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  1. After digging out my old Manta Ray from its 25 year hibernation in my parents' attic last month, my son enjoyed it so much I got him a Lunchbox for his 6th birthday next week. However a bit of ebaying has resulted in this 1970's Abarth parts delivery van on monster wheels. Thought I'd share.
  2. Thanks Pinto, great reply! I see we share an interest in old Fiats. 😀
  3. Hello everyone. New user here. My son's sixth birthday is next month and he wanted an RC car. This sent me online to discover that the world of Tamiya is alive and well. Nostalgia fuelled, I hunted through my parents' attic and returned with my old Manta Ray. I built it with my dad about 25 years ago as a replacement for my Hot Shot (may she RIP). Anyway, I hope to use this thread to document the rejuvenation of my Manta Ray, so I can race my son's new Lunchbox. I am totally clueless as to how to do this, so expect lots of stupid questions. I have browsed the forums but was bamboozled by most of the jargon and acronyms. I look forward to friendly advice and tips from you experts, and hope that this thread might become a resource for other newbies who unearth cars their dad built for them many moons ago. So first report: Charged my 25yr old nicae batteries with my 25yr old charger and things are happening! Motor runs and steering (servo?) is trying to turn, but the wheels don't seem to want to. I'm guessing the steering rack just needs a strip down and grease. Got some new 3300mah NiMh batteries and a new charger today, so here's my first stupid question: The charger has amp settings and recommends the highest (4a) setting for my batteries. Just wanted to check that this is actually the best setting to use? Also, can/should I use my 25yr old charger on these batteries? (photo attached) Thanks!
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