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  1. A quick sneaky peek inside. And a few shots of it's soon-to-be stable mate.
  2. I should clarify and to avoid confusion, it is my Top Force Evo that is on its way.
  3. Just had a call from DMS Racing. Mine is on its way
  4. UK. Didn't the kits all get dispatched to the shops at the same time? I would have thought the same would be true of the transmissions.
  5. I've just had an email to say my Transmission Upgrade is ready to be collected tomorrow
  6. I emailed Kyosho Europe a couple of months ago. They replied and told me that they were expecting a new batch of Tomahawks in stores around September. There's a comment on the http://rc.kyosho.com/en/30615.html website that suggests late September. I'm hoping that's all true. Regards Jon
  7. Hello all This is my first post, so 'Hello' first off. I'll introduce myself properly on a new topic but just wanted to say my Cat is due to arrive tomorrow (dispatched from MB Models today). I understand that all retailers should have had their kits at the same time. Upgraded transmissions to follow - they're saying September I think but being realistic, let's just hope in time for Christmas Jon
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