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  1. What's your secret applying decals so nicely? I always seem to have to lift and reposition and then I end up with bubbles! Is there a special technique involving a dish soap solution?
  2. TA05 M-Four Was neat and interesting idea in concept, but it was a flop because it used a 380 motor to drive. Some aftermarket company in Japan made a 540 mount - I tried to get it sourced and shipped to Canada but it was a no-go. I raced it in my modified mini-class, it handled pretty well and had infinite adjustability like a proper touring car, but the 380 motor held it back. Had they made a 540-mount for it, I'm sure it would've done better.
  3. Yeah.. best price I've found in Canada for the Turbo Optima is/was at Eliminator RC in Winnipeg. You can get $20 off $275+ with coupon code "SENDIT", which brings it down to $479.99. That's where I got mine from. As for hopups, I found Plaza Japan to be the cheapest. Comparing RC Mart, local stores, Eliminator RC, and a bunch of other online stores, Plaza Japan was still the cheapest, even after paying DHL brokerage. I waited a long time for the swing shafts, so I got them from RC Mart when they got them in stock.
  4. I have a 959, it's chassis has all the cracks in the problematic areas. I've thought about replacing the broken parts, but they're $$$, rare, and.. did I mention $$$? I'm going to keep it as-is. Maybe straighten out the bent metal antenna, and put it up for display on the shelf. A cheaper alternative is the MCI Racing re-production chassis. Has anyone tried it? https://mciracing.ca/products/1-12th-tam-58059-porsch-959
  5. hehe.. I did the same when I went to HK in 2007. I bought every Bandai Star Wars plastic kit that had been released. ****** Le Models on Un Chau street in Sham Shui Po was one of the highlights on my trip. There's another cluster of model shops down another street but I can't remember the names. Edit: Don't know why the vulgarity swear filter changed the name of the store, but it's not even a curse word. It's the name of the store, lol. https://maps.app.goo.gl/GRw2j3Yr1SMQEkAe7
  6. Bought a Mid kit last summer.. after seeing this thread I went and bought some hopups. Total cost of hopups seem to be more than the cost of the car.
  7. All the lawnmowing talk and all I can think of is, "dang that's a well kept lawn."
  8. Bruh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsXgOJHK_xo
  9. My 7yo (now 8) daughter wanted a dump truck from Santa a couple of years ago.. he brought her the GF01 Heavy Dump Truck and she has a blast with it. Great for working on that hand-eye coordination for kids. It's got a decent long runtime with the stock motor and included ESC and I've got a lipo stick pack on there for her. I have a Comical Avante that I run with her.. she much prefers the dump truck (because Santa). Here's an older discussion on the topic. You can't go wrong with whichever you pick.
  10. Yeah, that's my reason for building/buying so many vintage trucks and buggies too.. I wanted a Bruiser but in the end I was happy with the Hornet. Now I've got my Bruiser that and a lot more. Which motor do you have in yours again? Too lazy to go through your post history..
  11. At the risk of sounding like a reddit autodetailing post.. what products do you use to get such a nice rich colour?
  12. mmmm.. are you on Retrobike? Tough isn't it.. I've got that "problem" too, but having built up two Kona's I think I'll take a break from it and focus on RC.
  13. @Willy iine so having built several of these.. what hop ups would you strongly recommend? I'd like to build mine as a mild runner, maybe put a slower motor in it to run (just so I can enjoy the experience and not crash/break things) - I see you've mentioned a low profile Savox servo several times, but for a decent brushless, what would you recommend? Thinking a HobbyWing Justock, but the number is a little confusing to me (10.5 vs 13.5 vs 17.5?)
  14. @Willy iine - how are the shocks? My Optima, Javelin, and Turbo Optima shocks all leak.
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