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  1. Thanks this was sending me mad
  2. Hi . I have just trashed my diffs on my lunchbox mini. I am running sport tuned motor and 2s battery can you please tell if you can get upgraded diffs and any other upgrades and where I can get them. Many thanks because I am struggling
  3. Looking for a slightly fast motor than the sport tuned for the lunchbox mini any ideas
  4. Would you do a deal on the lunchbox and the mad bull but we would have to come to agreement on posting
  5. It I was closer would definitely have the lunchbox.
  6. I have Goolrc and the Tamiya tble02 both very good set ups. I run speed passion 13t motor with the Tamiya . I did have problems setting up the Tamiya esc to brushless but that was all my fault and some help of here soon sorted the problem. If you want speed then Goolrc for the money is amazing. My Tamiya esc is slower but a lot more sensible for my kids. Both are cheap on eBay. I got my speed passion off modelsport
  7. Would you really recommend the fx10 mod ? If so what length shock are you running centre to centre. I will be ordering soon if you recommend it . Still love you lunchbox, very impressed
  8. I was not connecting to brushless properly . It is not easy to tell the difference from orange and red . Plus for me it help pressing the reset button and then turning the esc on. Many thanks everyone
  9. Wrecked the hard body of my lunchbox today with a big crash. Do people recommend the lexan body for the lunchbox as a basher body ? If so where can I get one from . Or any other ideas don't mind the scratches but not the body cracking
  10. Thanks . All sorted so easy when you know how 😄😄
  11. I have just bought a speed passion v3.0 competition bl 13.5t motor to run on my TBLE-02s esc but it will not work. The esc just flashes red quickly . Any ideas please
  12. Amazing. Fantastic loved watching it and very jealous of your lunchbox 😂. Got a long way to go with mine Where can I get the fx10 wishbone suspension?????
  13. I have a neo scorcher. It's not as good as yours but it is upgraded and have new parts on the way. Nice car
  14. If you had to chose one car what would it be ? For me it would be the lunchbox. I have great memory's of my kyosho ultima as I child which I still own but the lunchbox is just fun fun fun . The worst car for me is the kyosho sandmaster. That was my first new car when I got back into rc
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