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  1. HI All I purchased a Holiday buggy from my local model shop which was part completed...well sprayed olive green already and I have just finished it off. It has a non-stock more powerful 540 motor, full race bearings and upgraded front suspension. Whilst the olive green paint is great looking and I have used some of the supplied decals and my own, the guy who had it before me did not do the greatest spraying job. He didn't use a primer (I know some don't like this as it gives a 'mottled' effect - personally I like it) and after a run in the street (and a bash or two) the paint is flaking off. Can anyone help me with ideas for painting/weathering as I have never even attempted this before. It would be nice to patch it up and at the same time make it look great...all help gratefully recieved. Please see pic
  2. Hi all, I am currently upgrading a Tamiya Lunchbox I bought around 10 years ago. Having done everything else my attention has now turned to the electronics. Having replaced the stock can motor with a 540 sports tuned this leaves the Electronic Speed Controller, servo for the steering and what I term 'radio box' where the crystal sits along with the wires plugged in. How would I go about waterproofing these and in fact would anyone suggest upgrading these? If so what would be the potential benefit please? If so also, what would I replaced them with please? I know the balloons can be used for basic waterproofing and I am not currently looking to purchase cans of Plasti-dip. Any cheap and quick hacks please?! Pics of follow!
  3. Hi All I am currently modifying a Lunchbox and have brought a new shell to spray and have also completely stripped the old shell. After 2 cpats of Tamiya fine primer I want to spray one shell metallic light blue and one metallic light green. Can anyone recommend any metallic spray paint besides tamiya please? If no-one can, then I will stick to metallic tamiya paint. Cheers!
  4. Hi All trying to remove the stock body stickers off a Lunchbox shell. Have learnt very quickly that my index finger nail does not work! Anybody got any advice on surefire ways to remove these? I am going to strip the signal yellow paint with screwfix's no-nonsense paint strippeInsert other media r which is recommended afterwards.
  5. Hi there, many thanks for all of your suggestions. I have tried uploading on here but it won't let me! I get the messae: " You are only allowed to upload 4.88mb." That sounds a great idea about the countersunk drill bit or larger drill, I tried with my small dremel brush but it pretty much wasted the little brush! It will be quite a good look I think. How come it doesn't let you upload more than anything larger than 4.88mb? Cheers!
  6. I'm currently upgrading a Tamiya Lunchbox and have bought some Tamiya chrome wheels. I've noticed that on the wheels themselves are indente whith small circles (as if to be like real wheels). I thought about drilling through these wheels to get a 'pepperpot-effect'. Has anyone ever tried this? I experimented on a stock yellow wheel with a cordless drill and although it went well it left burrs on the back of the wheel, a Dremel sander attachment got rid of this but I really need a wire spoke brush of tiny proportions! Any thoughts please?
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