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  1. OCD - OMG (WE GET hyphy - yeeee - naw I'm joking) I Just found out your located hella near me in Oakland Cali which is across the bay bridge from me!! I swear I can drive to you too pick it up this weekend but I really need to know the price ASAP before anything. Please do know in very interested!! Hopefully the price is not going to 2pac my wallet hahahahaha naw!!! Just waiting on your pm. Or reply ASAP. thanks so much in advance!!!!
  2. OCD hey there!! Please PM me more info ASAP!!! I'm very interested in buying the whole kit including the box if anything. Thanks for the reply!!
  3. thanks to all right now for the cool replies / info!! The XB is nice and cool but I really really want that box art feel that comes with the original Tamiya 1/10 scale rc kits. I would definitely buy the box alone lolz but I'm ok with buying the XB version only if I could find an actual Tamiya Jun Wantanabe hornet first. Still waiting on someone that's willing to sell me there kit. I'm just being hopeful for now.
  4. Anyone out there?? that even has an open kit with a nice box for sale? Bump!! I'm really trying to find this kit and this forum is my last resort. I have no luck on eBay at the moment when looking for this boxed kit.
  5. Nitomor thanks for the reply but I'm looking for a box of i do but it piece by piece. The box is very important to me when it comes to Tamiya 😬
  6. Finally found one thanks to OCD on here. Also, thanks to all who helped me and for the friendly replies!! This pic ain't the best but I finally, finally own one 😎
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