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  1. Are there any brands you'd recommend?
  2. Oh yea, I remember you from .net days when it was still active The Reventon system looks good, this deal seems promising: http://www.rcmart.com/speed-passion-reventon-s30s-brushless-wcompet-p-37495.html?cPath=1100_1252 I need to order some stuff from rcMart anyway so could bundle it in to everything else. I've currently only got the standard Tamiya 1400 NiMh batteries which won't be much use with the new system! I was going to get a couple of 3300 NiMh batteries for a bit more punch. I have an old BCS Double charger that can charge NiMh or NiCd I think so wanted to get new batteries that worked with the charger.
  3. GTi6, 306.net, and 306oc (sort of) Most active on 306GTi6 these days and am an admin over on 306.net, been in that community for a long time! Has anyone got any suggestions for an ESC and motor? I'm a bit stumped as to what my best option is. Don't really want to spend a huge amount, maybe £50 - £60?
  4. Thanks, I like it a lot. Here's a photo of the race car:
  5. Hi all, new to the forum. I've been wanting a Peugeot 306 Maxi for a long time and finally got one after a bit of drunken eBaying a couple of weeks ago! I have a real 306 race car hence why I particularly wanted the Maxi Here's how it arrived: The link between the servo and the horn is broken so there is quite a lot of play in the steering making it fairly unpredictable to drive! I've stripped down the front end and cleaned it all up. I noticed the chassis has cracked a little around where the top of the shocks bolt on so think I might replace it for peace of mind. I also then lowered the shell as it was sitting too high for my liking: Plans are to fix the steering then set about upgrading bits. I'd like a 19T motor and to replace the speed controller as it's a bit old now. Any advice on what ESC and motor to go for would be great! Once that's done I'll start adding extra hop up bits to make it a bit more fun to drive. Thanks for any help in advance
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