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  1. Cheers rwordenjr That was my son who posted up, passing the battern for his Tamiya Plasma edge onto him. Sounds like the battery was low then, problem was he then turned it off and on again, and carried on. Never had it with the NMHI batteries. Hopefully we have not drained the Lipo Battery to much. was first run!
  2. The led on my tble 02s speed controller was flashing red after driving and I am not sure why? I was driving and the car suddenly lost drive and I saw the led was on and flashing red but after a few minutes the led went off and drive came back on. normally the led is not on even when driving but I am running a new motor and battery setup I am running a Core RC 21t Silver Can Brushed 540 Motor and a lipo battery. Did I overheat it or is it a battery level warning? I would be grateful of any advice or comments. cheers guys
  3. Hi Guys, need some help, my sons car wanted a bit more umph, so bought a overlander sport track 5300 7.4 v 2s lipo battery. Fitted it to the car, and the torque tuned Tamiya motor burnt out in minutes, May have been on the way out, but was stinking and car is now well slow. Did I do something wrong? or was the motor just dying anyway? Speed controller is a TBLE-025. (Just realised I didn`t re teach the controller, I seem to remember doing this when we built the car) So new motor, or should we go brushless? if so what do you recommend on a budget? We also run it as a big wheeler, so its got Mad bull wheels front and back, pretty cool as a 4x4! cheers
  4. Hello All So my Son, now ten is stepping up in the world of RC from a mad bull, to a plasma edge 2, now the mad bull was an XB, ( was just cheaper in the whole) so this will be the first Tamiya kit I have built for 20 years or so, any advice? I have the full BB set as an upgrade, but anything else worth putting in now, he wants to up the wheel size, so I might reduce the pinion gear size for this but will run the car standard for a while. any advice on what wheel size it can go up to / what looks good? Also, he wants it Camo painted, I am trying to sell him on a wrap or sticker set, but he likes the idea of painting it in a orange camo pattern / urban camo, any advice or links, I know about spraying with rattle cans internally etc and masking, but any advice gratefully received. Cheers and will post picks of build when done. Serge
  5. Good answer Terz1, tt02bs look just right kind of thing. thanks.
  6. No seen a lot of comments on this car, looking for a cheap machine to bash around whilst my son does his mad bull, found a Baja Champ in god condition, seems ok but worried about parts availability, plus will need to spend on converting to 2.4Gs, but would this make a suitable upgrade car for my son when he wants to step up to 4wd, or should I just put the money into a new car where hopups and spares are more readily available.
  7. Cheers for all the comments, so as an update Torque motor fitted, full bearing set and an heat sink for the motor, and the car is back and better then ever, old motor was really cooked, so the torque tuned has made a huge difference, and the bearings have really improved the handling, so Thanks. Will be back when I decide what to buy, thinking a CC01 in the 4WD version might be fun!
  8. Yep, loved my beetle. Motor, bearings and pinion on order, and like the idea of the hornet being so similar to the Mad bull, would also make a suitable hand me down to my son / daughter / wife when I upgrade to something else. Ohh the hours I spent in the beatties in Newbury in my youth!
  9. Hello All So dad of a 8 year old here who is educating his son that Tamiya's are the best RC cars, and wallowing in nostalgia of my own teenage years, Why oh Why did I sell my Hornet and Monster beetle!! Anyway we bought my Son a Mad Bull XP, I Know its cheating but it was a great price kit that had the 2.4GHZ receiver all in and saved a load of money over buying the kit form, however this does mean I am rather rusty in supporting the machine, so would like some basic advice as we have now used and abused machine. basic story is that Wheelie (name my son gave to the car) was getting slower and slower, thought its probably the battery gone but new batteries have not really restored him to his former glory, now suspect the motor is cooked, he likes to drive it on grass and in bark chippings, the motor is a 540J, so my basic questions. I plan to replace this with a torque tuned motor, not huge speed improvement but suitable I think, but should I replace the pinion 17t gear as well with something a bit harder? Seems motor cleaning sprays are recommended, HPI cleaning spray, is it worth it, must admit we never did anything to the old one, probably why its cooked. Diffs and gears, lube or not to lube, The gear box casing broke and I took it all apart to replace, but did not really put on any lube, should I, what to use or just use the HPI. Also if you were to recommend a new rerelease to me, Dad what would it be, I am thinking of buying a Hornet again or maybe the releases Monster beetle to keep my son company, anything else worth recommendations or should I stick with my nostalgic views. Cheers Serge the seal , (Oxfordshire)
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