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  1. Nah im just going to run it for fun.
  2. Just finished the Azarashi body for my Tamiya TRF201.
  3. Yeah it will be run and raced 😃👍
  4. May i present to you all my new restored and somewhat modded Kyosho Maxxum FF. I hope you like it.
  5. They are great and easy to build with the great instruction that comes with it 😃👍
  6. Here are my trailing arm mod RC10 with an Andy's body. It uses the old 6 gear transmission and a very mild brusless system. It was a really fun restoration/build. The trailing arm mod and chassis are made by Factory Works.
  7. Thank you 😊 now that its done its going to make room for a Kyosho Turbo Scorpion or Schumacher Top Cat 😉
  8. I have restored a LWB Wild Willy M38. A fun restoration but it was a pain to find the needed parts. The Wheels where too far gone and rotted so i got some 3d printed ones from Shapeways The tyres are Gmade MT1902 1.9 The hardtop are found also on Shapeways and its a direct fit (search for Tamiya Wild Willy M38) Running a LRP ESC with the stock motor.
  9. The rear arms are from the rere Super Astute. I forgot to write that 🙃
  10. Here are some new pics of my Top Force PUM build The chassis are designed and made by a friend of mine. Motor LRP X20 17.5t ESC LRP Spin Super Servo Corally Wheels JC Racing Pepper pots Tyres Schumacher Cactus fusion front and Cactus rear The chassis are built by a good friend of mine. Front arms are TWS Rear arms are from the rere Super Astute Wing are a JC Racing Shocks are Schumacher big bores
  11. Here are one of my latest builds A Manta Ray with Terra Conqueror body. The shocks are Tamiya Hi-caps The Brushless system are a Carson Dragster 14t. Tamiya Manta Ray torque splitter. The custom paint are from BrybbAir on FB. The yellow wheels are for the DF02 The wing are a Tamiya Egress.
  12. Pata76

    My Tamiya TRF201

    Here you go 😀
  13. Pata76

    My Tamiya TRF201

    Thank you kindly 😊
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