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  1. TeamCody

    Should I buy this Clod?

    Speaking of Clods Terz, is that yours in the Avatar? A Black body on the Bullhead chassis looks great
  2. So.. quick question gang.. Can I only enter a car once? IE: If I make a speed run with a current setup and submit it, but then I decide to swap out some stuff and run it again can it be submitted again?
  3. TeamCody

    Mad Fighter (DT-01 Chassis) Steering Slop

    Well here it is thus far. Tomorrow I am taking the kids to the local dirt track to play with our cars so it will be its break-in run. I went through the steering last night with some stuff from my parts bin: ball ends from a CC-01 and steering turnbuckles from a Stampede, plus I used a section of pushrod that was larger Ø than the stock link and fit snug in the steering horn. I used a dubro ball link on the other end and a Kimbrough saver on top of shimming the arms like you suggested... Its like day and night difference in feel with little to no slop and it straightened out the massive tow problem at ride height. Thanks for the suggestions! Specs: - Stock Motor - TEU104BK ESC - Full Bearings - 84oz dual bearing servo - 3300 NiMH - Jconcepts Groovy Front Tires / Stock Rear I have a set of CVA shocks on order for it and I will upgrade to a steel pinion + I may install a hotter motor soon. It all depends on what I feel the power level is like for the car.
  4. TeamCody

    Bigger collection = less connection

    You do have quite the variety there. Lots of projects to keep you occupied for sure, but honestly if you saw my shop you would instantly feel better.. I have so many kits, projects, & builds hanging around waiting for me to have the time for them. I will eventually get to them all, but I find that I bounce around from project to project and many are still in the planning stages. On top of that I find myself bringing home new kits for a future build... So many wants, so little time..
  5. Yeah they need a little help, but CC-01's are great little truck when they are setup.. Looks like you were having some fun out there.
  6. TeamCody

    Long shot, wanted - proline 1970 ford F100 body

    No dice, I have the '56 Ford
  7. TeamCody


    I really like those vintage style Slot Mag wheels he has on that Hornet..
  8. TeamCody

    Taller sidewall tires

    Oh, I was thinking off-road tread, but in larger TC size.. I am not sure where you would get something like that, the closest thing I can think of would be the Vintage series from HPI. They have a taller outer sidewall.
  9. TeamCody

    Bigger collection = less connection

    Ah oh.. I did see a recent post from you in the "Postman" thread, Is that the one you are regretting now?
  10. TeamCody

    Bigger collection = less connection

    Yes that happens unfortunately. The first time was in 1997, I picked up a Kyosho QRC Dodge Ram... Hated that truck to death, such a waste of money. I drove it about 6 times and scrapped it. Overall I have a mixed relationship with Kyosho.. I either love em or hate em.
  11. TeamCody

    Taller sidewall tires

    If my brain is working this late at night then you are looking for something like the stock CC-01 BFG or Goodyear tread (Top Pic) - P#:19805481 .. Or you could go with something like the tire on the LandFreeder if you are after a little bit smaller option (Bottom pic) - P#: 19805543. If you are after a bigger tire (3.75" Ø - or bigger) then that's easy to find.
  12. TeamCody

    Mad Fighter (DT-01 Chassis) Steering Slop

    Thanks guys, I honestly hadn't thought of shrink tube. I have plenty of that laying around and that would be pretty simple to do. Thanks for the heads up I will browse through the threads and have a look see. Not sure why I didn't think of that first.. Excitement I guess!
  13. TeamCody

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Its hard to go wrong with the G-Hopper..
  14. I am really looking forward to seeing the video!
  15. I am finishing the basic build of my DT-01 Mad Fighter and I am seeing a great deal of slop in the steering. Being a Tamiya fan I am used to seeing sloppy steering and I can often overlook it, but this one is pretty excessive. The issue lies in the stock saver and bent linkage, there is a lot of slack in that setup (PIC). I am going to be reworking this with some different components, but I would like to see some of the setups that you guys/gals have used on these cars if you have any...