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  1. Love the scale garage, any more pictures? The TT02 is such a nice rounded model that can be many things and all the hop ups done right make it look just as good as a full on touring car.
  2. Right, I have spent a few hours coming up with something which I believe works as I've tried it out with a gear setups I have found people using via Google. Firstly, the stock 70T 0.6 Mod Spur gear measures in at 43.2mm diameter. Keeping to idea of not going much larger diameter wise, otherwise the spur gear protrudes out the chassis. 48DP biggest spur is a 80T which measures in at 43.39mm 64DP biggest spur is a 105T which measures in at 42.46mm Now, I hope you can keep up with this... According to the Tamiya TA05 Manual (Raybrig NSX 2005 - https://www.tamiyausa.com/items/radio-control-kits-30/4wd-belt-drive-on-road-(ta)-36200/rc-raybrig-nsx-2005-58353 the following pinions (0.6 Mod) can be used with kit included 70T 0.6 Mod Spur. 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25*. Calculating the diamater of each of these 0.6 Mod pinions; (*Side note. My TA05 came with a 18T Pinion which its diameter is 12mm, so its safe to assume pinions from 18-21 Fit) *18T 0.6 Mod = 12mm *19T 0.6 Mod = 12.6mm *20T 0.6 Mod = 13.2mm 21T 0.6 Mod = 13.8mm 22T 0.6 Mod = 14.4mm 23T 0.6 Mod = 15mm 24T 0.6 Mod = 15.6mm 25T 0.6 Mod = 16.2mm Keeping up so far? If you combine the total diameter of the 0.6 70T Spur and smallest and largest pinion you can gauge a safe zone for what size diameter combination you can run. 70T 0.6 Mod Spur 43.2 + 18T 0.6 Mod Pinion 12mm = 55.2 is the smallest total diameter you fit. You can of course fit a smaller spur gear and make up the difference with larger pinion. 70T 0.6 Mod Spur 43.2 + 25T 0.6 Mod Spur 16.2mm = 59.4mm would be the biggest combination of Spur and Pinion. So to clear it up, the smallest combination of spur and pinion is about 55mm and the largest is about 59.4mm. If you wanted to run 64DP Gears, the biggest spur would be a 105T and you could fit 27T through to 39T Pinions. if you wanted to run 48DP Gear, the biggest spur would be a 80T and you could fit 20T through to 29T Pinions. For both of these you can reduce the teeth count (also reduces the diameter) and fit larger than the biggest pinions above, as long as the total size of both the spur and pinion fall between 55mm and 59.4mm I cannot check to see if there much more movement either side as I don't have the means to test, but let me know if you find this useful or if its wrong!
  3. HI guys, I have recently bought a used TA05 Raybrig NSX and it came with a 18T pinion and the stock 70T Spur gear. I believe the 70T spur is Tamiya 0.6 Mod pitch? I ideally would like to change to 64DP or 48DP gears. I currently have the kit 70T 0.6 Mod spur with an included 18T pinion which I can only assume is a 0.6 Mod pinion as I had no stripped gears or horrible sounds last night. 70/18 = 3.88 x 2.25 = 8.75 FDR which was just a tiny bit slower than I wanted on our tight carpet track. I'm running the stock Tamiya Sport Tuned Motor. I am familiar with gearing to get speed/acceleration but need some help choosing a combination of spur and pinion to get the FDR of 8.5 and lower if needed. The reason I ask is because I tried my 48DP 69T Spur with a 19T pinion and I couldn't get them to mesh, I needed a bigger spur or pinion (Or both!) Could anyone point in me tried and tested gearing as far as it will mesh up OK? I have seen the 105T 64DP spur mention a lot, but would 27T through to 30T pinions mesh up OK? This would give me a FDR of 8.7 to 7.8.
  4. Yup, it's a small oval of 16m long and 4m wide. I can barely go full throttle for more than a second or so with my Tamiya sport tuned. The stock TT02 had 8.xx something and was more than fast enough really
  5. Brilliant OK. I will see what it comes with and ill look into 64dp gears if I need to change anything. I think my TT-02 stock was a FDR of 8.2x something and ideally, we want nothing faster than FDR 8 on our track
  6. Sorry I should of made clear... I believe stock it comes with 0.4 Mod Spur. I dont have any pinons or indeed spurs with this 0.4 Mod gearing. Id like to replace the Spur with some of similar teeth but in 48DP as I have an assortment of 48DP Pinion already
  7. What do people do with 0.4 mod spur? Does any 70T 48DP fit?
  8. Thanks guys. In the end I have bought a used TA05 as the TA07 was a bit pricey just now for me, The TA05 is tried and tested and seems a good club racer! Our club also run Mardave 1/12 cars so we're running the same oval which is quite tight for the tourers as its 4m wide by 16 m long.
  9. Awesome. Well, the TA07 generally seems to have been accepted as a good club racer. Its got a fairly hefty price tag though of £200! Food for thought tomorrow TA05 vs TA07! Thank you guys
  10. The guys are indeed running 6-cell NiMH. Hmmm. TA07 could be the car as its current and would take brushless if (when) we go brushless! Hopefully the TA07 will take 6-cell NiMH lol
  11. Hi Chris, Thank you. How certain are you the TA07 will take a brushed motor? Is the TA-05 still in production in any way shape or form or am I going to have to find a used one?
  12. Yup. All issues I have raised but they all say the same thing. 'I dont want to spend much' ' Im not bothered about being the fastest' All the cars are quite old, the Mi5 Evo is very modern chassis but it wouldnt be fully exploited as we only have a small ish oval. I appreciate the help guys, I am converted to brushless and always was but my members are happy running brushed (For now!!) In regards to my original question what would you recommend?
  13. Well, I bought the car on the premise it would take a brushed motor. It doesn't. So I will sell it as its not suitable. It is my club and my rules based on feedback from the members that they are happy running what they got, which is old Tamiya stuff and some other quite old brushed touring cars and they have no inclination to upgrade. Sure, I could run brushless but for the sake of fairness and an equal playing field I will run brushed too. It is a shame, but I have to listen to my clubs members as they're the ones who pay the venue hire
  14. Thanks Backlash for taking the time. I have actually posted the £55 combo on the group and no takers. They're all cash shy and don't want to, or see the need to upgrade to brushless so Brushed it is unfortunately.
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