 10 times the obstacle size?? Must-do-mods to the Tamiya are metal rear suspension links, remove the 'brick' at the front, locked diffs, trim front c-hub s for increased steering
  5. Little more progress... Decals fitted, last LEDs in, clear red paint arrived and rear lights painted. Lighting circuits arranged, 3d printing box tomorrow and just waiting for switches to arrive
  6. I've decided to go with chrome for the bumpers I'm sorry, I don't know what the wheels and tyres are. I got them from a friend
  7. Progressed more tonight and I'm nearing the end of the build, just the wiring to complete and the decals to add I have NO idea how I'm going to do the electrics, I'm thinking of 3 switches so I can select main lights, front spots and roof spots. I have my defender wired similar, lightbar will only work when main lights are on Anyway enough waffle..... Body masked for black trim Roof spots wired up and braided Rear end and exhausts (that wobble!) on Getting there!!!! Now...…. a big question and would like opinions..... do I leave the bumpers chrome or spray matt black?????? As always, thanks for looking
  8. Few years ago I built a Tamiya Tundra High Lift which ended up sitting on the shelf and decided to sell it. With hindsight, regretted it!! I'd been thinking about another for a while and as luck would have it ordered another from Tamico which arrived before the lockdown. I'm not going to do a full build thread as there's lots out there but will post a few pics as the build comes to completion....... Chassis built up and electrics in 1st LEDs in and braided up Bullbar and spotlights de-chromed and sprayed matt black Was going to go box-art and a champagne gold colour but sprayed this as a base coat and now split 50/50 on colour!! Much considering and colour testing, looking at my old build and the 'base' colour and a cheeky beer this afternoon.... Decision made! Final colour sprayed and sitting drying... I'm going to keep the bumpers chrome but the roll bar/roof spot lights I'm thinking Matt black, along with the rear bed
  9. I bought and built a Tundra, sold it last year and regretted it more and more..... Wish I hadn't read your post cos I've just ordered one from Tamico
  10. amiya CC01 Mitsubishi Pajero Used and has a few scrapes, hasn't been abused and not used for last 12 months GDS Racing aluminium shocks Hobbyking HK15269 servo RC4WD 45T crawler motor Hobbywing 1060 ESC Orange GR300 rx if required OEM Tamiya tyres with unknown wheels (unglued) Brick removed off front aluminium DIY suspension arms Loops RC front and rear light housing with LEDs PRICE: £135.00 ONO inc postage and fees Postage to UK only, sorry but NO international shipping
  11. Thanks! The shell is a New Bright Discovery, pop up on eBay from time to time.
  12. Hi Derek!! Good to see the Disco in action... Having painted both yours and mine... No yours doesn't out-loud mine Good to see yours in action, hope all ok
  13. I started the scale/trail side of the hobby 7 years ago after reading a forum post and met some blokes in the woods at Black Rocks Think some are still lurking around???...... Anyway, the CC01 was my 1st scale rig and although I have more capable and advanced kits, I have kept it and use it every now and then. Its sat on the shelf for last 12 months and suffered a few cuts and bruises on its last run so I set about a refurb.... I have made new body mounts, rear suspension links, new prop shaft (FTX Outlaw) and refurbed the electrics. Also fitted new wheels and tyres (not sure these will stay) Shell has suffered rock scrapes and the like, some damage and split in a couple of places, all bits stripped off ready for sanding and repairs Mounted up... I decided on Mazda Eternal Red for the colour After spraying wasn't happy and stripped and primed the shell again...…... Shell painted in the revised colour and its...…. LOUD!! Ford ST Electric Orange Not sure that the pics show it too well but I have cut the roofrack to have the lightbar sit more flush. Also, still not convinced with the wheels Minor works to front end and few decals added LEDs in and wired up, 2 micro toggle switches to switch lights and lightbar separately - wired so lightbar works only when LEDs are on. Well, I think that's almost done. just a few scale items to print and add to roof rack. Thanks for looking
