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  1. Speaking of Clods Terz, is that yours in the Avatar? A Black body on the Bullhead chassis looks great
  2. So.. quick question gang.. Can I only enter a car once? IE: If I make a speed run with a current setup and submit it, but then I decide to swap out some stuff and run it again can it be submitted again?
  3. Well here it is thus far. Tomorrow I am taking the kids to the local dirt track to play with our cars so it will be its break-in run. I went through the steering last night with some stuff from my parts bin: ball ends from a CC-01 and steering turnbuckles from a Stampede, plus I used a section of pushrod that was larger Ø than the stock link and fit snug in the steering horn. I used a dubro ball link on the other end and a Kimbrough saver on top of shimming the arms like you suggested... Its like day and night difference in feel with little to no slop and it straightened out the massive tow problem at ride height. Thanks for the suggestions! Specs: - Stock Motor - TEU104BK ESC - Full Bearings - 84oz dual bearing servo - 3300 NiMH - Jconcepts Groovy Front Tires / Stock Rear I have a set of CVA shocks on order for it and I will upgrade to a steel pinion + I may install a hotter motor soon. It all depends on what I feel the power level is like for the car.
  4. You do have quite the variety there. Lots of projects to keep you occupied for sure, but honestly if you saw my shop you would instantly feel better.. I have so many kits, projects, & builds hanging around waiting for me to have the time for them. I will eventually get to them all, but I find that I bounce around from project to project and many are still in the planning stages. On top of that I find myself bringing home new kits for a future build... So many wants, so little time..
  5. Yeah they need a little help, but CC-01's are great little truck when they are setup.. Looks like you were having some fun out there.
  6. I really like those vintage style Slot Mag wheels he has on that Hornet..
  7. Oh, I was thinking off-road tread, but in larger TC size.. I am not sure where you would get something like that, the closest thing I can think of would be the Vintage series from HPI. They have a taller outer sidewall.
  8. Ah oh.. I did see a recent post from you in the "Postman" thread, Is that the one you are regretting now?
  9. Yes that happens unfortunately. The first time was in 1997, I picked up a Kyosho QRC Dodge Ram... Hated that truck to death, such a waste of money. I drove it about 6 times and scrapped it. Overall I have a mixed relationship with Kyosho.. I either love em or hate em.
  10. If my brain is working this late at night then you are looking for something like the stock CC-01 BFG or Goodyear tread (Top Pic) - P#:19805481 .. Or you could go with something like the tire on the LandFreeder if you are after a little bit smaller option (Bottom pic) - P#: 19805543. If you are after a bigger tire (3.75" Ø - or bigger) then that's easy to find.
  11. Thanks guys, I honestly hadn't thought of shrink tube. I have plenty of that laying around and that would be pretty simple to do. Thanks for the heads up I will browse through the threads and have a look see. Not sure why I didn't think of that first.. Excitement I guess!
  12. I am finishing the basic build of my DT-01 Mad Fighter and I am seeing a great deal of slop in the steering. Being a Tamiya fan I am used to seeing sloppy steering and I can often overlook it, but this one is pretty excessive. The issue lies in the stock saver and bent linkage, there is a lot of slack in that setup (PIC). I am going to be reworking this with some different components, but I would like to see some of the setups that you guys/gals have used on these cars if you have any...
  13. Couldn't beat that deal with a stick! Nice job.
  14. Brought home a Grasshopper for the daughter.. She is pretty excited to start building it after school today..
  15. That's a metric butt-ton of horsepower in that 1/12 pan car! Bonus points if you can actually control it.. Where are you planning to run it for the speed run?
  16. I don't know what you are talking about .. Actually I have been eyeing one, but I don't think I can justify it since I already have the Blitzer Beetle to build. I am actually thinking the Racing Fighter 58628 might be my ride for this.. Besides I have been wanting to try the new DT-03 anyway
  17. That's good to know. I cracked my MB open recently as I am looking at building it next and I noticed a lot of the white bushings but didn't see any bearings. I wasn't looking at it all that closely though to be honest.
  18. That is correct. Like most Tamiya kits, bearings are not included. So which of them do you think you are going to order?
  19. I will check my stash tomorrow. I know I have some rarities out there and I may have one.
  20. A lot of "speed freaks" out there use the stadium truck and buggy from the other 'T' brand. This is due to the easily adjustable gearing and mass amounts of aftermarket support. Many of the 2wd buggies and trucks from Tamiya don't have much for gearing options, but I still think that given the right car and setup the 2WD models could still work well and yes weights will probably be required. I've never really been into dedicated speed runs, but this might be fun. Maybe its worth adding a Stadium Blitzer to the fleet just for the heck of it.
  21. Sweet, I will read through that one during my lunch.
  22. That is interesting. Here in the states I see shops that are closed on a Monday maybe or a Tuesday, Sunday obviously. The life of a Hobby Shop is a hard one. I owned and ran one for over 4 years. I basically lived there and you have to these days. I was even open on Sunday Nov-Feb, but I needed a day away so I stopped during the spring, summer & fall so I could enjoy the outside world.. Remember that a shop cannot carry everything, unless they are some mega retailer. Your descriptions are interesting though, not carrying essentials for the hobby such as connectors, bearings, hardware, paints, batteries, servos etc seems odd. You have to have a good selection of that, but you also have to tailor the shop to the demands of the area so if Tamiya kits sell, then you need to have several choices. In my area we had a high demand for scale 4x4 trucks, crawlers, entry level trucks, and short course trucks. I rarely sold or carried any Tamiya kits unless someone wanted one. Random requests for a Hornet, Hotshot etc. I did sell several of the CC01 models though. It was going well, but I was suffering from burnout spending so many hours there without holidays, time off, etc. When it was time to renew my lease I knew I wanted to move again to a better location, but my heart wasn't into it anymore so I opted to liquidate and shut the doors. The customers these days can be severely annoying. By and large my customer base was great, but frequently I would find that people are dishonest, disloyal, selfish, and cheap. I can't tell you how many times I had someone take up an hour or more with me showing them kits, and answering questions. Only for them to leave with the promise to be back.. And then they would come back having purchased it online just to save on tax, wanting me to calibrate, repair, solder, install, or troubleshoot it for free.. Something I did if they purchased from me, help them setup, calibrate, install, solder, or use their Car, charger, radio, brushless system, etc. Then they acted shocked when I would quote a small fee to help work on their internet purchase. Sorry but you didn't buy from me and that added value is my way of competing with the internet since I have to charge tax on products that I sell. On top of that I would often work a deal to someone, especially my regulars. That said, it was mostly the hours I put in and the fact that the hobby I used to have to relax after work was now my work and all the added stress, I just had enough. I still miss it from time to time, even on occasion I find myself thinking of re-opening particularly since most of the competition in the area is gone now.... Then I remember that I no longer work weekends, I have better insurance, and paid time off.. I will say that the Tamiya crowd is a different group. I certainly don't think any of you would be the type to waste your LHS' time only to order it online and go back later asking them to install your new esc for free, particularly since many of you are from Europe and I think the hobbyists in Europe are much different than here. The overall American consumer group is...... yeah.
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