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  1. I have a large drawer for spares, its kind of full, so when more spares show up i cram it down a bit further. I have a few other small drawers for specific stuff like pinions, clips, etc
  2. I haven't gotten too much flack. There's one or two neighbors who i know think i'm crazy, but they never say anything. I had one guy from around the block got to talking to me about some other neighbor, and he mentioned "man one of those cars is LOUD dude!!!" - I told him i knew the one and would back off using it around the house. He was pleasant. Sometimes i will take an electric to the dog park. I never run it without asking any owners if they mind though. Also i've been chased off at 2 local parks by rangers "NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES!!!"..ok then, thank you sir/maam, i'll stop.
  3. My TT02B has been pretty darn sturdy. I have a plasma edge that has survived a brushless setup quite well, even though i don't recommend going brushless unless you can really keep it tame. The drivetrain will wear out quickly like that. But running stock i've had no issues with the drivetrain, and otherwise no real issues with the rest of the car having been through a set of tires already. Yeah the lexan rear wing is thrashed but that's expected with some bad crashes and such, no one to blame but me on that! On the road going TT02 chassis, going brushless was a bad idea for me - unless you like chasing down problems with alignment and aforemetioned drivetrain stuff. But again, stock setup running as designed it was great! Just some footage of the TT02B in action (this is brushless)
  4. Been a little while since I've posted any videos, made a new friend lately and got to try out my Losi Super Baja Rey - which is one TOUGH SOB!
  5. What brought you back in? I recently have gotten back into my RC cars again - my catalyst was an impromptu Arrma Senton purchase during a Hobby shop visit - and of course that needed a brushless set up...and some lights...and a ...ahem, excuse me. Then got an amazon giftcard for xmas from in laws so picked out an M-05 Mazda 2 which i loved building and painting - fun car (staying stock with this save some lights)! Edit: another catalyst was me selling a few nitro cars and getting them running well, looking good, etc...reminded how fun it can be.
  6. Well that's pretty freaking awesome - Tamiya strikes again with little things like this that make them who they are.
  7. Here's my "Dead of Winter" Episode - covering all sorts of RCs in this one, from the cheapest toy grade to 1/8 scale nitro (Tamiya included).
  8. I think it's a good question, you've got "budget" RCs like redcat that have stout drivetrains and are quick out of the box, but certainly nowhere near as cool and satisfying as a slower, plastic gear Tamiya you built yourself, decalled, etc. Ive not yet traded or sold any of my Tamiyas yet. As a musician, reminds me of a guitar Ive sweat on so much on stage , I have special bond with it.
  9. Took advantage of the snow with the GF-01 Heavy Dump Truck...
  10. Cool, it does work well for me, but I should note i don't race...some of my solutions I believe an experienced racer would cringe at, but they do work for me at least!
  11. Agree with both points, I hate that runny wheel glue. Shoe Goo both works and can be peeled off without wrecking whatever it's on. I glue tires if I need to...usually to avoid the tire coming off the rim. Pretty much anything over 25mph I end up needing it is say. Nothing worse that a good bash session ruined by a tire that won't stay on the wheel.
  12. Testing the abuse handling of a 1/8 scale Exceed RC short course truck (big ******* jumps, basically)
  13. strapped to transmitter, also a basic tripod is good for some shots, also placing camera on the floor works well since these are not full scale cars, can get good scale effect like that. Others: Various GoPro mounts on the car, camera zip tied to the car, and a cool thing if you can do it is rig up a selfie stick (or similar) off the car, so the camera can trail with a wide enough FOV to film the entire car. It's tricky but can work great, wont want to try any jumps like that though!
  14. I have this Exceed Madcode 1/8 scale beast of a nitro truck, but the body is cheap PVC. Needless to say it's already falling apart. As a result i've created a "convertible" top with some hinges on the back of the roof so it's easier to get to all the tuning screws and fuel tank. It closes up with zip ties in the front so it doesn't fly up in the wind once you get going. Anyway, it looked pretty bad before all beaten up, after the roof conversion it was closer to a monstrosity, despite the utilitarian value and improved structural integrity (e.g., no more torn and cracked PVC, i'm not talking chassis stiffness here). So i had some grip tape laying around, decided the roof could be covered up with it to hide some of the handiwork. Arguably looks better than it did, but the stuff does work pretty well as a faux bedliner type material. Definitely will avoid wearing shorts while driving this one.
  15. if you don't have a 1/4" steel reinforced lipo bunker in the backyard to charge 'em in, you're downright irresponsible!
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