  14. Reluctanly selling another …. This time a movie-accurate replica of Dom's Mazda RX-7. Painted Tamiya PS-2 Red with a complete set of movie-accurate decals and the closest available to a rear spoiler from the movie car. Reflective movie-accurate rear license plate (yep!) Chassis- TT01D-spec, fully ball-raced Tamiya Carbon Fibre Upper Deck / Chassis Stiffener Tamiya Adjustable upper suspension arms (part of D-spec) Tamiya Aluminium bumper plate Tamiya Mini CVA dampers (part of D-spec) Tamiya Torque-Tuned motor Tamiya S3003 standard steering servo GPM Aluminium ball-raced Steering set & Steering bridge Wide-spec - fitted with the wider wheel hexes and longer wheel axles from the Enzo TT01 kit, as the bodyshell is 200mm wide. Stainless steel hardware I can only post to the UK, sorry but no international shipping Price £115 ono, includes postage and PP fees Any questions or offers please PM me
  15. Reluctantly selling my Fast and Furious Cars, purchased from a forum member and sat on the shelf since Toyota Supra TT01 with some nice hop-ups fitted and a shell which looks lovely! Tamiya Toyota Supra Body painted in PS61 Metallic Orange backed with Bright Silver. Vented bonnet is painted. Yokomo front and rear light buckets (better than the plastic Tamiya standard ones and LEDs fitted) Full Fast & Furious Supra Decals Movie-Accurate rear spoiler Reflective movie-accurate rear license plate (yep, I looked up the right plate #)! Kawada 5-spoke rims (closest I could get to screen-accurate) fitted with Tamiya semi-slick tyres (no inserts, not glued) Tamiya front mounted intercooler (fixed to chassis) Yokomo Exhaust tip (fixed with....Meccano!) Windows left clear (Cockpit set was supposed to be added) Chassis- TT01, fully ball-raced Tamiya Aluminium Motor Mount Tamiya Aluminium Prop-shaft Tamiya Adjustable upper suspension arms Tamiya Mini-CVA dampers with Blue (hard) springs Tamiya front stabiliser set Tamiya rear stabiliser set Tamiya Carbon Fibre Upper Deck / Chassis Stiffener Tamiya Aluminium Motor Heat Sink GPM Aluminium Front Steering Knuckles GPM Aluminium Rear Uprights GPM Aluminium Battery Retainer The car is never-run as can be seen from the images. Rear diff is locked and this is obviously a reversible modification. The bodyshell is not mounted, I never got around to fitting a secret-fix body mount system. Currently fitted with a Tamiya S3003 standard Steering Servo and 540 Silver-can motor. No idea what pinion or gearing is in there, could be another pleasant surprise! I can only offer postage to UK, sorry but no international shipping Price £125 ono, includes postage and PP fees Any questions or offers, please get in touch.
  16. Thought I'd post a few pics of something I was introduced to by a member on another forum Tamiya mini 4wd models, raced normally on a 3 lane track, big following in Japan and extent of my knowledge :D :D ive built them as shelf models rather than to run/race and here's a few pics of the ones I've built...... More to come as they are completed Hotshot jr Super Avante RS Aero Manta Ray More to come and thanks for looking
  17. For sale is a Tamiya Hornet, purchased from a fellow member Oct 2018 work and life preventing me from doing what I wanted so up for sale Comes with Saturn 15t motor and carson cs3 servo, no Rx or ESC I purchased a repro shell and new decal set, shell sprayed black. Rear wing and decals included (not pictured) 2 spare shells, 1 more battered than the other Chassis tray is Jun Watanabe purple, cut out for servo as pictured Wheels are Louise SS front and Proline Trenchers rear (I think I've got adapters if you want to fit original wheels) Price £55 fees and postage included
  18. For sale is my Tamiya Grasshopper Purchased mid 2018 and run in yard for 5 mins, sat on shelf ever since and space needed Comes with standard silver can motor but NO other electrics and instruction manual Dirt on tyres can be included free! Price £40, fees and postage included
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