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  1. Its the JC Racing Products for Kyosho Optima Mid.
  2. Here is another of my Tamiya Top Force's. This Top Force have lots of upgrades from the company Custom RC parts including adjustable anti squat 😉
  3. Im going to invite the creator to help me out to answer the questions 😃
  4. One of my wife's creations. Lots of parts from my favourite hopup company (Custom RC parts)
  5. It even has a sliding motormount to be able to use bigger pinions.
  6. Its only customparts.
  7. Hello all! Let me present my Top Force PUM carpet racer. It is created by my friend Peter hense the name (PUM) 😃 I think he is around this forum too. Here goes anyway. Regards Patrik
  8. Hello all! Anyone of you guys that may do a custom bumper for the DF01/Top Force? Regards Patrik
  9. Nah im just going to run it for fun.
  10. Just finished the Azarashi body for my Tamiya TRF201.
  11. Yeah it will be run and raced 😃👍
  12. May i present to you all my new restored and somewhat modded Kyosho Maxxum FF. I hope you like it.
  13. They are great and easy to build with the great instruction that comes with it 😃👍
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