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  1. Chip1

    Avante 89

    Hi rubiracer, Could you authorize me to use your photo in my new video? I am making a video about Avante with a long chassis. I hop I could use one photo from you in the video as an example. regards chip1
  2. Dear friends, I am doing a research of third party option parts for Avante lately. I learned that a Japanese Company called “Yamada Option Parts” had made some hop ups for the Avante, not only the shock towers but also the front bumpers, the chassis and the Wing. But I am not able to find a complete set of images. Could any one of you do this favor for me. Thank you so much 🙏🏻
  3. Hi, A friend of mine gives me a set if this wheels. But it appears that they are not Tamiya thing. Could anyone help me to figure out what they are? Thank you so much! Chip
  4. Hi everyone, I want the tamtech gear yellow dampers for the fox mini. Please contact me if you want to sell it. Thank you so much! erik
  5. A friend of mine made a temtec gear super astute buggy by converting the body from desert gator. I think it is worth sharing to you guys. https://youtu.be/UWbJtmXOtzc
  6. Why don’t you apply the decals on it? It will look a lot better.
  7. The DF-02 is really bad, full of plastic indeed. But can we replace it with metal arm or so?
  8. Exactly! I just do some search in youtube. Which is an Aeroavante on Egress chassis. What will be the performance if we compare this chassis with df-02?
  9. Yes, it is true that the Avante MKII has a more advanced chassis. But imho, unlike aeroavante, the body of mk ii is a little bit odd. Seems deviates alot from the original avante...
  10. It’s quite interesting that no people here discuss about the aero avante. Is that any problem with hus car?
  11. Hi, I want to restore my Tamiya Astute. I need one set of parts b. If you have part a, please also let me know. Many thanks!
  12. Dear all, I am searching for the rare bf8 and bf9 for my restoration of egress project. Gretedul if anyone of you could sell one set for me. Very much obliged!
  13. Hi, I also want to restore my Astute but I think some original parts are quite fragile. Is there any metal parts which can replace with the original parts? Let me know thanks!
  14. Hey, Could anyone compare the chassis between DF-02, DF-03 and Egress? Which one is better in terms of racing? Thank you.
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