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  1. Hello! I don't know what exactly mean DIY? The power capacitor is LRP80135, it would be nice to know the capacity of this one which Savox offers: http://www.savoxusa.com/Glitch_Buster_Power_Capacitor_p/rce2474.htm Thank you.
  2. Hello! I am writing regarding receiver power capacitor, I did not have any problem with glitching I was just curious what is actually the difference with or without it. I have Futaba 3PV transmitter with 314SB receiver, so I have the telemetry information about voltage of the receiver on my transmitter. When I make fast steering moves with Savox servo motor I noticed that the voltage on receiver start droping from 6V to 4,8V in the worst case. So I decided to install the power capacitor on my receiver and I thought that with installation the voltage will be constant 6V, but there is actually no any difference? How is work power capacitor and it is OK that is power capacitor connected into S.BUS2 port on receiver? Maybe any ideas or thoughts about topic? See attached electrical scheme. Thank you.
  3. Hello! I bought pre assembled tires on rims so I didn't put inserts in them by myself...I don't know what exactly you want to show me with this movie at my opinion you can't tell that the tire mass is balance in that way? Jusually I balance the tires with this device https://hobbyking.com/en_us/trackstar-1-16th-to-1-8th-cnc-aluminum-alloy-wheel-balance-stand.html but there are still small vibrations present on the chassis.
  4. Hello! I have a question about the aluminium wheel adapter, is this one from LRP fits on Tamiya TA07 pro shaft? http://www.lrp.cc/en/product/aluminium-wheel-adapter-blue-4pcs-s10-1/ I am searching how to minimize the vibration on the chassis regarding to the topic I also balance the wheels and I think that one of the reason for unbalance of the wheels is also the plastic wheel adapter on shaft because of poor center position of tire rims...any opinion? Thanks.
  5. New revision of my Tamiya TA07 pro rally version.
  6. Hello! I have a question about current consumption Savox servo motor SC-1257 TG, for example I have in my car installed ESC with BEC output 6V/2A, receiver Futaba R314SB and Lipo battery 4200mah 2S2P 40~80C, do I need also aditional BEC only for servo motor? Savox servo motor SC-1257 TG: Running current (at no load): 100 mA @ 4.8V Running current (at no load): 120 mA @ 6.0V Stall current (at locked): 4000 mA @ 4.8V Stall current (at locked): 5000 mA @ 6.0V Idle current (at stopped): 5 mA @ 4.8V Idle current (at stopped): 5 mA @ 6.0V ESC: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hobbyking-x-car-brushless-power-system-4000kv-60a.html Thank you.
  7. Hello! I see all these motors during the research: - Savox SC-1251MG is the best one, but I am not sure if you can mount it on plastic servo carrier because the distance between mounting holes is 49,5 and not 48mm? The suitable Savox servo motor regarding to dimensiones will be Savox 1258 but is quite expensive and I am not sure if I am willing to pay that much. - the Power HD servo motor regarding to some previews on web it is not very good option. I dont know it is not very familiar brand for me. It is very fast but low torque. - Track star looks like good one, fast and powerfull torque, but the price for low profile servo motor is strangly low? The shipement cost from global warehouse would be the same than the servo motor price. Any comments or some other opinions about the right servo motor. Thanks.
  8. Hello! I am searching suitable digital servo motor for Tamiya TA07 Pro chassis. The servo motor should be dual ball bearing, with metal gears, 25 tooth spline, compatible with Futaba receiver and in price range around 35 EUR. Also take in consideration the dimensions from manual recomendations (picture bellow). The servo motor can be standard size or low profile. I am thinking about quality servo motor with precise position for steering application. Thanks for help!
  9. Hello! Tires for TA07pro chassis: I am thinking about Team Sorex (#CO-32R) Competition SlickTire and Team Sorex (#MC-24M) 24mm Molded Tire Inserts Type-C Medium, what do you recommend...is this good choice? I will mounted this tires and inserts on original Tamiya rims included with chassis. Thanks.
  10. Hello! I am searching the right tyres for my Tamiya TA07 pro chassis. The recommendation in instructions is tamiya item 53434 or 53435 (24mm c compound). So what do you recommend, remember I want some quality rubber tyres with low wear for good price which include also foam inserts. The chassis will be used on tarmac surface. Thanks.
  11. Hello TA07 Pro experts! I am assembly the TA07 Pro chassis and I have some question: - I thought that this is a profesional chassis but there is so many plastic parts...even the pinion gear I think that is plastic? ...what is the life time of 20T pinion gear which is mounted on motor shaft...do I need to put some grease on plastic gears? - the battery compartment...I have a battery https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-nano-tech-4200mah-2s2p-40-80c-hardcase-stick-pack.html?___store=en_us from some other project and it is not possible to mount it in chassis unless I do not disassembly some plastic carriers from chassis? - attaching the body...there are some plastic carriers which are attach with snap pins, I understand that you put on this carriers body but you should probably put snap pins also from the other side because other wise the body will fall off during racing? ...I think that this plastic carriers with adjustable holes are for one hole to short for mounting the subaru impreza 2008 body kit? - also for mounting ESC, receiver and standard size servo motor you need to be quite an expert fo find enough of space...smile - do you maybe notice some leackage on differential which is filled with dumper oil? Thanks.
  12. Hello! Thanks for answer...so there won't be any damage of plastic parts if I don't use Thread Forming Tap...what about the pinion gear, which size should I use on TA07 Pro chassis...aluminium 20T which is already included in chassis set or someone else probably steel one?...as I say I will install combo motor Hobbyking 4000kV 8.5T...thanks.
  13. Hello! I bought tamiya TA07 Pro chassis and before assembly I have some questions: - in instructions I read "Make threads using Thread Forming Tap." (page 4)...what is your recommendation, do you use thread forming tap for making threads into plastic parts? - the chassis set include the aluminium pinion gear 20T which is mounted on motor shaft...it is better to buy one from steel because I want to install 2S Lipo Hobbyking senzored brushless motor 4000kV 8.5T? - what kind of rubber tyres with foam inserts do you recommend (they are not included into the kit)...maybe original tamiya item 53434 or 53435, etc., remember I want some quality rubber tyres with low wear...the chassis will be used on tarmac surface. Thanks.
  14. Hello! ...TA07 Pro chassis can handle this combo motor and battery (Hobbyking ESC 60A 4000kV 8.5T motor and 2S2P Lipo 4200 mAh)...because in specification is not mention anything about Lipo battery and I do not want to buy a chassis which I can damage with too powerfull motor...thanks.
  15. Hello! ...I am not so sure that the TT02R chassis can handle brushless and lipo...I check into the manual there is mentioned only brushed motor...also the chassis TA07 Pro in manual is written brushless motor...but nothing about battery. On the picture of TA07 Pro is used Tamiya TBLM motor which input voltage is 6.6-7.2V...this is not Lipo battery it can be Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, and Li-Fe...so I am not sure that the chassis TA07 Pro can be drive on such powerful motors with lipo battery. I like Tamiya chassis because thay are not already assembly other wise the most used chassis on some races are LRP or Traxxas...thanks.
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