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  1. Hi Thanks for the reply, I will give that a go. Is the quick release holder a hop up or a part from another kit? Thanks, Ian
  2. Hi, I am just rebuilding a mini Cooper I won on ebay, all is going well. The main question I have concerns the way the battery pushes the side of the body out, is there a way to overcome this as it looks wrong. Many thanks, Ian
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply, it is a sport evo, this picture was taken at the BMW festival last year.
  4. Hi, it will only be myself using the cars but I think I will start with nimh batteries and ease myself in slowly, I will move to Lipo batteries later on, Ian
  5. Hi, Thanks, very informative, all the information helps a great deal. Ian
  6. Hi, Thanks for the replies, very helpful. I will get on to hobbyking and get a battery and charger ordered, Ian
  7. Hi, thanks for the reply, I do need a charger. Are Lipo batteries all the same or rated at different mah? Ian
  8. Hi, Please excuse my lack of knowledge A question about batteries, I have recently bought a m03 mini which I am rebuilding, it didn't come with a power source so I am after some information. The batteries I have seen on various internet sites are listed as suitable for rc cars but come in various outputs, 2000mah, 3000 mah, 3300mah and 3500mah, the manufacturers are floureon and overlander and others. What is the difference, are they the same size and what is a good make, power output for the mini m03/ m05 for a reasonable run time? My previous tamiya's were back in the early 80's, I had a sandscorcher with the standard 7.2 volt power pack which you charged all night then drove it for 10 minutes the next day. Thanks in advance Ian
  9. Hi, thanks for the reply, it's a M03 mini I am re building so I will give it a go and see how I get on Ian
  10. Hi, has anyone fitted the plastic driver figure from a sand scorcher into any other body? I was thinking about fitting one to a mini Cooper racing. Any suggestions? Ian
  11. Hi Mongoose, Thanks for the reply, very helpful. I will strip it down and get to work. When it's done I will post some pictures. Ian.
  12. Hi, I am just starting to rebuild a early sand scorcher and have a couple of questions. The aluminium suspension parts will need cleaning, what is the best method you use? also the body is cracked and damaged, is the new version a direct copy? Some parts are missing e.g. shocks, are the new type also direct replacements? Thanks in advance, Ian
  13. Hi Backlash, Thanks for the reply, I will check out the manual online and order a vw golf,
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